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How To Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 to Clear Your Phone’s Attic

If you have come across major software problems on your Samsung Galaxy S4, then you’re not the only one. From scrolling lags to significant battery drain, we’ve all been there. The thing to remember is that you can always reset your device to resolve a problem.

Android phones are prone to viruses and software issues, which is why both phone manufacturers and Google try to push the latest updates as fast as they can. The good news is that you can reset your Galaxy S4 in order to overcome some of the major software issues.

Using this guide, you’ll learn several methods on how to reset Samsung Galaxy S4, so the device is the same when you first bought it.

Steps Before Resetting

After doing a factory reset, all your internal and external data will be deleted so it would be a good idea to backup all your important files. You can transfer all your files to your PC using a micro USB cable. Also, make sure that your device is synced with your Google account so that when you log in, you can get all your contacts and other data back on your device.

For your third party apps, you can either memorize the app names or install any backup app from the Google Play store in order to backup the apk files.

Method 1: Soft Reset

Trying a soft reset before going to a hard reset is probably the smart thing to do, since soft resetting your Galaxy S4 will not delete any data from your device, and it might solve your existing problems. Soft resetting can typically address some minor issues, such as lag or battery drain.

This method is quite simple and you’ll be able to do it in just a couple of minutes. If your device is not responding or if soft resetting doesn’t solve your problem, then you can proceed to a hard reset.

Step 1

Turn off your Galaxy S4 using the main power button.

Step 2

Remove the back panel on your phone.

Step 3

Remove your battery and wait for 30 seconds.

S4 Battery Remove

Step 4

After 30 seconds, insert the battery and put on the back cover.

Step 5

Switch on your device. That’s it!

Method 2: Hard Reset Using Software

If soft resetting didn’t solve your issue or if you’re facing a major issue, you’ll need to perform a hard reset on your device. Hard resetting will delete everything from your device, including pictures, videos and music. Also, all your settings, accounts and contacts will be deleted.

The software hard reset method is probably the best option if your phone is working. If, however, your device is not switching on, you’ll need to use the hardware keys method.

Step 1

Open the Settings app on your Galaxy S4 and tap on the Accounts tab.

Step 2

Tap on Backup and reset under the Backup options tab.

Backup Reset

Step 3

Select Factory data reset below the Personal data tab. If you haven’t made a backup, you can create one by enabling the Back up my data option.

Factory Reset

Step 4

Tap on the Reset device button.

Reset Device

Step 5

Tap on the Erase everything button. If you have a password enabled on your device, you’ll need to enter it in order to begin the resetting process.

Step 6

Wait for the reset process to finish. Your phone will automatically reboot once the process is complete. That’s it! You have successfully performed a hard reset.

Step 7

Restore your files through the backup that you created earlier.

Method 3: Hard Resetting Using Hardware Buttons

This method focuses on resetting the Galaxy S4 using the phone’s hardware keys. Hard resetting has been a life saver over the last couple of years as it can reset the device even if the device is not switching on nor functioning properly.

This is probably the last hope for most users who feel that their device is bricked. You can perform a reset using this method even if your touchscreen isn’t working. Like Method 2, this will also delete all your data.

Step 1

Switch off your Galaxy S4. If your device isn’t switching off, take off the battery and put it back in.

Step 2

10 seconds after switching off your device, hold the Volume Up and Home buttons simultaneously. Without releasing the Volume Up and Home keys, press and hold down the Power key until your device vibrates or boots into recovery.

S4 Hard Reset

Step 3

Scroll down to the Wipe data/factory reset option using your Volume Down key and select it using the Power button.

Recovery Reset

Step 4

Scroll down to Yes – delete all user data by pressing your Volume Down button and select it by pressing the Power button.

Step 5

Wait for the resetting process to complete. Click the Power key to select the Reboot system now menu option. That’s it! Your Galaxy S4 will reboot and your problems should be fixed.

Recovery Reboot

Step 6

Restore all your data through the backup that you created earlier.


