Control Android Phone Remotely

How to Control Android Phone Remotely

Controlling another person’s phone remotely is a breach of privacy, and should only be done if needed. But some people need it for security or work. Parents need it so they can observe their children’s phone activities. Professionals who handle several mobile phones need it to utilize their phones at the same time.

I tested out how to control Android phones remotely, and I found a few ways you could do it. You can do it through your PC or through another Android phone. Check out how I did it below.

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Control Android Phone Remotely From Another Phone or a PC

There are two ways on how to Android phones remotely. The first is through a PC or a laptop. The other is by using another Android device. All you need to do is install a software or an app and make sure that you have a working and reliable internet connection.

When it comes to tracking your child’s phone usage, one great tracker for parents would be MSpy.

The MSpy software is perfect for keeping a watch on your kids and is one of the best when it comes to parental control! It comes with unique features like tracking calls, seeing what pictures they’ve shared, and even monitoring their social media interactions. MSpy allows parents to track their kids and be invisible while doing it, which can come in especially handy at late hours or even when they’re in transit!

Control Android Phone Remotely From a PC or Browser Extension

There are a couple of software available for download that lets you access your Android phone using a laptop or PC. Below are a few recommendations.

1. AirDroid


AirDroid by Sand Studio is a great app if you want to control Android phones remotely. It’s free on the Play Store.

It lets you manage all your apps and SMS wirelessly on your computer or laptop. You can respond to private messages using your keyboard or play your mobile games on a larger screen.

AirDroid user-interface

Download the app on Google Play Store.

After installing:

  1. choose “AirDroid Web.”
  2. Open “” from your browser.
  3. Sign in by scanning the QR code using your phone.

The free version comes with a 30MB file support. But you can buy its premium version at $1.99/month to avail its 100MB file support, ad removal, and remote camera and call access.

Google Play

2. ApowerMirror


ApowerMirror is a screen-mirroring application that allows you to control Android phone remotely using a PC, a laptop, or a projector.

APowerMirror’s interface

You can even record the activities of your phone and respond to your SMS or any instant messaging apps through ApowerMirror. The free version of this app has a lot to offer. However, when you use the screen recording, its free version will add a watermark. It’s important to note that while recording your screen, it won’t be able to record the audio.

You can use ApowerMirror in 2 ways. One is through connecting your phone via USB. The other is by connecting it via an internet connection by scanning the QR code.

You can download the desktop client here.

Google Play

3. ISL Light for Android


If you are looking for an alternative for TeamViewer, ISL Light is one of the best choices. You can control Android phone remotely via PC or laptop simply by installing the app on your phone and installing the ISL AlwaysOn application on your computer.

Like TeamViewer, you can use your phone remotely by using a “unique session code.” There’s even a chat option available. There’s no need to configure your phone or your device to be able to use this software.

Android devices that run on version 5.0 or higher can use the live screen sharing feature anytime. You can also revoke the admin permission between this app and your phone anytime.

Google Play

4. Vysor


Vysor is a Google Chrome add-on that lets you control Android phones remotely and enables you to access it fully. Access all your installed apps, play your favorite games, and reply on your instant messaging platforms using your mouse and keyboard.

Did you ask your secretary to make your business presentation and she decided to send it to you by email? Worried that your presentation is about to start and you don’t have a lot of time to set up? Vysor lets you mirror your Android phone to your desktop so you don’t need to worry about setting up your presentation.

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To start using Vysor:

  • install the app on your Android phone,
  • follow the instructions for USB debugging,
  • install the Chrome add-on.

Windows users may have to install ADB drivers to use this software.

Google Play

5. Scrcpy

Scrcpy is one of the most incognito ways for you to control your Android phone remotely where you’re not supposed to, say in the office.

This software gives you full control of your Android device as long as it’s connected via USB or over any wireless network. All it requires is an Android running on version 5.0 or higher and ADB debugging enabled on your device.

You can download Scrcpy here:


Control Android Phone Remotely Using Another Android phone

You can also control Android phone remotely by using another mobile phone. Below are some of the apps you can use.

1. Spyzie Parental Control – $39.99/m


If you are looking to control your kids Android phone remotely using another android device, Spyzie is one of the latest software on the market. It currently runs with Android version 9 and has up to 30 features like call logs, data exports, instant messaging, etc.

The new edition comes with an optimized data syncing and has an upgraded detection and warning alerts when there are any malicious activities on your kid’s phone. It runs flawlessly on Huawei, Oppo, MIUI, and many other popular phone brands.

You can purchase your monthly subscription through this link.

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2. Teamviewer Mobile Device Support


If you’ve been in a lot of online workspaces, then you’ve most likely heard of the wonders that TeamViewer can do, and we’re all glad that it can now support mobile-to-mobile access.

TeamViewer lets you control Android phones remotely from another device seamlessly. It has chat support, screen sharing, intuitive touch and control gestures, HD videos, and sound transmission.

To use it, simply download TeamViewer on both devices and connect them using a unique ID.

Google Play

3. Screen Share – oneAssistant


If your purpose for controlling Android phones remotely is to help your family/relatives or friends in troubleshooting or teaching them how to use their phone, Screen Share is the best for you.


It’s a “remote-controller” app that shares your screen and allows you to control your device on another device. Upon start-up, the app will let you choose between a distributor or a helper.

Once connected, you can now start a voice chat or draw on their screen to help them with their phone issues.

Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remotely control someone’s phone?

Yes. you can completely take control of someone else’s phone right from the comfort of your own home.

Can phones be linked?

You can link phones technically through the wireless bluetooth feature. It takes just a few clicks to connect phones through bluetooth.

Can I install spy software on a phone remotely?

No, it is not possible to install spy software on any android device remotely. That said, you can remotely.

Control Android Phone Remotely With Ease

There are a lot of instances where remotely accessing your mobile phone becomes necessary. Having an easy and handy solution is all we need. Although it is very important to note that remotely controlling another person’s Android phone without that person’s consent is wrong and is a breach of their privacy.

Do remember that you should only do this when it’s a necessity.

Have you tried some of the software mentioned above? Have any other software to add on the list? Let me know in the comments section below.

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