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How To Automatically Save Photos To The OneDrive App? – 2 Easy Ways

Do photos also consume most of your storage –– may it be on your phone, laptop, or tablet? Most of us tend to take tons of photos or videos, especially on vacations or on fun occasions, for safekeeping. It’s always nice to have something to look back on, right? 

With the number of photos that you have on your device, you will need to have a cloud backup to store everything, in case you run out of storage or if when your device encountered some issues. And one cloud backup storage that does the job well is Microsoft’s OneDrive app.

The technological growth in the modern era is rapid. As technology keeps advancing day by day, we require tools to perform our daily activities with less time to consume. And being able to automatically save photos to the OneDrive app is a game-changer. 

See below table of contents for easy navigating:

  1. What is the Microsoft OneDrive App?
  2. What are the features of the Microsoft OneDrive app?
  3. Microsoft OneDrive for Personal use
  4. Microsoft OneDrive for Business use
  5. How to automatically save photos to the OneDrive app?
  6. How to manually save photos to the OneDrive app?

What is the Microsoft OneDrive App? 

The Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage application that focuses on providing a space that users find safe and trustworthy for their most important data. The app is considered as one of the best storage apps for securing all your data.

It is mainly used to backup your files and save photos, documents, videos, and many more. 

Users choose to download the Microsoft OneDrive app because of the functionalities, tools, and features it offers. 

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What are the Features of the Microsoft OneDrive app?

Automatically save photos to the OneDrive app
Automatically save photos to the OneDrive app


The OneDrive app is known for securing all sorts of data. It keeps your data backed up, synced, and accessible to your devices from anywhere.

The app’s features make the experience even smoother. Here are the major Microsoft OneDrive features:

1. Easy accessibility

The OneDrive app is easily accessible on iOS, Windows, Linux, and on Android devices. You can access the app from anywhere. You will just need a stable internet connection.

2. Flexible document storage

The OneDrive app lets you store not just photos and videos, but also documents such as Word files, Excel files, presentations, PDF files, XML-based file format, ODF files, and many more! 

 3. Great collaborative work

 The OneDrive app allows users to share and tag photos and documents to people. It has text editor tools that allow viewing and editing files. Users can share links and allow permission for people to access and make changes to the files.  

And what’s more, you will be notified every time someone edits your files. This way, you can monitor people who are making activities within your OneDrive account. Also, a great way to keep unwanted people out of your important files.

4. Stored files are highly secured

The OneDrive app does not only store or backup your files, it also ensures your data are secured and protected. 

All OneDrive files are encrypted whether at rest or while using them. The app has a personal vault that requires identity verification in secured folders. This is especially helpful when you don’t want others accessing certain files. 

Furthermore, you can be sure that your files are protected from dangerous malware and ransomware. 

5. Allows for remote access

The good thing about the OneDrive app is that all your files are accessible from anywhere in the world. Regardless of your device used, you can still access, edit, store, view, or share files. 

Although the app is highly dependable on a stable internet connection. Just as long as you have it, your files are just within your reach. 

Microsoft OneDrive for Personal Use

The Microsoft OneDrive for Personal use can be accessed for free –– all you need is a Microsoft account. You can store your data such as photos, videos, apps, documents, and more on your personal account.
OneDrive’s basic personal plan already offers 5GB storage to all new users to store their data and photos.  

But if you are in need of more space, you can avail of OneDrive’s Personal plans –– they start from 100GB to 6TB of memory storage but at a monthly subscription. And every time plan also comes with different features, apps, and services.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business Use

If you are an entrepreneur or an employee, looking for a safe space to store your most important business documents is a must. Thankfully, the OneDrive app also offers Business plans that perfectly suit your needs!

These cloud storage options are designed exclusively for working people who need large spaces to store their files –– may it be for business or work. 

You will have the best experience working on the Microsoft OneDrive app. You can multi-access the Microsoft OneDrive app on multiple devices such as your mobile phone, your laptop, and your tablet

Every business plan has a wide variety of features, services, and apps to offer as well.

