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6 Workable Tips and Tricks to Hack Android Games

Being the most popular mobile operating system, Android offers us thousands and thousands of different games and applications. So, one question pops up a lot, especially when talking about games. How-to, and is it actually possible to hack Android games?

It could be useful for players in many different ways: imagine being able to increase the current score, or increase the number of coins that you have? Or even “buy” in-app purchases without actually paying.

So, let’s make this clear – hacking IS possible, but with the constant updates coming from Android, not all methods will work on all the system versions. Basically, any kind of hacking is usually done by using a third-party app, but the difference is, that some apps will require your Android to be rooted.

However, many people try to evade rooting their phones, since this opens up different features which are not allowed to a standard user. This can be beneficial, but without proper knowledge, it might cause errors on your device. It’s something similar to jail-breaking.

Please note that when downloading games and apps from websites other than Play Store, you might need to enable the option “Unknown sources.” You can usually find it in “Security”, under “Settings”.

Hacking Android Games Without Rooting

Since this is a safer and simpler method for your device, let’s check out a few ways of how to hack Android games without rooting a device.

1. CreeHack

This one seems to be the simplest app that allows you to hack Android games. Basically, it allows you to pass by the limitations and enjoy your favorite game, without actually paying for in-app purchases.

Unlike many other hacking apps that allow you to manually set a number of lives, coins, etc., this app allows you to fake the IAP buying process, in a very simple way, without any programming knowledge.


CreeHack is a good app because it is compatible with almost all the games and applications.

  1. After the app is installed, run it and tap “Enable”.
  2. Once the app is enabled, let it run in the background.
  3. Then, start the game that you want to hack, and go to the page on which you can buy IAPs.
  4. Tap the IAP that you want to buy and, after being taken to Purchase screen of Google Authenticator, just tap on Purchase button – and that’s it!

You will be able to access the items that you have just “purchased”.

2. LeoPlay Card

This is a similar app to CreeHack, but it also allows you to download a game for free, instead of buying it – another way to trick Google Play payment system. Note that this app is supported on various devices, however, some devices won’t be able to run it properly. Also, you might encounter a problem if trying to hack an online game.

LeoPlay Card
LeoPlay Card

The usage is very similar to CreeHack, so you don’t have to worry about any complications. You can download this app directly from the creator’s website by clicking the link below.

3. Game Killer 2019

You can hack almost any game with this interesting and simple app. When the app had been released initially, it had required rooting. The 2019 version allows you to hack with no need to root the device.

When you install and start the app, a list of options will appear.

  1. Tap the option “Hack Android Games Without Root” and a screen with a list of supported games should appear.
  2. Once you have found the game that you want to hack, tap on it and a screen with a list of possible hacks will appear.
  3. Tap the hack that you want to apply, and that’s it!
Search for a game that you want to hack
Search for a game that you want to hack

Most of the games can be started again with the hacks still applied, however, some games might require to be launched via Game Killer every time to keep the hacks on.

Very simple application and definitely worth a try.

4. Lucky Patcher

The newest version of Lucky Patcher allows you to hack games without rooting.

Simple Interface
Simple Interface
  1. Download, install and run the app.
  2. You will see a list of games / apps. Tap on the one that you want to modify.
  3. Then tap “Open Menu of Patches” option.
  4. Tap “Create Modified Apk File”.
  5. And lastly, select “Launch” and that’s it!

Lucky Patcher is very popular among Android users (especially gamers), so be sure to check it out!

Hacking Android Games on a Rooted Device

At first, if you have never rooted your device before, make sure to check out our review of 7 Best Android Root Software, in order to prevent any possible damage to your device. Note that in some countries, it’s illegal to root your mobile phone. In USA, for example, it is legal to root your smartphone, but illegal to root a tablet.

5. SB Game Hacker

This seems to be the simplest app for hacking Android games on a rooted device. It allows you to change the number of lives, coins, gems and so on, but it also allows you to speed up time, which might be needed in some games. So, let say that you want to hack coins, for example.

  1. Open Game Hacker and minimize it.
  2. Now open the game that you want to hack.
  3. Start the level or whatever is needed, so that your coins amount is shown on screen.
  4. Open Game Hacker again.
  5. Put the number of coins in the input box, and tap “search”.
  6. Now increase or decrease the number of coins you have, by buying something / selling something.
  7. Open Game Hacker again, enter the current amount of coins and tap search.
  8. If everything is done properly, you will be able to enter the desired amount of coins in the modification box.
  9. Again, increase or decrease the number of coins by buying or selling something.
  10. Immediately after that, you will see the desired amount of coins appear.
Hacking Plants vs Zombies
Hacking Plants vs Zombies

Long story short, you need to input the coins value twice, because Game Hacker needs to be sure that the value it is changing is actually “coins”, and not some other system stuff that might have the same value at the moment.

6. GameCIH

This is another great app to cheat or hack almost ANY Android game! The hacking process is very similar to the previous app, so let’s check it out!

  1. Download APK, install and start the app.
  2. Choose the game that you want to hack, and start it.
  3. Take note of how much in coins you have (again, let’s use coins as an example).
  4. Hit your hot-key and select Input Number.
  5. Input the current amount of coins, and press OK.
  6. Now increase or decrease the number of coins, and press hot-key again.
  7. Tap the “!” sign, then tap on “coins” and enter your desired amount.
  8. Tap on “Modify”.
  9. If you tap the Lock button, the chosen value will be locked, meaning that you will have infinite money.
  10. Enjoy!

In The End

Hacking Android games can be useful for any gamer, whether you are playing some complex RPG games, or Candy Crush Saga.

If you don’t have much experience in coding, or using more complex Android functions, and if you are actually a “classic” user, it might not be wise to root your phone. However, if on the other hand, you want to root it, feel free to follow our guide on rooting.

Hacking on a rooted and non-rooted phone is different, as you can see. Depending on what seems to suit you best, download some of these apps and try it out. As mentioned above, depending on your device and Android version, some apps might not work.

Also, please note that hacking can be tricky if you want to hack online games, such as Clash of Clans. The problem is that most of the values (gold, coins, gems) are actually saved on their servers, instead of being saved on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hack and Cheat the same in Android?

In both life and video games, there are always easier methods to accomplish tasks. They can assist you in acquiring resources or advancing more quickly in a game without really utilizing cheats or exploits. Hacks are shortcuts or specific knowledge on how to use the gaming interface that are not strictly cheating.

Can I Hack Android Apps other than Games?

Yes, we can hack other apps other than android games. You can also do that by rooting your phone which enables more advanced options.

Does my Android phone require rooting to hack games?

It may improve your phone’s performance, change the user interface, and play games that are console-emulated by rooting it. Your phone might possibly be bricked after rooting. Because of this, you should constantly be aware that taking chances to gain complete access to your Android smartphone has some dangers.

Have you tried any of the methods below? Did you have any problems? Please let us know in the comments below…

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