How to Download Books on Torrent for Android in 2020

Books come in all shapes and sizes and some even took a more highly advanced form to cope with the modern age: E-Books.

E-books are the digital form of publication. This can be accessed through computers or other electronic devices like your mobile phones. It can contain texts, images, or even a combination of both.

Some devices are made exclusively just for reading like Amazon’s Kindle. The best thing about E-books is that you can carry hundreds, or even thousands of titles, all along without weighing you down on your backpack or dragging them around in a sack.

The only problem with E-books is that some titles are hard to find or even outright expensive. So what should you do?

The answer?

Torrent ’em!

Read on the rest of the article to learn how to Download Books on Torrent

What are Torrent Files?

When a computer geek hears the word “Torrent,” he doesn’t think of rain and the tropics. He immediately thinks of his twelve files that are currently downloading on his computer.

In the tech world, “Torrent” refers to a computer file that holds metadata containing various information.

In short, a Torrent File acts as a key to initiate downloading of a shared file such as movies, games, documents, or in this case: books. This can be achieved by downloading the corresponding .torrent file and using a torrent client to open the file.

Now that we know the basics of Torrenting, let’s get down to business and build or E-library!

Is Torrenting Legal?

Torrenting is closely associated with piracy. Due to the large amounts of data made available on the internet, there’s no question that much of it is illegal.

Downloading a file using a file with a torrent client isn’t illegal per se but downloading or torrenting any item that is copyrighted and has another owner is stealing and is therefore illegal.

But worry not, if you’re careful not to download any copyrighted material, then you are perfectly safe and law enforcers will not come after you as you will not trespass any law.

Now that we know the basics of Torrenting, let’s get down to business and build or E-library!

DISCLAIMER: We strongly abhor any illegal or unethical actions here at Joy Of Android. For this purpose, we advise our readers to follow the law as we will deny any responsibility to any repercussions that may follow if you do otherwise. If you like to read a book, purchase it and support the author.

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How to Download Books Using Torrent on Android

Step 1: Installing a Torrent Client

Before you can start downloading, you first need to install a Torrent Client. A Torrent Client is a software that allows you to share or download torrent files.

This software is a necessary requisite in Torrenting. Without this, you wouldn’t be able to download and open your torrent file.

uTorrent Install Screenshot-Download Books on Torrent using Android
Install uTorrent using Google Play Store
  1. Go to Google Play Store 
  2. Enter “Torrent Client” in the Search Box and choose your preferred app.
  3. For this purpose, we suggest using uTorrent as this is one of the established torrenting apps out there.
  4. Click “Install
Google Play

Step 2: Selecting your Torrent Link

You might think that selecting a good title might be the best thing to consider when planning to torrent a book, but we think otherwise.

As we previously discussed, while Torrenting is perfectly legal, sharing or downloading any material that is not your is absolutely prohibited. Hence, we can only download books from a  Torrenting Website that promotes items under the public domain. 

For this reason, we recommend visiting the website of Internet Archive, a non-profit organization that provides millions of legal digital copies of reading materials and thousands of other files in various formats.

Just go to and you will see plenty of free items that can be downloaded. If you know any websites that share legal content, please share it with us in the comment section!

Internet Archives-Download Books on Torrent
Homepage of the Internet Archive.

Step 3: Choosing your Book

Always remember that you are only allowed to download books that are in the public domain. Copyrighted materials can put you in risk of facing legal charges and you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Tip: Books published before 1923 are automatically in the public domain. Visit this site for a more comprehensive guide on determining which books are legally safe to download and which books are not.

1. Enter the title of your preferred book on the search bar and select it on the page that follows.

Internet Archive-Download Books on Torrent
The item with the ‘Book’ logo means that the file is an eBook.

2. Click on the Title and Scroll down to the downloading options and select ‘Torrent’. It will automatically start to download.

Download Options-Download Books on Torrent
The Download Options of the Internet Archive. The Torrent file is located at the very bottom of the option.

3. Click the notification that appears when the browser finishes the download of the .torrent file.

Press ‘Open’ when the file is finished downloading into your phone.

4. The file would automatically begin to download on the uTorrent Client.

uTorrent-Download Books on Google
The File should automatically begin to download after the browser.

5. Wait for it to finish downloading and on to the next step!

Step 4: Choosing a Reading App

When the file download is complete, you might be disappointed because the file failed to open.

Some eBooks formats are in Epub, which most Android phones couldn’t open without the help of a third-party application. Hence, we need to install one so we can immediately begin reading.

There are plenty of reading apps out there. But it all comes down to the functionality that you want and the interface that you prefer.

By that, we recommend using ReadEra, which can open both .pdf and .epub ebook formats. It only consumes 11 MB of storage space and has a clean and easy interface making it the perfect reading app to use.

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ReadEra-Download Books on Torrent using Android
Install ReadEra using Google Play Store

1. Go to Google Play Store

2. Enter “ReaderEra” on the Search Box.

3. Click “Install” and wait for it to finish.

Google Play

Step 5: Opening your Book

Now that you’ve done installing and downloading, all that’s left is to open the file you’ve downloaded to see if it works.

1. Open ReadEra and allow it to scan through your phone.

Click ‘Find’ to make ReadEra browse through your phone for readable files.

2. ReadEra will then display all available books on the screen.

ReadEra-Download Books on Torrent
After ReadEra scans your phone, it will display all available formats that you can read through the app.

3. Select it and you can now read your book!

Book-Download Books on Torrent
After following all the steps, you can finally read your book!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of books can you download on Torrent?

You can download any kinds of books and publications on Torrent —Novels, Journals, Textbooks, etc.— but you can never be sure if they’re legal or not. Just make sure to download books that aren’t copyrighted and you’re good to go.

Can you Torrent Audible eBooks?

Yes. Audible eBooks or Audiobooks can also be downloaded on Torrent. It is usually formatted in .mp3 so you can just play it on your stock Android Audio Player.

Can you Torrent Books onto a Kindle?

Yes, you can! Just download it through the methods mentioned above and you can then send it via your Kindle’s email or transfer it through a USB cord. But if you can buy the book, just buy it in their store!

Books on Torrent – Start Reading!

Congratulations!  You’ve reached the part which you’re looking forward to! You’re done downloading all the items, you’re done installing the necessary apps, and you did it in the most legal way possible.

While Torrenting is considered malpractice by some, you don’t have anything to worry so long as you follow the law and remember the rules of copyrighted property.

Now, all you need is a quiet place to sit and enjoy your book. And oh, another friendly reminder, if you really like the book, please don’t forget to purchase it in your nearest bookstore in homage to the author.

Now, sit back, relax, and read on!

If you have something to share or some questions to ask, don’t hesitate to put in the comments below. 

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