How to Automatically Save Photos to the OneDrive app?

Saving images on the OneDrive app can be the easiest thing to do. The option of automatically saving photos to the OneDrive cloud from the gallery is one of the highlights of the app. 

This feature prevents your device from losing data in any of the circumstances. But how? I will answer that for you… and more! 

In this article, I have provided you the detailed steps on how to automatically save photos to the OneDrive app.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Step 1: Open the OneDrive App.

Launch OneDrive
Launch OneDrive

Tap on the OneDrive app from your screen and launch it.

Step 2: Tap on the Me icon.

Click on the Me icon
Click on the Me icon

Click the Me icon located at the bottom right of the home page. 

Step 3: Tap on the Settings option.

 Tap on the Settings option. 
 Tap on the Settings option. 

Choose the Settings option from the Me option. 

Step 4: Tap on the Camera Upload

Enable Camera Upload
Enable Camera Upload

Enable the Camera Upload option.

Step 5: Toggle on the Camera upload option.

Enable include videos option
Enable include videos option

If you also want to automatically save your videos, you can do so! Just make sure that the ‘Include videos’ option is enabled.

Here’s the thing…

If this is your first time using Microsoft’s OneDrive, you will be notified on your account asking your permission to access media. 

To auto save your photos you need to allow access to the OneDrive app on your media. Then, enable the camera upload option to save photos from the gallery to OneDrive automatically. 

How to Manually Save Photos to the OneDrive app? 

There is another option if you want to select the photos to be saved and backup manually. This option will help to be aware of the space you have consumed in the OneDrive app.

Here are the steps that you can follow to save your photos manually:

Step 1: Launch OneDrive App

Launch OneDrive
Launch OneDrive

Open the OneDrive app on your android phone

Step 2: Tap on the a + icon.

Tap the ‘+’ icon
Tap the ‘+’ icon

Tap on the a + icon on the top right of the home screen.

Step 3: Select the Upload option.

Upload option
Upload option

Click on the Upload option to upload photos.

Step 4: Select photos you want to save

Select photos
Select photos

Tap on the photos you want to save then click the upload option to securely store your photos on the OneDrive app. 

Additionally, you can go to the recent files option and select photos that are yet to be uploaded on the OneDrive app. Now, you will be able to see the OneDrive folder, where your photos are uploaded.

How to Automatically Save Photos to the OneDrive App – 2 Easy Ways

The Microsoft OneDrive app stores not only your photos but also other files like Office files and other documents. The OneDrive app is preferred by users because of its high storage capacity and privacy security options. 

It is always safe to be storing any important data on a cloud storage app of your device because you can always access these data anytime plus they are encrypted and protected, and OneDrive offers these features to you.

What’s more? Storing, backing up, syncing, and sharing files on the app is very seamless and can be done with no hassle.


How do I delete unnecessary pictures on the OneDrive app?

Deleting pictures from the OneDrive app is simple. Go to the OneDrive app > click the ‘Me’ icon > go to settings> click files and delete the pictures you do not want to store in your cloud anymore.

What happens if I delete pictures from OneDrive?

You should remember that storing files on your OneDrive only serves as backup in case you accidentally delete them from your device, you will still have a copy. So, you better make sure you save copies of the pictures on your device or any hard drives.

What are the features  of the OneDrive’s basic plan?

OneDrive’s most basic plan gives you 5GB of memory storage. This plan already lets you store, sync files, and share files to others. Users will be able to get all the major features without spending a dime.

However, this basic plan does not offer any Office apps, you will have to subscribe to a monthly plan to get other features. 

How do I clear space on the OneDrive app?

To clear space on the OneDrive app of your device, you need to open the Settings app on your smartphone. Look and select Apps under the Settings menu. Tap on the OneDrive app and click Clear space on the device option under storage. And you can now make space for new files on the app. 

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