VIZIO TV connected to Google Home

How to Connect Google Home to VIZIO Smart TV

Having trouble connecting your Google Home to your VIZIO Smart TV? Worry no more. We found a simple way to connect your Google Home to your VIZIO Smart TV.

Here’s the thing:

Having a Smart TV is entertaining since it lets you enjoy some of the things you do on your phones and computers. Smart TV gives users more than regular TV use. It allows users to experience the online world by letting them browse the web, stream videos, and get updated on social media.

Nifty, right?

You see, VIZIO is a known company that creates Android devices and televisions. So, it is no wonder that they are also now distributing Smart TVs. If you recently bought a VIZIO TV and you still don’t know what to do with it, then this article will surely help you. Also, if you want to know the best apps you can explore using your television, then check this article out: 6 Best Apps for VIZIO Smart TV.

Getting back…

The perks you experience with your VIZIO TVs can still be improved much more. By connecting it to your Google Home, you can maximize its use further. Now, if you are having trouble connecting your TV to your Google Home, then you have to check this guide that we made.

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Method 1: Connect Google Home to VIZIO Smart TV

Before doing anything else, you have to check all the things you will need. To pair your devices with each other, you need a supported VIZIO SmartCast TV or a Home Theater Display, a Google Home device, and an internet connection.

VIZIO Wifi Connection
VIZIO TV Connecting to Wifi

Now, if you have all these things prepared, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Step 1: Fetch your remote control and click the VIZIO button.

This will launch the SmartCast TV Home on your VIZIO TV.

Google Home to Vizio
VIZIO Remote

Step 2: Navigate the top menu to find the EXTRAS button.

Once you find EXTRAS, click the OK button on your remote.

VIZIO TV Navigation Menu
VIZIO TV Navigation Menu

Step 3: Highlight Google Assistant and select it.

Google Assistant Controlling the TV
Google Assistant Controlling the TV

Step 4: Enable Google Assistant

Follow the steps provided to connect your TV with your myVIZIO account and enable the Google Assistant. You’re done!

Google Home with a VIZIO TV
Google Home with a VIZIO TV

Method 2: Controlling VIZIO TV through Voice Command

Now, after setting up the Google Home with your VIZIO TV, the next thing to do is to check if it works. You can check what the Google Home can do by using its voice command.

So, these are a few of the voice commands you can try.

Step 1: Commanding the VIZIO TV

VIZIO TV Google Home
Turning On the VIZIO TV

If you want to turn on or turn off your VIZIO TV with just your voice all you have to do is say the following:

  • Turn on – “Okay Google Turn on [TV name]”
  • Turn off – “Okay Google Turn off [TV name]”

Step 2: Controlling the Volume of the VIZIO TV

Turning the Volume of the VIZIO TV

We know that it is a hassle repeatedly adjusting the volume of your television, especially if you are enjoying the movie you are watching. So to lessen the hassle we found these commands for you.

  • Specifying volume level – “Okay Google set volume to 50% of [TV name]”
  • Turning the volume up or down – “Okay Google turn [up/ down] the volume on [TV name]”
  • Muting your VIZIO TV – “Mute [TV name]”

Step 3: Launching the Apps on your VIZIO TV

Trying to find the apps on your VIZIO TV can be time-consuming, and it can also be too much trouble. Well, you would not need to worry about that anymore. With Google Home, you can launch all the apps on your VIZIO TV with just your voice. Just say the commands below.

  • Launching an app on the VIZIO TV – “Okay Google launch [app name] on [TV name]”


What are the Google Home devices that are compatible with VIZIO TVs?

Google Home devices can now be connected to your VIZIO TVs. The Google Home devices you can connect with your VIZIO TVs are the Google Home, Google Home Mini, android devices installed with the Google Home app, and the Google Home Hub.

Can you connect any version of your VIZIO TV to Google Home devices?

Yes. VIZIO has recently updated its Smart televisions so that Google Home devices can be connected to these TVs. All versions of the VIZIO Smart TV can be paired with the Google Assistant.

Final Thoughts

Wanting to maximize the use of all the smart devices you have is something natural. Google Home is a smart device that helps you in doing this with all your gadgets. It can control your light switches, home security, speakers, and many more.

The best part?

You can now also connect your Google Home device with your VIZIO Smart TV. Meaning you can start controlling your TV with just your voice, making it easier for you to command your television. Amazing, right?


With all these technological advancements that make your life easier, it can still be quite confusing how to manage them. Our goal is to help and guide you to learn how to control these devices. And in this case, we want you to know how you can fully control your VIZIO TV with your Google Home devices.

What kind of VIZIO Smart TV do you own? Did our article help you with connecting your VIZIO Smart TV with your Google Home device? We hope that it did. Let us know how it went by leaving a comment down below.
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  1. I cant get to the EXTRAS that you refer to in this article. Google home on android cannot find my Vizio altho the TV is hooked to the internet. I can use Netflix etc just fine. I need to add starz app and I cannot cast from my android phone. Any help?

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