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How to Leave a Group Text on Android: 2 Easy Methods

Are you irritated by the numerous group texts that you no longer use or just leave a group text? Well, you’re not alone! I used to receive a lot of these that I didn’t even need, from people I didn’t even know! Even if group texts are obsolete in 2020, this feature can still be an issue for some Android users.

Group Texting is an older way of messaging a group of people. Group texts can get a little spammy, and you end up wanting to opt-out of the group. The only real way you can get out of a group text is by asking the creator of the group text to remove you. However, it doesn’t always do the trick, especially if it’s a spam message.

So if you are finding an answer for how to leave a group text on Android, you are at the right place.


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If you don’t want to be included in any of these:

leave a group text
Group Texting

Follow what worked for me! I’ll teach you how to leave group texts on Android, without actually being removed.

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How to Leave a Group Text on Android

Method 1: Mute Notifications From the Group Text

This is the easy method to leave a group text on Android. A first step you can do is to mute notifications for the unwanted text group so you won’t be bothered every time a new message comes in.

leave group text on android
Muting a Group Text is one of the ways to getting some peace of mind

Honestly, for me, it’s the notifications that are annoying, not the group text itself.

1. Open Your Messaging App

Open your SMS messaging app and open the group message you want to mute.

Messaging App
Open the Messaging App

2. Go to the Menu and Press “Group Details”

Tap on the menu button (the one with three dots) and tap on Group Details.

Group Text Menu
Go to Group Text Menu

3. Look for Notifications and Toggle Them Off.

Tap on the notifications section and toggle off the switch for “Allow notifications.”

Notifications Management
Turn the toggle off for ‘Allow notifications’

Note: To be clear, this will not get you out of the actual group text, but it will mute all the notifications that pour in.

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Method 2: Block the Group Text

Blocking the group text is yet another effective method to leave a group text on Android. On most phones, you can also block a specific sender through your messenger’s settings.

spam text
One annoying group text

1. Open Your SMS App and Select the Group Text

Open your stock SMS app and find the Group Text you want to go away.

Messaging App
Open the Messaging App

2. Block the Sender

This method might be different from phone to phone, but on most phones, you can long-press on the message itself and block the sender from there. After this, any messages from the sender will be blocked by your phone’s messaging app.

3. Delete the Group Message

Most of the time, blocking a sender also hides the group message, but if it didn’t work for you, you can just delete the message from your SMS app.

You won’t be bothered again by the sender unless you unblock them on your messaging settings.

delete message
Select Delete

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you leave a group text on Android?

Unfortunately, no, unless you ask the owner of the group to remove you. However, there are some workarounds like muting or blocking the sender.

Why can’t I take myself out of a group text?

Group texts use your carrier’s network, and as long as they have your number, you won’t be able to unsubscribe from their texts. Leaving a group text is harder on an SMS platform compared to an online one.

How do I set up a group text?

When you want to send a text to multiple people, add more people into the recipient’s form, rather than just one person at a time.

How do I set up a group text?

When you want to send a text to multiple people, add more people into the recipient’s form, rather than just one person at a time.

How to leave group texts on Android?

Android users, Chat does not allow users to leave a conversation entirely. Instead, you will need to mute the conversation.

How do I delete a group text I created?

If you want to leave a group text on Android, you must ask someone to remove you. You can mute or delete the conversation to stop receiving notifications.

Gaining Some Peace of Mind

Whether you want to escape group texts or just one sender that’s spamming and annoying you constantly, it’s always annoying to receive unsolicited text messages. But there are workarounds, and you can always avoid something like this from happening in the future.

Avoid giving out your number to people who won’t have any good use for it! Remember that your phone number is also a part of your private information. Giving that away to random people can create bad experiences for you. Such as receiving a constant barrage of messages from someone you don’t know.

Have you tried the methods to leave a group text on Android? Did I miss something? Let me know your opinion in the comments down below!

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  1. You say “Leaving a Group Text on Android is Actually Possible” but none of these are actually ways to remove yourself from group texts. They’re all just hacky workarounds to make them less annoying.

    1. So frustrating. I blocked a person from texting and calling me on my android. She also sends group texts , but instead of her name appearing, it shows her phone number. That is not blocking. I can only leave specific conversations, but cannot prevent future group texts from happening. Btw, why do people text one word, hit send, then another word, so there are 25 texts to say “cool”?

      1. Hi Maggie! There are apps that block specific numbers from reaching your device. If you’re having trouble with blocking a number on your phone’s settings, use an app from the Play Store.

  2. Thank you!!! Finally freed myself from the most annoying mom group chat I never asked to be a part of. Mute, then delete, genius!!

    1. Hi Cassie, yes, if someone replies you’ll get the message but you won’t get the whole history of the group message.

  3. It should be possible to toggle Group Chat OFF – period. It should say Turn Group Chat Off, not some arcane bullcrap language. We shouldn’t have to put up with spam, and yes, it’s getting gnarly and no, as a straight female I don’t want to see you and your girlfriends and no, as a 60+ female I’m not interested in your d*** pics either. Android needs to allow us to turn Group Chat on and off easily from a toggle in that swipe up from bottom Search apps. Sometimes I think the IQ of developers in sinking faster than the rest of the population.

  4. Thank you for the post. I tried all of the above and it doesn’t work. The mute keeps turning itself back on. It should allow me to just remove myself. Period. I was included in a 17 person invite to a Pampered Chef party from a lady at church. I thanked her for the invite but declined ordering. There’s the constant ordering, questions and of course thank you from her from the others. I’m annoyed. Constant text messages from that, my granddaughter and others which I need so I can’t turn the sound off my phone. Here’s the bottom line. Don’t group text to people you hardly know. You’ve forced them into receiving unwanted messages. That’s not a good way to make friends.

    1. Hi there Tina! That would be the best solution ever. Imagine how annoying it is, always getting texts that you’re not involved in, to people hardly even know. That’s the spirit. Thanks for this comment!

  5. Click-bait! This isn’t an article on “How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text Android” It’s an article on how to mute a conversation. Joy of Android must be desperate for readers? Pfft.

      1. Yuri, thanx for the reply. But I don’t understand it. If you’re “sorry to hear that” then change the title to match the article.

  6. well I do not use group texting and sent a message with multiple receipts and it acted like a group text. Had to have T-Mobile get on my phone and shut down group texting… WORST PIECE OF GARBAGE SOFTWARE

  7. This is ridiculous. There is NO REASON we shouldn’t be able to hit a button and get out of a group chat. It’s inexcusable.

  8. I am on an LG phone, and guess what? There is NO MUTE OPTION. There is only a way to mute ALL group texts but I definitely dont want that, im just trying to get out of one specific annoying one. But there is no mute or leave option at all. All there is when you press the 3 dots, like everyone says, is contact info, insert smiley, and DELETE. The delete option does not solve my problem because I still get texts from the chat…. Pls help if anyone nows how to end my suffering…

  9. I never even started this group mms crap. I went to text a friend and lo and be damned, that’s when it started. No way to get out of this, you say? What do I do with this crap? None of the stuff is working…

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