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How To Install Google Play On Android: Bring New Life to An Old Store

Do you want to update your Google Play Store because your current version keeps on force closing? Do you want to check out the latest features in the new Google Play Store update? Are you tired of the old layout of the Google Play Store and are looking for a change?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then don’t worry as this guide will teach you how you can install the latest Google Play Store on your Android device. The latest version available is 4.5.10 and was released on the 6th of December.

Using this guide, you will learn how to install Google Play on Android in just a couple of minutes. The apk file is officially signed by Google which means that the app is fully stable and safe to install.

Changelog In Version 4.5.10

  • Indicator for in-app purchases, meaning that the Play Store shows  an indicator for all the apps that require you to make additional purchases within the app
  • The size and colors of the stars for rating has been changed
  • You will also notice different star colors for different categories of apps
  • Avatars are now in circles instead of the traditional squares in the previous versions
  • You can delete your reviews
  • A new activity feed feature has been added that lets you share your Play Store activity, including +1s and reviews, with others through Google+
  • The overall text layout for reviews has been changed
  • Apps rated by your Google+ contacts will now be available as recommendations and contact reviews will be available on the top of each app


In most new Android devices, Google automatically updates the Play Store whenever it releases an update and if you’re using a relatively new Android device, then chances are that your Google Play Store app has been updated automatically.  To check your current version, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device

Step 2

Tap on the Menu key on the top right and select Settings.

Google Play Settings

Step 3

Scroll down and check for your Build version under the About tab. If it says Version 4.5.10, then you already have the latest update installed on your device!

Play Store Version


Manual Installation

If your Build version shows any version other than 4.5.10, then follow the steps below to manually install the Google Play Store update on your Android device

Step 1

Download the latest Google Play Store apk file here. You can also download it through this mirror. The file size is about 6.63 Mb.

Step 2

Connect your Android device to your PC using a micro USB cable. Turn on USB Storage mode on your device if it isn’t enabled by default.

USB Storage Enable

Step 3

An AutoPlay popup should appear once your device is recognized by your PC. Click on Open folder to view files. If the AutoPlay popup doesn’t appear, then go to My Computer and select Removable Disk.

AutoPlay Android

Step 4

Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the apk file on your PC and copy this file to the root storage of your device. Once the transfer is complete, unplug your device from your PC.

Step 5

If you’re using any Android version lower than 4.0, go to the Settings app, tap on Applications and make sure that Unknown sources is checked. For Android versions above 4.0, the Unknown sources mode can be enabled by tapping on Security in the Settings app. Tap on OK if you get a warning message after enabling Unknown sources.

Unknown Sources Enabled Unknown Sources Warning

Step 6

Download and Install ASTRO File Manager or any other file manager on your Android device if you don’t already have it installed. You can download ASTRO File Manager through the Google Play button below.


Step 7

Open the file manager and tap on the Google Play Store apk file that you transferred through your PC. If you get a Replace application popup, tap on Ok.

Replace Application

Step 8

Tap on the Install button to start the installation process.

Install Button

Step 9

Tap on Open to launch the new version of the Google Play Store or tap on Done to exit the installer once the installation process is complete.

Play Store Installed


That’s it! You have successfully installed the latest version of the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Older Versions

While the latest Google Play Store version is stable and should work fine on most Android devices, some Android devices might get force closes. If the Play Store isn’t functioning properly on your device or if you don’t like the new features or the layout, then you can install an earlier update of the app. You can download the previous versions of the app below. The steps above will work with any version of the Google Play Store app.


The Google Play Store app is a must have for almost all Android users as this is one of the most appealing features of Android. The Play Store lets you download and install your favorite apps from the millions of apps currently available. As most Android users spend a lot of time using the Play Store for downloading their favorite apps, the overall layout and design might get boring. Also, a previous version of the Play Store might not work properly on your device. If this is the case, then you can easily install the Play Store update manually to get rid of any bugs and to get a newer layout.

After you install Google Play learn how to use your Google Play gift card and if you hate Google Play there are always alternatives.

The steps mentioned above should work on almost all Android devices. Feel free to shoot any questions below about how to install Google Play on Android if you need additional help!

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