How to Backup Data on your Android Device?

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, one feature that comes with an Android device is a way for you to back up the files stored in it. If you ever find yourself the need for backing up the files for your Android device, then you’re in luck.

In this article, we will show you how you can easily backup content, data, videos, SMS, contacts, and files stored in your Android device. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

What is Android Backup?

Cloud Backup Storage Drive

Android Backup is basically a method of backing up data stored on your Android device. This backup method is done when you wish to be safe at all times or simply moving to a brand new Android smartphone. By default, the auto backup is disabled, unless if you enabled it during your device first setup.

Method 1: How to Backup Data on Your Android Device?

The Android operating system has come a long way. Compared to how it was back in 2008, Google has developed the Android system to a far more advanced level. So, if you have an Android smartphone or tablet and are looking for a way to easily and conveniently backup the important files stored in your device, then simply follow the steps below:

Note: Some Android smartphones and tablets have altered operating systems. Due to this, the backup method may slightly be different compared to smartphones that run on pure Android system. If the steps below don’t match with your device, it is best to seek help with the manufacturer of your device.

Step 1: Proceed to Device Settings

Device Settings
Device Settings App

As the title suggests, simply proceed to the settings of your device. To do this, look for the settings app and tap on it.

Alternatively, simply swipe down from the top part of your device screen to bring down the quick menu then tap on settings.

Step 2: Proceed to Advanced Settings

Once you’ve successfully launched the settings app, proceed to the advanced option.

If you can’t see or don’t have the advanced option, you can instead look for either Google or System. Both options should offer you a way to backup files.

Step 3: Backing Up with Google

Google Drive Backup
Google Drive Backup

If you opt to backup with Google, simply toggle the Back up to Google Drive on by tapping the switch icon.

Note: For this to work, you need to have a Google account logged in and linked to your device. You also need an internet connection, otherwise, this will not work.

Backing Up with Device System

If you opt to backup with Device System, simply agree to the terms and services first especially if this is your first time opening this section of your device.

System Backup
System Backup

Then, you can either choose to backup via an external storage device or via PC using the software that comes with your device. If your device doesn’t include any software, you can check on the manufacturer’s website for the software.

Note: In most cases, simply plugging in your phone to your computer will opt to ask you if you wish to install the software that came with the phone. If this happens, proceed to install the software.

If you ask us, we’d prefer to back up our files with Google. That way, we can easily and automatically get the backup files by simply logging our Google account to a brand new Android smartphone.

Method 2: How to Restore Backed-Up Data & Settings

If you already backed up your Android device and wish to restore the backup for whatever reasons you have, then simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Restoring Backup with Google

Android Backup & Restore
Android Backup & Restore

If you opt to back up your data with your Google account from your other device, simply log in your Google account to your new device. It will either ask you to restore a backup or it will automatically do so.

Restoring Backup with Device System

Resting your backup with device system is a bit more complicated than it sounds. First of all, you can only do so if you want to transfer files from one Android device to another as long as both devices came from the same manufacturer. Otherwise, this will not work.

For example, restoring a back up from your Samsung Android smartphone to a Huawei Android smartphone. It will not work since settings can vary by brand and device.

Furthermore, you can’t restore a backup from a higher Android version onto a phone running a lower Android version.

Other this is not a problem for you, then simply proceed to your device settings then proceed to System. Tap on Backup & Restore.

Step 2: Connect Device to External Storage or PC

Make sure that the device connected to contains the backup that you wish to restore on your brand new Android device.

Tap on Backup & Restore, then tap Data Backup. If that option is not available on your device, simply select whichever lets you opt to restore your backup.


Where does Google backup my Android files?

When you opt to back up your data such as apps, photos, videos, etc…with Google, your data is uploaded to a Google Drive storage linked to your Google account.

How to Backup Android to PC?

You can easily backup data stored on your Android device to your PC by using the appropriate software that should be included with your purchase. Otherwise, simply download the software that handles it from the manufacturer of your device.

How to Backup Android Phone with Broken Screen?

Backing up the data stored on your Android phone that has a broken screen can be tricky. However, our article about transferring files from your phone with a broken screen to your PC should be able to help you.

How to Transfer iPhone SMS to Android?

Transferring data from an iOS device to Android is not easy. However, you can easily do so with Backuptrans iPhone SMS to Android Transfer. It is fully compatible with Apple devices running on iOS 10.

If you want a convenient way to back up your files without relying on Google’s Cloud Storage a.k.a Google Drive, then we highly recommend checking out Western Digital My Cloud Home. A secure way to have your own personal cloud storage.

Western Digital My Cloud Home Personal Cloud Storage

WD My Cloud Home
WD My Cloud Home

My Cloud Home storage device plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router at home so you can easily save, organize and control all your digital content in one central place and wirelessly access it all from anywhere.


Final Thoughts…

Ultimately, backing up the data stored in your Android device should be easy. Even if you’re still using an Android device with Android version lower than 8.1. Simply, follow these steps and you can easily do backup anytime. However, we strongly recommend to backup your data from time to time. You’ll never know when you’ll need the latest one.

We hope that this guide has helped you in mastering how to back up on your Android device. If you have any comments, suggestions, or reactions, do let us know in the comment section below!

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