Root Android: Everything You Need To Know

How to Root Android: Everything You Need To Know

Want to unlock your Android device’s full potential?

Well, rooting your Android device gives you unlimited possibilities to play with.

Now, it’s not something that phone developers want you to do. This is because if something goes wrong during the rooting process, it could cause irreparable damages to your phone or tablet. Yikes!

Here’s something you should take note of:

When a device is not rooted, nothing could go wrong – this is mainly because the system is made so that it doesn’t allow for complete control and modification of crucial files. An unrooted device has several of its features disabled. This avoids unintended damage or exposure of crucial information to cyberattacks.

Now, when you root your android device and get ultimate control over it, it can be dangerous. This again is because you have access to stuff that you were not meant to control. Your device is open to many possibilities some of which can be harmful.


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But, you know what?

If you know what are you doing, it can be very useful and interesting to perform a rooting process.

However, if it’s your first time, make sure not to rush the root method. Instead, pay a lot of attention to what you are doing. You could also research online to get enough information about the best Android rooting applications for your phone.

More importantly, read this article about the Secrets to Android Rooting to understand a few dos and don’ts of safe rooting.

But first, there are a few methods of rooting an Android device, and we’ll talk about them right here–so let’s get started!

1. Best Software for Rooting Android Device

Whether you want to root your android phone with or without using a PC, it’s a must to have software. Software will carry out most of the rooting processes after you are done preparing your device for the procedure.

Rooting a device opens up various possibilities
Rooting a device opens up various possibilities

So, why different software? Basically, not every app has root access to every device–or even the system version. For example, there are apps like iRoot and KingoRoot that allow for rooting by using a computer. For these apps, you’ll need to download the APK, install, then launch the android root app.

Alternatively, you can choose the KingRoot and One Click Root App. These apps allow for one-click rooting without using a computer. As the name suggests, all you need to do is download the software and perform a one click root by pressing the start button.

But if you are still not sure about the rooting process, it’s best to check out our guide about Best Android Root Software. This guide will inform most of your choices in software selections. It also offers a step-by-step process that ensures safe procedures during your Android root.

2. How to Root Android TV

Besides being able to root mobile devices and tablets, you can also root Android TV. That way, you can unlock Android TV’s full potential and, believe it or not, increase its RAM and actual performance.

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Root Android TV to increase it's performance
Root Android TV to increase its performance

Rooting Android TV is basically very similar to rooting a mobile device. You can also do it with King Root and One Click Root App. However, don’t try to root by yourself, especially if you have never done that before. It’s a risky process with possibilities of destroying the functions of your TV.

Everything is clearly explained in our guide How to Root Android TV Box. Be sure to check it out!

3. How to Root Android Without a Computer

If using a computer to root your phone seems too difficult for you, you can also do it without a computer. It all depends on which software you use.

However, you will still need to do a preparation process in which you make your android devices ready to be rooted. You will need to enable USB debugging and fully charge your device. Also, you should enable Unknown Sources since some apps might need to be downloaded outside Google Play Store.

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Go to Settings and check Unknown Sources
Go to Settings and check Unknown Sources

To be sure how to do it properly, check out Root Android Without Computer.

And of course, make sure to backup all the necessary files and documents.

4. Rooting a Specific Android Device

If you are planning to root any Android smartphone that’s of the latest model, we strongly recommend reading our guide on how to root them. The latest handsets with an up-to-date version of Android are typically unrootable. But this doesn’t mean that these devices can’t be rooted. It means that it will take some time before the operating system on the Android device updates to the latest versions.

For now, if you have an old Android smartphone that you want to root, our wide variety of guides listed below might be able to help you.

Samsung Galaxy j7
Samsung Galaxy j7

Android Rooting Guides for Old Smartphones

If your device is not on this short list, check the methods above. You can always use the Universal Android Root.

5. Benefits and Challenges of Rooting Android

You might be hesitant and thinking twice about rooting your Android smartphone. After all, you can potentially cause irreparable damage to your device. Furthermore, rooting your phone will void the warranty of your Android phone. It could also mess some of your third-party applications.

Rooting allows you to apply various modifications
Rooting allows you to apply various modifications

But if done properly, rooting can be very useful and beneficial. Not only does it give you ultimate control over the device, but also allows you to install custom ROMs and Recoveries. Most of all, it can and will speed up your android device.

With rooting, you can run more apps on your android device. You also have the option of boosting your batteries performance using the various application available online. With time, you’ll find that’s there’s even more freedom to uninstall apps that don’t deliver value to your operations. When you root a device, you also gain authority to download as many apps as you need from the Google Play Store and still delete manufacturers suggestions on your device.

But to be on the safe side, be cautious of downloads from unknown sources. Some rooting processes may introduce malware to your devices. For example, the flashing of ROM with custom programs from unknown sources may introduce a malicious program. If not well managed, this could lead to having an unstable phone you cannot use. Due diligence is necessary to determine what is harmful and helpful to your rooting methods.

But if are keen on the details of the rooting process, this could be all you need to improve the performance and speed of your android device. And if you’re still a little hesitant on whether to root your Android, then you might want to read more about the reasons why you should root your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use a rooted Android device?

When you root a device, you will be able to use various features that you, as a user, were not supposed to use. Therefore, if you are not cautious, you might end up deleting some important system files or other damaging actions to your device.

Does a rooted device allow me to hack video games?

In most cases, yes. Various game-hack apps require you to have a rooted device before being able to use them.

Should I root a device by myself or ask a professional to do it?

Rooting a device can be a dangerous process if you have never done it before, or if you are not in the “developers” world. However, you can always follow our tutorial to root it safely.

Which is the best Android rooting software?

Dr Fone is the most convenient and fastest rooting for Android for free. Dr. Fone is secure, free, and offers an intuitive interface.

What is the best way to root Android?

The best way to root Android phone is by using a rooting software. KingoRoot and Dr. Fone are some of the best Android root software.

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Final Words on Rooting

Hopefully, this article cleared up a lot of your questions for people who have never rooted devices before. Basically, any method listed above should be fairly simple to follow. However, again, we strongly recommend that you really watch out with what you are doing on a rooted device. You don’t want your one-click curiosity to cause irreparable damage to your phone.

Also, please note that rooting a device, in most cases, can affect your warranty. You also run the risk of bricking your phone and making it completely unusable. You could also introduce viruses some of which can expose your sensitive information.

On the other hand, having an old device that you don’t use anymore, could offer a great place to learn. You can root and document your progress to discover how much you can do on other devices. This is a fun and educative process, especially for someone rooting an android device for the first time.

Did you manage to root your device? Or maybe you prefer another method? Please let us know in the comments below…

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