Send Money Through Google Pay

How to Send Money Through Google Pay- Go Cashless in 2022

When one hears of Google Pay, what usually comes to mind is that it’s a digital wallet and payment system in one. But it’s more than that. Aside from using the app as a mode of payment (whether online or in-store), you can also use it to send money to your friends or receive money from them. You can learn in detail how to send money through Google Pay in this article.

Google Pay: A General Impression

But before that, let’s have a quick review of how Google Pay works and why it is useful in this day and age. Basically, Google Pay allows you to shop without bringing your credit or debit card, or even your wallet. Your phone will do, just as long as you’ve already installed the app and connected your cards. It’s like paying through your card, but cardless, which makes it very convenient whether you’re shopping in-store or online. Learn more about Google Pay in this full review.

It’s also worth noting that this app is compatible with many Android smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. It is also now widely accepted in the US and other countries. Check out this list to find out which stores accept Google Pay.

Payment is just one aspect of Google Pay. Its other great feature is that it can be used to send, claim and request money to and from your friends. To learn more about this feature, let’s check out the ways how to send money through Google Pay. Read on.


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Ways to send money through Google Pay

Following are the two methods to send and claim money through Google Pay. Check out the step-by-step procedure.

  1. Send money to family and friends
  2. Claim money sent to you through Google Pay

Method 1: Send Money to Family and Friends

How to Send Money Through Google Pay
Fast and easy way to send money- Send Money Through Google Pay

While Google Pay allows you to send money through the app, such feature is subject to certain limits. The main limit is that this feature is only available in the US since foreign banks are not supported. The feature works for US-territories, but on this condition: the debit card must have been issued by a US-licensed bank. So before you send any payment, make sure that you’re not sending abroad.

The second limit is as to the amount you can send. The following are the limits on how much you can send:

  • $10,000 for a single transaction
  • Only up to $10,000 within a 7-day period
  • Only up to $3,000 within 24 hours for Florida residents

Important Note: Transactions via debit card are only up to $2,500. If you’re sending money over such an amount, you’ll need to add a bank account and send it from there.

fast and easy way to send money to friends
Google Pay – Fast and easy way to send money- Send Money Through Google Pay

Now just follow the steps and start sending money:

Step 1

Open the app (Google Pay).

Step 2

Tap Send, then choose +Send or request.

Step 3

Choose the person you’ll be sending money to from your list of contacts.

Step 4

Enter the amount and tap Send.

Step 5

Confirm the payment method. You can also change it if you like.

Step 6

Confirm and then send.

Fixing Errors in Sending Money

If you’ve encountered errors while sending money through Google Pay, try these quick solutions:

  1. Try using a different payment method and send from there. You can easily add a payment method on your account.
  2. Double-check the information you’ve provided (names, account info, address, etc.) Make sure that the information in your Google account and your bank are the same and up to date.
  3. There might be unusual activity on your account, so better check for any red banners and alerts.
  4. If after trying the first 3 ways you still can’t send money, contact support.

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Method 2: Claim Money Sent to You Through Google Pay

claim money sent to you
Claim money sent to you on Google Pay-Send Money Through Google Pay

With Google Pay, you can’t only send money to friends and family. You can also claim or receive money from them. And the good news is that there are no charges. It’s totally free!

So how will you know if someone sent you money through Google Pay? You don’t need to worry about that because you’ll receive a notification through email or text. The notification comes with an instruction on how to claim the money. Just in case, here are the steps on claiming money on G Pay. The following are applicable to those who are claiming money for the first time.

Step 1: Tap Claim Money

In the text or email notification that you’ll receive, you’ll see a Claim Money option. Tap it and you’ll be directed to the Google Play app or That is, if you already have the app or if you have an account.

If you still don’t have the app, just sign in to your Google Account (if you have one). If not, create an account. Download the app below before you can proceed with the next steps.

google pay gpay
Send Money Through Google Pay
Google play button

Step 2: Add card or bank account

Once you have an account and the app, you can then add a bank account or debit card. This is where the money you’re claiming will be transferred to. So make sure that all the information you’ll provide is correct.

You’ll be asked to provide an address. Comply with this requirement and you’re good to go.

Step 3: Claim

Now you can claim your money. Transfer the money to your card or bank account, and wait for the transaction to be processed. You can check the status of the transaction in your Google Pay account.

You can set a default payment method. That way, the next time you’ll receive money from someone, it will go directly to the card or bank account you’ve set up.

Having Issues with Claiming Money?

There are times when you can’t claim the money due to certain issues. The most common error is this: can’t “claim the money with this payments profile.” This happens when the money you’re claiming was sent from another country. Google Pay does not support transfers to and from foreign bank accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Send Money Through Google Pay

Can I send money from Google Pay to bank account?

Yes, you can send money to a debit card or bank account. Just make sure that the bank account you’re sending money to is not a foreign bank.

Can I send money from Google Pay to PayPal?

You can’t send money directly from your Google Pay account to PayPal. What you can do is transfer money from Google Pay to your bank account, and transfer it from the bank account to your PayPal account.

Can I send money through Google Pay with a credit card?

While you can pay through Google Pay using your debit or credit card, you can’t send money through it with a credit card. Google Pay only allows sending money with a debit card or a US-issued bank account.

Send Money Through Google Pay

There are so many ways you can enjoy Google Pay. All you need is to download it to your device and do many things with it: shop online, pay in-store, receive money or send money to your family and friends. It’s secure and convenient.

Do you have other questions about Google Pay? Feel free to leave your comment below.

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