Make Font Larger on Android Devices

How to Make the Font Larger on Android Devices to Save Your Eyes

Make Font Larger on Android Devices

My husband bought a fancy new laptop last night with a 4K, ultra high-definition display. He told me he was going to wait to try it out so he could get some decent sleep, but he never stood a chance. He was setting it up at 11:00 PM. And it is nice, but what was amazing to me was that even with the latest and greatest technology, the font size was incredibly small.

And it can be that way on smartphones too. But here’s what you can do about it.

1. Via Accessibility Settings

Many Android devices have a section called Accessibility within Settings. There you will find options like Magnification Gestures and Large Text. You can toggle Large Text to an ON position to enlarge the font on your Android’s interface, but while it does apply to many apps and websites, it probably won’t work on all of them. Using Magnification Gestures you can zoom in on the screen by tapping three times, or you can pinch-zoom.

Accessibility Settings

2. Through Display

Another way to increase font size is still through Settings, but instead of Accessibility, tap Display. Select Font Size, and you will be offered various options, ranging from Small to Huge. This will apply to your email, texts, and contacts, as well as many other areas of your Android. You can also change the font style to one that easier to read from that same Display option.

Font Size

3. Other Options

Android Lollipop introduced a High-contrast Text feature in Accessibility that adds an outline to text. Samsung users can enjoy the ease of using their volume rocker to increase the font size of text messages.

High Contrast

To make text larger within browsers such as Google Chrome, one only needs to go to the Menu button (3 dots in the upper-right corner), click Settings, Accessibility, and use the slider to adjust font size. Third-party apps like Facebook tend to be a little more difficult to control, but another option is to use the help of an app like Big Font to change font size.

Download: Big Font (change font size)

Google Play download button


There are a few other tricks you can try to make the text pop. On Android Lollipop, through the same Accessibility settings we used earlier, you can choose to invert black and white colors. If you know of ways to make the text easier to read on Android, please tell us about them. You could be doing a favor for someone with vision problems.

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