How to Make Android Auto’s Bluetooth Work

If you’ve ever used Android Auto, you’ve probably encountered problems with the Bluetooth connection. Why does Android Auto need Bluetooth, even with wired connections? Because Bluetooth doesn’t have the necessary bandwidth in order to offer both audio and video for Android Auto. Therefore, Google’s solution was to use Bluetooth only for taking calls from your phone – via the Hands-Free Protocol. So even if you use a wired connection (or a wireless one, it’s the same thing) for Android Auto, you still need a Bluetooth connection for you to be able to take your calls in the car. Obviously, this means that no other Android device can connect to your car’s dashboard while Android Auto is running.

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How to Make Android Auto’s Bluetooth Work

Step 1: Make Sure Bluetooth Is On

This one might make you laugh, but it might surprise you (or not!) how often people get angry that Bluetooth doesn’t work, without even turning it on!

Step 2: Connect Your Phone to Your Car Before Plugging It In

Some people have noticed that if you plug your phone in before establishing a Bluetooth connection to your car – it will almost always fail. So if you have problems, try to connect your phone to your car before plugging it in.

Step 3: Check Android Auto’s Settings

Make sure you have Bluetooth option in Android Auto’s settings is turned on. It should turn on automatically, but sometimes it doesn’t, so it’s a good place to look for errors if you’re having problems.

Step 4: Check Your OS Version

It’s recommended that you have the latest Android OS version if you’re using Android Auto, so if you don’t, check if there is an update available. It could solve your problem.

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Can you run Android Auto without Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, no. There are people who say they’ve kept Bluetooth disabled and everything was fine, but this makes Android Auto very unstable – so the fact that it worked for them was pure luck.

Why does Android Auto need Bluetooth to work?

Because Bluetooth doesn’t have enough bandwidth to offer both video and audio for Android Auto, so Google restricted the use of Bluetooth only for receiving calls from your mobile device – with the Hands-Free Protocol.

Do you need Bluetooth for wired connections?

Yes, you do, even if you have a wired connection, because your calls are managed through Bluetooth.

Making Android Auto’s Bluetooth Work – Have a Smooth Experience

We hope our suggestions have helped you make your experience with Android Auto better because whether or not we like it, Bluetooth is necessary for Android Auto to work. Unfortunately, there aren’t many things you can do, except for little tricks or gimmicks that you can only hope will work, there’s no recipe. So tell us, does your Bluetooth work better now? What did you do? Let us know in the comments below!

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