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How to Backup Your Samsung Galaxy S5 (5 Methods)

You should never need a reason to backup your phone; it’s a low-risk high reward situation that can only end in your benefit. However, backing up your device in heavily recommended before:

In those instances, you should know the quickest, as well as safest ways to back up all of your precious files and data. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S5 there are multiple ways to do this, and one method is even built into the phone itself.

If you don’t know how to get to that, I’ll explain that method first.

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Method 1: Built-in Backup to Cloud

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a backup function built in that allows you to save certain data to the cloud, and then restore it using the same function.

  • To access this, go to your Settings,
  • and then scroll down to User and Backup.
  • From User and Backup, select Cloud to open up the cloud menu.
  • From here you can select Backup to see a full list of what this function can backup.

You can view a video of the whole process, here:

This doesn’t back up everything, but it’s useful if you don’t want to either download additional apps to back up your phone, or use more time consuming means.

Method 2: Helium

While I don’t know if helium gas can back up a Samsung Galaxy S5, I’d recommend the app with the same name over what you’d use to fill a balloon. If you’re familiar with ClockworkMod, Helium comes from the same creators.

However, you can backup your phone with Helium even without rooting your device. If you use Helium without rooting, you’ll need to download another application for your computer to take full advantage of the app.

Be forewarned, for this method, you’ll need a USB cable to connect your Galaxy S5 to a computer if the phone isn’t rooted.

Step 1:

Download Helium

First things first you’ll need to download the pair of Helium applications, one for your Android device, and one for your computer. If your device is already rooted you won’t need the desktop version of the app.

You can download Helium by clicking the Google Play button here:

Google Play

Additionally, you can purchase the pro version for $4.99, which has a few extra benefits.

After installing the application, you can download the desktop version of the app and install it.

Step 2:

Connect your Galaxy S5 and Computer

Now that you have Helium up and running on both involved devices, you can start the backup. First, go into Helium on your phone where you’ll receive a nice welcome that gives you a link to the desktop application.


After accepting the welcome, you’ll be presented with a loading screen of sorts that tells you to connect your device to your PC via USB.

Helium please connect

Once connected, you will be asked to run the Helium Desktop application. You may also be warned if your Android USB is in MTP mode, and will then prompt you to switch to PTP if needed.

After starting the Helium Desktop application, you may see a screen like this:

Helium desktop problems

If this is the case, you can click the link at the bottom of the screen to download drivers needed to use Helium properly. However, once you have downloaded and installed these drivers, running Helium should go smoothly, and allow you to backup your data.

Method 3: G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup is another app that allows you to backup certain data on your phone, but not everything unless you’re using a rooted device. Something every G Cloud user should know up front is that the app is free, but only allows you to store up to 10GB of data unless you sign up for a $2 a month subscription.

Google Play

Signing up for the subscription also removes the ads from the experience, but G Cloud Backup is perfectly serviceable without paying a subscription fee.

You will have to create an account with G Cloud Backup to use it, but you have the option of signing up with Google+, Facebook, or with an Email account.

G-cloud sign-up

If you want a cloud service other than what’s in the Samsung Galaxy S5’s standard package, this could be the cloud to float on. You can download it right from the Google Play Store and start using it today.

Method 4: Super Backup

It’s not a bird or a plane that could be confused with a bird, it’s Super Backup. This is another backup app that works well enough if your Galaxy S5 isn’t rooted, but can backup much more if it is.

There aren’t any steps for this method since everything you need is in one place, the Google Play Store:

Google Play

However, you may additionally want a large SD card to store the information you backup.

Super Back-Up Welcome

In Super Backup’s welcoming screen, it mentions that the default path for backup data is your phone’s internal storage, not external. You can, however, change this before you copy any data.

After accepting the welcome, you can see the full range of what Super Backup can, well, backup.

Super Back-Up capabilities

Backing up apps will not be available without a root, but all of Super Backup’s other features will work just fine.

Method 5: Nandroid Backups

I’ve saved the most comprehensive for last, but Nandroid backups will not work without a rooted device. If you’re looking to backup your phone before attempting a root, this will not be the method for you.

However, for those who want what is arguably one of the best backup methods out there, please continue reading.

Nandroid backups make use of custom recovery tools, such as the aforementioned, ClockworkMod, to make an exact snapshot of your phone and all of its data. Normally, to create a Nandroid backup, you would have to enter your bootloader, go into recovery mode, and then create a backup.

If I’ve lost you somewhere, you can also take a look at a video here that explains the process in full:

However, there is an application that works on rooted devices that can make the backup for you, saving the need to boot into recovery. You can download the application, Online Nandroid Backup, here:

Google Play

To make use of this application, you will also need Busy Box installed on your phone. Most apps in the Google Play Store that require a root will also require Busy Box, so if you don’t have it yet, now is the time to hop on the train.

Google Play

With Online Nandroid Backup you can fully back up your device on demand, schedule backups, name your backups to keep them organized, and even create your backups in different styles.

However, to restore your phone, you would still need to select the backup file while inside of your custom recovery. Even so, Online Nandroid Backup cuts out one of the lengthy steps to make the process faster.

Additionally, the created backup can be moved from your phone to your computer. This way you can remove the file from your phone, and organize the backups how you like before selecting one for a restore.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 has plenty of options for backing up any and all data on the device, but to do a complete backup will require you to root your phone if you haven’t already. With that said, backing up the Galaxy S5 can be fast, beneficial, and thankfully beginner friendly.

Since you’re still here, why not let us know how often you like to backup your devices in the comments below? I know that I don’t backup my data as often as I should, so make sure to schedule a few automatic backups if you’re anything like me.

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