How to connect Google Home to TCL TV: 2 easy methods

Here’s a fact: TCL is a relatively new tech player in the US.

It’s only been in the North American market for 5 years. But…it’s a fast-growing brand in America and the third-largest in the world. So if you’ve recently purchased a TCL smart TV, you can better unlock is smart capabilities using Google Home. That’s why, in this article, we’ll provide an easy guide on how to connect Google Home to TCL Smart TV.

If you also own a Samsung Smart TV, you can follow this simple guide to connect it to Google Home.

Going back…

The release of TCL Android TVs several years back makes it easier for you to connect your TV to Google Home. With this, you can easily cast shows, movies, games, sports, and other content from your Android device or any other device for that matter to your TCL TV. Just simply tap the Cast button.

What to expect from a TCL Smart TV:

  • Native Google Cast support
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Remote control voice recognition
  • Universal search
  • Curated content

There are TCL Smart TVs that come with built-in Chromecast, and there are TCL Roku TVs. Each calls for a different method when connecting to Google Home.

And with that…

Here are the methods you can try.

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Method 1: Connect Google Home to TCL Smart TV with Chromecast

If you’re using a TCL smart TV that runs on Android TV, then you can connect it to Google Home via Chromecast.

google chromecast ultra
Chromecast Ultra

To control your TCL Smart TV with Google Home using Google Assistant, you’ll need any of these:

  • Chromecast (2nd or 3rd gen)
  • Chromecast Ultra

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Step 1: Connect Chromecast

plug in the chromecast device
Plug in the Chromecast device to your TCL TV

Before linking your TCL smart TV to your Google Home, you need to plug in the Chromecast device to the HDMI port of your TV.

Once plugged in, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Set up and link your TCL Smart TV

Before setting up, make sure that your Android phone or device and your Google Home device are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Once connected, then let’s get started. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Home mobile app.
  2. Tap “Add” (you can find this at the top-left, then choose “Set up device”, and then “Set up new devices in your home.”
  3.  Tap where you want to add the device to, then tap “Next.”
  4.  Tap the device, then “Next.”
  5.  A code will show up on your mobile device and your TCL smart TV. Make sure that the codes match.
  6. Tap “Yes, I’m in” or “No thanks.”
  7. Tap and choose the room where you want to set up your device, then tap “Next.”
  8. Tap the Wi-Fi network, and “Next.”
  9. Choose “Sign up” (if you want to receive emails) or “No thanks.”
  10. Select the video services which you want to add, then tap “Next.”
  11. And finally, tap “Continue”

Method 2: Connect Google Home to TCL Roku TV

connect google home to roku tv
Connect Google Home to Roku device

If you’re using a TCL Roku TV, you can still link your Google Home to it. Once connected, you can then control your TCL Roku TV via Google Assistant devices. Just say “Hey Google” and the commands you want your TV to perform.

Use Google Assistant to ask your TCL TV to do any of the following:

  • Turn on Roku
  • Turn up or down the volume
  • Mute on Roku
  • Change to channel 5.1 on Roku
  • Switch to HDMI 2

Before we proceed to the steps on how to connect Google Home to your TCL Roku TV, here are some important things you should take note of.


  • Currently, the Roku skill for Google is only supported in the US.
  • You can’t use voice commands to launch or access Netflix.
  • The launch channel command (using Google Assistant) does not work with all the channels on the Roku platform.
  • Not all Roku voice capabilities are supported.

Despite these, you can still use Google Assistant and Google Home to your TCL Roku TV.

Step 1: Prepare the following

To get started, there are some things you need to prepare first. These are as follows:

  • TCL Roku TV that runs on Roku 8.1 or higher
  • Free Roku account
  • Google Home, Google Home Max, or Google Home Mini
  • Google Home app

To check what OS your TCL TV is running, just go to Settings, then System, then About. There you’ll see which software version it’s running. To reiterate, make sure it’s Roku 8.1 or higher.

If you don’t have the Google Home mobile app on your Android phone or device, you can download it here.

Step 2: Integrate Google Assistant with your TCL Roku TV

TCL Roku TV compatible with Google Home

To use Google Assistant voice commands (Roku skill), you need to link your Roku account first to your Google account.

For this, just follow these steps:

  1. On your Android device, launch the Google Home app.
  2. Tap the “Add button.”
  3. Then tap “Set up device.”
  4. Select “Have something already set up?”
  5. Search and tap “Roku.”
  6. Sign in to your Roku account when prompted.
  7. Select the TCL Roku TV you want to control to Google Home.

Once connected, you can now use Roku skills for Google Assistant using your Google Home to make compatible voice commands to your TV.

Note: While you can connect Google Home to your TCL smart TV that runs on Roku, some of the Roku skill voice commands won’t work. This includes opening and accessing Netflix.


Does Google Home work with TCL TV?

Yes, it does. Depending on what TCL TV you’re using, you can choose any of the abovementioned methods in order for Google Home to work with your TV.

Does TCL Smart TV have Bluetooth?

Not all. But for TCL Roku TV with no Bluetooth, you can still connect the TV wirelessly to your compatible devices using the Roku app.

How to connect TCL Smart TV to laptop wirelessly?

You can connect it using Screen Mirroring. This feature is enabled in TCL Roku TVs. To connect, open the Action Center, then select Project, then select Connect to a wireless display, and finally select a device and follow the given instructions.

Final Thoughts

Google Home just makes your viewing experience a lot easier. Not only that, but you can also connect it with other devices to form a group of compatible devices that you can command with your phone or with your voice: from compatible speakers, security cameras, light switches, to smart light bulbs, and more.

You can connect Google Home both to your TCL Roku TV or TCL Android TV. However, of the 2, it’s obviously with Android TV that you can get more control and use more voice commands. Again, Roku skills for Google Assistant don’t receive as much support compared to TCL TVs that run on Android TV.

But whichever you use, rest assured that there’s a way for you to connect it to Google Home and use Google Assistant. Just pick the appropriate method from any of the 2 methods featured here. And if you’re from the US, all the more reason that you can trust TCL TVs (because Roku skills for Google Assistant are supported only in the US).

So what TCL Smart TV are you using? Or if you don’t own one, which are you planning to get? We hope you’ll find these methods helpful. Feel free to share your comments, suggestions, or questions below.

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  1. I purchased a TCL Roku TV in January’20. I live in Canada. When i purchased it from Best Buy, i specifically asked can i control it with Google assistant. Turn on/off, volume, launch netflix, Youtube. It did not matter to me whether i needed a Chromecast of the Tv had built in functionality.

    So at first i had a chromecast connected and could launch netflix(once tv was on), youtube, change volume and turn tv off. Then i tried to setup roku with google home and everything stopped working and then i found out Roku skill only works in U.S. not sure why that would be.

    So now, i would like to just be able to control with chromecast again. Will not seem to work again. Not sure how to fix it? A bit pissed i was told by salesperson everything i wanted to do it would do to find out only in the U.S.

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