Remove Facebook Contacts from Phonebook on Android

How to Remove Facebook Contacts from Phonebook on Android

Android is a great mobile operating system, it provides so many conveniences that I have lost count. But I can certainly turn off some features which don’t fancy my liking. This article will teach you how to remove Facebook contacts from phonebook with ease. Many people are not aware that Android phone book can actually pull contacts from other apps as well. This is a pretty great feature if you need to find someone’s contact information in a hurry.

While this contact synchronization feature can work great with messaging apps like Whatsapp or video chat apps like Skype, it cannot work amazingly with social media. If you have limited number of people added on your Facebook account then you won’t really need to remove Facebook Contacts from phonebook at all. But if you are popular and have a large following on Facebook the managing thousands of useless contacts in your phonebook can be a hassle.

I personally only prefer the contacts which have phone numbers attached to them. This is why Whatsapp contacts are the best ones to sync with your Android device. If you have already synced the contacts and feel that your phonebook feels a bit crowded, this guide will be really helpful to you. Although if you have less than 100 friends on Facebook, I recommend that you merge the contacts with your existing ones. This will give you updated profile pictures automatically and you can retain the phone numbers too. I have done this and wouldn’t be any happier. Combine this with the Google’s awesome contacts backup service and you have a complete phonebook all the time.

Remove Facebook Contacts

Step 1: Locate the App

First off you will need to find the Facebook app. If you are regular user like me, it should be easy to locate. I keep it on one of the docks on my home screen. I have attached a screenshot of the icon in case you have forgotten.

Remove Facebook Contacts

Tap on the app and you are ready to go.

Step 2: Enter Settings

Now there are several ways to enter the app’s settings. But the easiest one can be accessed simply by pressing the menu button/key on your phone. If you are using on screen buttons then you will need to tap that.

Remove Facebook Contacts

A pop up menu will appear with several options. You simply need to select the settings and that’s about it.

Remove Facebook Contacts

The app will launch the settings screen.

Step 3: Don’t Sync

The latest update of Facebook has placed the contacts synchronization option right at the end of the list. If you are using a large device with high resolution you should be able to see it on the bottom of the screen.  Scroll down right to the end if that is not visible.

Remove Facebook Contacts

Tap on that and a new screen will come up. Simply select the last option called “Don’t Sync” to remove Facebook contacts from Phonebook.  This is it you are done, the app will no longer sync contacts to your phonebook automatically.

Step 4: They Are Still There

Now the above method will prevent the app from adding new contacts to your phonebook. But the ones which were synced will already be there on the device. In order to not see them, follow this simple process. Go to the contacts and launch them.

Remove Facebook Contacts

Now I don’t know how your Android contact app will look but mine looks like the screenshot above. Tap on the menu button and a menu will slide on screen. Simply select settings from there.

Remove Facebook Contacts

Tap on contacts. This will take you to a large menu with a lot of accounts. Simply uncheck the Facebook one and you will remove Facebook contacts from contact book. Go back into the contacts main screen and see if you can see any unwanted contacts or not.

Remove Facebook Contacts


I hope that the how to remove Facebook contacts from phonebook guide will help you get rid of boring contacts. I will be making short guides like this which can solve one particular issue with ease. I’m a pretty straightforward guy so expect to the point guides in the future. If you are facing any issue with your Android device, kindly send a comment with your device name and Android version, I will try my best to find a solution.

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  2. Also helps with the “unfortunately android process acore has stopped working” error you get when facebook and contacts won’t play nice with each other.

  3. This information is completely invalid for Android 5.x. Shame on you for writing an article in the middle of 2015, not including Lollipop information, and moreover, not even noting what version(s) were relevant.

    And there is a simple answer why. This useless author simply rehashed an article that has been circulating since 2013 or before.

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