The Galaxy S4 is probably one of the most popular smartphones from Samsung. While the device has some incredible features, you might end up with some problems on your device. You can’t really make your phone problem-free because problems can arise from rooting the phone, installing custom ROMs or mods and even installing certain apps from the Google Play store. Also, if you’ve got a lot of data on your device and it starts to lag, you can get a fresh experience by resetting your phone. After resetting, your phone should run a lot smoother and it should work exactly like it used to after you took it out from the box.

Whether you want to reset your Galaxy S4 in order to fix certain problems or you’re about to sell your phone and want to delete your data, you can easily perform a reset using any of the methods mentioned above. Method 1 is perfect if you’re facing a minor problem and don’t want to lose your data. If it doesn’t solve the problem, then Method 2 is the next best alternative for hard resetting your phone. Method 3 is the last resort if you can’t switch on your phone or if it’s not functioning properly. Whichever method you choose make sure that you follow all the instructions properly on how to reset Samsung Galaxy S4, and feel free to shoot any questions below!

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    1. Unfortunately resetting will not work in all mobiles!
      Give a try once again by following instruction carefully. If it not working still, bad luck!

  1. I had a problem with my phone and I did a master reset, but I lost lots of pictures and phone number, can I reset it to a previous date to retreive my lost items?

    Thank you,

  2. Hi there! I just got this galaxy s4 a few days ago. I had to purchase it used due to the screen on my galaxy s5 going completely black and unusable. ( it works other than that ..i can hear the little ‘bloops’ when I hit apps or the typewriter click – noise when typing. ..just can’t see any of it.) I was told the problem would be $300 and upwards to fix, so I went ahead and bought and s4 from a friend (which, may I add; that I got the phone in perfect shape, a very nice otter box, and extra battery, car & house charger blush the original box & book for $70..couldn’t pass that up!)
    Anyway, I took the phone to my cell carrier (US Cellular) and they were able to put my Contacts to my phone from my fiancé’s phone) and obviously my pictures were saved from my SD card to my new phone.
    AND DO FINALLY here is the issue:
    I am not able to use my Gmail app (that I use very very VERY often) because it is still signed in as the original phone users name, as well as everything else on here right down to Google play and it drives me nuts!
    Do I need to hard reset my phone?
    AND THEN have US Cellular put ALL MY CONTACTS (yuck) back in for me?
    Or can I somehow do that myself? (I live in the hills of WV and everything is far away, haha)

    please help with my questions!
    Thank you so, so, SO MUCH! 🙂 ♡

  3. I have done all of the above with facory reseting using hardware buttons, but it stills says that my process system isn’t responding. Is my phone toasted now?

  4. Before trying the hard reset on my s4 does the Sim card have to be in the phone? I can’t do a soft reset or soft reset. My phone is completely dead and its not the battery.

    1. Hi Donna,
      It is usually recommended that the SIM card be removed before resetting your phone. Please let me know if you need help with anything else. =-)

  5. Is there anyway to reset the Samsung Galaxy s4 to use when it says it needs the previous owners details? I had this phone given to me.

  6. Hi there, nice article. I have a brand new galaxy S4. I had one before and love it. However, this s4 is displaying the “ANDROID PROCESS SYSTEM ISN’T RESPONDING” and giving me the wait or ok option. The phone works perfect then EXCEPT for the sound. I will have no sound. I usually have to restart the phone several times Before I can get the sound to work and the isn’t reslonding notice doesn’t show. Then the phone works smoothly. I have cleared the caches and factory reset. It will even do this on safe mode. Are there any other options I can try?

  7. Hi, My S4 is not turning on. It starts but turns off after the Samsung logo appears on screen. I recently changed my mobile cover to S-View Cover, since then this problem started.

    I bought this “ROOTED” phone from Ebay. If I do a hard reset as mentioned in method 3, will it work on rooted phone?

    1. Hi Nick,
      Sounds like you have a soft brick on your phone. Just in case you don´t know what a soft brick is it´s when you’re phone is stuck in a boot loop, and as the name implies, is caused by a software error, usually the lack of a system to boot from or some other minor software bug that glitching boot. They are easily fixable by reflashing your ROM in recovery.

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