How To Reset OnePlus One for a Fresh Start

The OnePlus One is a relatively new Android smartphone and it features excellent software and hardware features. That being said, I believe users can face bugs and software issues on almost any Android device. So, why not learn how to reset OnePlus One?

Whether you’re facing a bug after updating your OnePlus One or you’re seeing random glitches on your phone, you can solve most common issues by resetting your phone.

In this post, I’ll show you two different ways that you can use in order to reset your OnePlus One and there is a high probability that your problem or glitch will be fixed once you reset your device.

Why Perform A Reset On Your OnePlus One?

Resetting the phone usually deletes all of its data and settings which is why some users don’t like resetting their phones. Here are the reasons why you should reset your OnePlus One.

  • Fix a bug that you’re facing after updating your OnePlus One. While software updates aim at improving the experience of users, sometimes you can face issues after updating the phone and resetting the phone becomes essential in this case.
  • If your phone is malfunctioning randomly, then resetting the device is ideal in this case as well. Sometimes, Android devices start to malfunction and you might face things like random reboots. When you don’t know the root cause, you can reset the device for fixing this.
  • Clean your OnePlus One when selling it to someone. As resetting deletes everything from the phone, this is the perfect way to clean your phone when selling it to someone else and the buyer will get a fresh phone, without any of your personal data.

What Should You Do Before Resetting Your OnePlus One?

Before deciding whether you want to reset your phone, I would recommend trying alternative methods in order to fix your issue. This way, your phone’s data will not be deleted.

The first thing I would recommend is to try a simple reboot. If you haven’t rebooted your phone since the issue or bug, it might be fixed by a simple reboot. You can use your phone’s Power button to switch off your phone and to switch it back on.

If a reboot didn’t fix this issue, then I would recommend uninstalling a third-party app that you think is the culprit. For example, if you feel that the problem started after you installed a third-party app, you should uninstall it and check whether the problem remains.

If your problem is still not solved and you have made up your mind on resetting your OnePlus One, then there are certain things you should do before proceeding with any of the resetting methods mentioned below. While resetting is a safe process, you should still follow these tips.

  • All your OnePlus One’s data will be deleted after resetting your phone which is why you should create a complete backup of your phone. You can also check out our list of the 10 best backup apps for Android.
  • Another smart thing would be to sync your phone with your Google account. This way, when you sign in to your Google account after resetting your phone, you’ll get some of the stuff back, such as contact details.

Method 1: Resetting Through The Settings Menu

This is the easiest and most popular method for resetting your OnePlus One and you can find this on almost all Android smartphones and tablets. Even though this isn’t the hardware reset method that you can do through recovery, it will still delete everything from your phone.

While this is the easiest method, it will only work if you can access your OnePlus One’s Settings menu. If your phone is having trouble switching on or you can’t access Settings, then proceed to Method 2.

Step 1

Go to Settings on your OnePlus One, scroll down and tap on the Backup & reset option.

Step 2

Tap on Factory data reset.

Step 3

Tap on Reset phone.

oneplus one reset

Step 4

Tap on the Erase everything button. That’s it! Your OnePlus One will now perform a factory reset and it should reboot automatically once the process is complete.

oneplus one erase

Method 2: Resetting Through Recovery

This is another method of resetting your OnePlus One and the reset is performed through your phone’s recovery. You’ll need to use your hardware keys in order to boot into recovery.

This method is the perfect way of resetting your OnePlus One if you can’t access the Settings menu or if your phone is having a problem while booting. This is usually the last resort for resetting Android devices.

Step 1

Make sure that your OnePlus One is switched off.

Step 2

To boot into recovery, switch the phone back on while holding the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until you feel the phone vibrate.

OnePlus One recovery

Step 3

While in recovery, go to the Wipe cache partition option using the Volume buttons and select it through the Power button. Select Yes if you get any confirmation option.

Step 4

Once the cache is wiped, go to the Wipe data/factory reset option using the Volume buttons and select it using the Power button. Select Yes if you get any option for confirmation. Wait for the resetting process to complete. This might take a while.

