MM#6 error

4 Best Ways to Remove “Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error” in 2023

Do you have a smartphone that’s still locked to a particular carrier? Are you having trouble with a phone that prompts a “Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error” after inserting a new SIM card? If your answer to all of these is a yes, then we can help you!

Smartphones have become integrated into our daily lives, and that includes work, relations, and businesses. Given all of these, it’s not a surprise that such a market will bear sub-markets; particularly one for “Used Phones,” “Refurbished Phones,” or “Second-Hand Phones.”

But that doesn’t stop there.

Various companies and businesses have come up with different ways to offer Smartphones at an affordable price. And one well-known method that these companies do is by selling used phones that they got from trade-in and are refurbished ones. Consumers tend to purchase refurbished or used phones to save money for high-end models. These buyers can encounter the “MM#6 Error” issue later. Which means that the device is locked to a network.

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What is the MM#6 error?

The MM#6 Error is an error that appears when you try to send a message or call from a phone that is still tethered or locked to a specific carrier while using a SIM card that doesn’t belong to that carrier.

So what can you do about it? Let’s dig deeper into this list to find out!

How to remove phone not allowed MM#6 error

MM#6 error
MM#6 error

When you get your phone, switch the SIM card, and make a call. If your device is tethered to another carrier. You will get the error “Phone Not Allowed: MM#6 Error.” This error means that you are trying to use a phone tethered to another carrier. There are several ways you can fix this problem.

The options are going to be different depending on your carrier. However, the easiest and most effective way is to ensure that you have a genuine unlocked phone.

Doing this will mitigate the chances of you running into this problem. Here are four ways you can work around this Error:

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1. Contact the carrier.

MM#6 error
MM#6 error

The fastest and simplest fix for the MM#6 error is by calling the customer service of that carrier and request for them to unlock the phone.

However, it won’t be as simple as that. Especially for the following circumstances:

  • If the phone is stolen or blacklisted, then they may require you to provide certain requirements before giving your request.
  • The carrier of the tethered phone may charge a fee. It’s called “Equipment Switch.”
  • In some cases, some phones come with a built-in or linked phone number. It will be hard to have these kinds of phones unlocked.

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2. Use the Operation Menu.

On some carriers, you can fix this issue by dialing *#78#. Doing this will bring you to an operation menu.

MM#6 error
Use the Operations Menu

From there, you can disengage from the carrier, after which your device becomes unlocked. If successful, you may switch to a different SIM card to use with your phone.

Not all carriers have this feature, so a bit of research online will be needed. Searching for your specific phone carrier, brand, and options for unlocking your phone can be beneficial to what you’re doing.

3. Do research on your specific phone.

MM#6 error
MM#6 error

If the first two methods that we mentioned doesn’t fix the MM#6 error, then your last resort is to search the internet. Try searching for your specific carrier, phone brand, and options for unlocking your phone.

One of the standard results that you may find is unlocking your phone through rooting. You can learn more about Android phone rooting here.

4. If all else fails

MM#6 error
MM#6 error

If none of our methods work for you, the best thing you can do to fix this error message is to request the assistance of the carrier. Try reaching them by calling or using email and explain your problem without leaving any details.

Seeking the assistance of the carrier is the most practical way to do it since they will ensure that you abide by U.S. laws as well as state laws. They will also do the proper way of fixing the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix “Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error” if I got my phone from a shady deal?

The JoyOfAndroid Team doesn’t condone any shady dealings. However, if you’re suffering the MM#6 Error and you got your phone from either someone who stole it or is a blacklisted phone, then the best thing you can do is to call the customer service of the carrier.

Is the MM#6 Error universal?

The MM#6 Error only occurs with smartphones locked or tethered to a specific carrier. Otherwise, this won’t be a problem with unlocked phones.

I have an iPhone that has the “Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error,” what can I do to fix it?

Contact the carrier of your iPhone, or you could buy a SIM Unlocker from Amazon to fix this problem.

SIM Unlocker

Do you happen to have an iPhone? Do you want to unlock it and use a different carrier? Don’t want to spend more than a hundred for it? Look no further. This IA SIM unlocker can do the trick.

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Use your iPhone with any GSM carrier with this SIM card. However, we highly recommend checking the compatibility first before purchasing.

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Final thoughts

We hope that we’ve aided you in fixing this problem. If not, then we strongly suggest for method 4.

To prevent yourself from suffering from this issue, we’d like to remind our readers that: when buying a used phone, always buy from a reputable source. Ensure that the phone is not tethered or locked to any carrier.

If you have any comments, requests, suggestions, or violent reactions, do let us know in the comment section below!

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    1. Hello I have a note 9. I have not touched or taken out my sim to do anything for more than a year now. Its error is of a triangle shape with mm in the middle???

      Please I cannot use my phone. It’s very important for me to get working. Please could this request be treated with urgency.

  1. same problem in my s8 with metro pcs
    but when i put at&t sim card it start working but the phone is from version can amybody help me
    i also try *#78# but it showing not register on network

    1. Hi Amrit. You’ll need to have Verizon unlock your phone for usage with other carriers. Depending on where you live, they may be required to do this with no questions asked. If not, it’s easiest to just tell them that you’ll be traveling abroad and want your S8 unlocked for use with a foreign provider.

      1. Brilliant, Megan! I’ll have to try that before getting a broken donor phone and making the (un)necessary swap

    2. My phone “Samsung galaxy j2core”.(Bsnl sim card; 9485446399)MM phone Sim not allowed. What shall i do, i want to fix it ??.

  2. I just recently bought an S8 from ebay that said GSM unlocked. I inserted a MetroPCS sim card and the phone said “phone not allowed along with a Warning sign above two capital M

  3. hello I was using my s9 no problem and then all of sudden it stopped working and saying phone not allowed voice. What does that mean?

    1. Hi Merissa, that error means that you are trying to use a phone that is still tethered to another carrier. Does your phone come with a SIM card? If so, did you replaced it?

  4. i have a galaxy s8 for att my cousin found at a airport. i wanted it for metro pcs so i got a carrier unlock code from att, it said it was successful when i swithed the sim card and restarted the phone but it also said (Phone not allowed MM#6) and when i tried to make a call it says emergency calls only.. should i take it to metro now? or did the process even work??

  5. Hello I have a note 9. I have not touched or taken out my sim to do anything for more than a year now. Its error is of a triangle shape with mm in the middle???

    Please I cannot use my phone. It’s very important for me to get working. Please could this request be treated with urgency.

    1. Hi Dianne, could you please email us the picture please. Use contact us form. This error is something new for us.

      1. My phone “Samsung galaxy j2core”.(Bsnl sim card; 9485446399)MM phone Sim not allowed. What shall i do, i want to fix it ??.km

  6. After getting the unlock permission from at&t, I put my sim card from a previous service into the smartphone I want to use; however, when I boot up my new phone, I get the phone not allowed error. At&t said in the unlock permission statement that when I boot up the phone, I should be able to put in the unlock code they gave me. The phone boots up without asking for an unlock code. Why?

  7. I have Samsung Galaxy Note 5 it worked for one year but when I was changed sim card mm#6 error but I used changes flight mode
    Than I used but when power off started error how I can remove? ?????

  8. How can I find out which carrier my S8 is tethered to?
    I have searched in the ‘about phone’s section and all through the settings but am unable to see the carrier.

    1. Hi Paul, you may want to check all the labels found on your phone. There should be a carrier brand somewhere written in it. Additionally, you may want to further check phone settings. It should be there.

  9. Hi my phone shows mm not allowed for voice and when I make a call it says not registered on network how can I fix this problem ?

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