Step 5

Go to the Reboot system now option and select it using the Power button. That’s it! You have successfully performed a factory reset on your OnePlus One and your phone will now reboot.


The OnePlus One is one of the best Android smartphones that you can buy right now, and even though it is an excellent device, you can still face minor bugs, glitches and software issues on the phone.

I believe that even the best smartphones are not perfect and users can face some bugs from time to time. That being said, there’s a solution on Android devices for almost every problem and performing a factory reset is a great solution if you’re facing issues on your OnePlus One.

Please follow the alternatives mentioned above before resetting your phone and if you do end up resetting your OnePlus One, then make sure you follow all the instructions properly.

If you have any questions on how to reset OnePlus One, then feel free to shoot them in the comments area below.

What’s next? Learn about the best ROMs and how to snap a screenshot on the OnePlus One.

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  1. Thanks very much for posting for the guide. The OnePlus One is a great device, wonderful hardware, etc, but it does not support the LTE bands that any carrier uses in my area, either AT&T or T-Mobile, so I am going to sell it on Ebay.

  2. please please help me . I just recieved my oneplus1.
    I updated the os. and now it is frozen with the screen displaying the android logo at the bottom and the 1+ logo in the middle.
    I did a factory reset and it still doesnt load past that screen

    1. I have the same problem > updated to Android 5.0 and now it is blocked on the ‘Android start-up screen’ with the One+ logo in the middle! Already tried Vol+/power – Vol_/power – power recycle – holding power button for more than a minute – severals consecutive reboots! NOTHING WORKS! now I’m decharching the battery in the hope it will reboot after that?

      Can anyone help me with this problem?

      1. Try pressing Volume Down and Power to boot into recovery and perform a reset. If you can’t, then I can’t help you further. Sorry.

  3. Hi Jd,

    I received my OnePlus One in the mail yesterday and have exactly the same problem.

    Can you please tell me what eventuated in your situation? Were you able to fix the problem? If so, how?

    Or Dani, have you found any solutions to the above, since you last posted?



  4. Meu OnePlus one travou com a tela desligada, apenas o led na parte superior fica piscando. Ja tentei desliga-lo pelo botao on off + volume e nao da em nada. O que faço

      1. Dani, how long is the warranty for the OPO? If I received it in October? Am I still ok?


        1. I think the warranty is for 1 year. If you have the warranty card, you can check the date on it.

  5. Hi all, i can not see the icon of system update under the tape of about phone so i can not update my phone.
    I installed Google pack and when i try to update the Google search App from Google play it does not work saying that Google package is not signed correctly please remove old app and reinstall again. i restore the phone to factory setting 2 times to solve this issue. yet, the same answer is still existing and my Google search bar is not working and the App can not be updated. when i try to use the Google search bar it keep loading tell is give me the message that it stop working and it close. not also that put also the phone is not sync with my Facebook even if i try to do it manual and adding the Facebook account to my phone book account and ask it to Sync now manually. when i power the phone off and open it again, i even can not find the icon of the Facebook in the phone in any place but when i go to Google play i found that it is installed and i can only open it from Google play. then i have to unistall it and re install it again to see an icon for it on the phone. not only that but also the you tube App is performing very slow. when i open it keep loading for some time till i can use it . i also remove it and intall it several times and it is doing the same. the other thing, that the owner icon in the setting drop list was giving my Google account photo and details and suddenly i found that my photo is not existing and my account details is not there. i really dont know what to do i just receive the phone 5 days ago and i am very happy with it but it is performing too bad

    1. Karim,
      If reset didn’t fix the issue, then you probably need to get it fixed under warranty. There could also be a problem with your google account or with your internet connection. Is this helpful?

  6. HI!

    The phone froze yesterday and I hit reboot, that normally solves the problem. This time, it went into Cyanogen Recovery.. And I’ve hit all the options from “reboot system now”, “apply update”, “wipe data/factory reset”, “wipe cache partition”, and “wipe media” and it still leads me back to the same screen.

    Please help.

    PS, does anyone know the shipping and repair cost if I’m still under warranty?

    1. Jessica,
      Does the reboot system now option boots to recovery again? Sorry, I don’t know the shipping costs. You’ll have to contact the seller of your phone.

  7. my opo is periodically “resetting” i really do not know what to call it but basically when i am in google chrome it will refresh the page twice then wait about 45 seconds and do it again. when i am at the home screen it keeps the same rithym and blanks out everything except for the background picture twice and when i am in certain apps like clash of clans it exits out according to the same rythim. this glitch is very annoying and i can not fix it. i have done factory resets and i flashed the factory version of the opo back on to it and it still does it. i see no other options other than to ship it back at this point. any ideas of what this is, what is causing it and how to fix it?

  8. Hi Dani.
    Im having problem on messaging apps after upgrade to lollipop and cynogen 12.
    I can click on the messaging button, then I will see lots of peoppe I had text. When I press on one of the name, its say messaging has stopped. Already press send button to submit the error as well. Any idea how to fix it? It happen after the upgrade. Thanks!

  9. Hi Dani,

    I’m having problem to open messaging after upgrade to Lollipop and OS12. Means I can open the messaging apps, but when I tap on one of the name, it says Messaging is Stopped and ask to submit report. Already submit report. Any idea how to fix it?

  10. i performed a factory rest on the one plus one. Now it is not working. either it goes into a fast boot mode or goes to a screen where it gives you the choices to reboot, wipe cache, factory erase , update, download. but there is nothing to download. it appears that it deleted the stock cyanogen.

  11. Hi,
    i am having trouble getting into factory reset. I pressed power button and volume down, goes on recovery mode. when i select factory reset, wipe cache , wipe media, the icon flashes up and goes back to recovery options. tried everything, but nothing works. plz help

    1. Hi,
      Have you tried the other method at all?
      And afterwards have you tried rebooting your device from recovery?

    1. Hi Fitness,
      I am glad that you found the information you were looking for. We will definitely keep it up, thanks.

  12. I faced the bootloop issue(This happened because of mixture of two themes that I was using) today. I did “wipe data/factory reset” in the recovery mode and everything is fine now.

    Thanks Yasir, for this cool and simple article. 🙂

  13. My OPO has CM12 in it right now but it drains battery really quickly as compared to previous factory fitted CM11. If I factory reset my phone right now, will it switch back to CM11?

  14. I want to factory reset due to virus problem and also to clean apps cluttering the internal storage. My OPO is CM 12 and few days back 350 MB update file downloaded and installed.My question is if I reset will this update file vanish ?

    1. Hi Ranjan,
      Let me do some research on your problem. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for commenting! =-)

    2. Hi Ranjan,
      If the CM12 update was installed, it won’t disappear from a factory reset. However if the OPO is rooted, the malware might not go if its got into system. If its not rooted, a factory reset will clear the malware but not the CM update. And in future only install apps and games from known trusted sources, i.e. Google or Amazon only. Thanks for commenting!

  15. Hi,

    Can you help me please?
    When I did the update from cyanogen to cyanogen and oxygen it didnt work so the support did a manipulation to only put oxygen OS without cyanogen and under Android 5.0.1 instead of cyanogen 12 Android 5.1.1 and oxygen.

    My question is : if I do a factory reset, will my phone be like when I bought it ?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Paxyte,
      That dependson what you are doing. Did you unlock the bootloader, flash a custom recovery and root?? If you have a custom recovery like TWRP (you should if you want to install a custom rom) then a factory reset, if and ONLY if done from TWRP or a custom recovery, it will not wipe things like photos, music, etc. It will delete all user installed apps and their data but not media. Hope this helps. =-)

  16. post recent update, repeated call drop and signal issues been found…..

    is there any option to uninstall recent update or revert to earlier OS which has come with mobile without rooting option…..


  17. i started afactory data reset today .about 40 minutes ago .still the screen is showing the android logo and the message “ERASING” HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE ,PLEASE ANY BODY HELP ME.

    1. It really depends on how much stuff you had on your phone. If you were working with your phone’s storage almost full, it can take quite a while. This is the same reason why your phone was sluggish to begin with.

  18. When factory wiped u still need to sign into the google account that set up the phone in the first there a way around this.

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