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How To Set up A PayPal Account on Android in 2022?

PayPal: People At The Center Of Everything

If you are already using a digital wallet app or are yet to set up a digital wallet account, you should consider PayPal for your payment requirements. Well, here are the reasons you should set up a PayPal account. 

Features of PayPal

  • Speedier checkouts
  • Convenient pay with OneTouch™
  • Store your payment information securely
  • Reward points for purchases
  • Buyer protection for payments
  • Refunds on return shipping for eligible goods
  • Pay in your preferred currency with international wallet
  • Send and receive payments
  • Free set up 

Before we get started with setting up and verifying your PayPal account, let’s take a quick look into the types of PayPal accounts. 


Types of PayPal Accounts

Basically, there are two types of PayPal accounts: Individual and Business

If sending and receiving money to friends and family and shopping are your only requirements, then an Individual account is the way to go for you. Setting up an individual account is easier and a major chunk of PayPal users have Individual accounts as well. 

On the other hand, if you want to sell products online and accept debit and credit card payments, then you need to set up a Business account –– that already serves 27 million merchants worldwide.

Following are the features of the PayPal Business account:

  • Accept multiple payment modes
  • Connect to PayPal customers around the globe
  • Manage cash flow by paying suppliers, sending funds to PayPal users
  • Fraud monitoring for better risk management
  • Tools to help increase conversions
  • Flexible business financing options
  • Convenient dashboard to manage all PayPal tools

Now that you know which account you need to set up, let’s directly jump to the PayPal account setup process. 

How To Set Up a PayPal Account On Android?

Set up PayPal Account On PayPal App

PayPal on Android
Set Up a PayPal Account

To set up a PayPal account on your Android, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Install the PayPal app from the Play Store. 

Step 2: Launch the app and tap on the blue Sign Up button if you don’t already have an account. If you have previously set up a PayPal account, tap Log In

Step 3: PayPal will automatically detect your location for your mobile number. In the space provided, enter your mobile number

Step 4: You’ll receive an OTP from PayPal for mobile number verification. Enter the OTP if the auto-fill doesn’t work. 

Step 5: Next, enter your email address you can safely access and set up a password you can remember or note in your password manager. Alternatively, you can let Google save your password too! 

Step 6: Next, set up your profile by entering your first and last name, date of birth, and confirming your nationality. 

Step 7: In the next step, add your address details in the PayPal app and tap Agree and Create Account.

Step 8: Now, tap Next on the next prompt.

Step 9: Before you can use your PayPal account, you have to add your credit or debit card details to withdraw and send money to your account on the go.

Step 10: PayPal will initiate a minimum transaction of $0.01 – $0.99 to confirm your bank account. Enter the OTP you received for the transaction. 

Step 11: Your account will be set up. Confirm your email address by tapping the Confirm my email address button in the mail you received from PayPal. Enter the password you set in step 5 and tap Confirm email address. 

That’s all. Your PayPal account is set up and verified, and you are good to go. 

Note: If you want to upgrade your account to a Business account, go to More > Get Paid. Now, tap Upgrade and provide your business details to upgrade your account. 

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Set up PayPal Account on Website

Set up PayPal account on website
Set up a PayPal account on a website

It is recommended to use the PayPal app to get the most out of your PayPal account. However, you set up the account on the web as well. To set up a PayPal account on the web version, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Tap the ‘Sign Up for Free’ button

Step 3: Select the type of account you want to open: Individual or Business and tap Next.

Step 4: Using the same procedure for mobile, enter the necessary details like the mobile number, profile information, email address and password, address, and add the card details. 

Step 5: Your PayPal account will be set up. Confirm your email address by tapping the ‘Confirm my email address’ button on the confirmation mail from PayPal. Enter your password and complete the confirmation process. 

You are all set to use PayPal now. 

PayPal Rewards

On your PayPal app home screen, you’ll see a tile named ‘Pay with PayPal, earn rewards’. When shopping online, you can leverage these rewards for discounts off your online shopping. You can also check if your credit card rewards are eligible for Pay with Rewards.

These rewards are only available at millions of online stores! Some of them are as follows: 

  • Asos
  • DataCamp
  • dbrand
  • Flix Bus
  • IDT Express
  • Klook
  • Udemy

You can check the latest offers on the PayPal app, Go to More > Offers. Next, tap ‘Shop now’ to discover exclusive deals at stores worldwide. 

Send and Receive Money on PayPal

Send Money On PayPal

To send money to a contact, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Tap on Send option in the lower navigation bar

Step 2: Sync your contacts to PayPal to easily search the contacts. Type the contact name and tap on the contact detected. If it doesn’t work, Turn the PayPal search on

If the recipient is already a PayPal user, you can send the money with their username or mobile number. They will receive an email at their email address for confirmation before the money can be credited to their account. 

If the recipient is a non-member of PayPal, then their email address is the only choice. PayPal will send them an instructional guide to set up a PayPal account. 

Once they receive the email, they will have to set up a PayPal account to transfer money to their bank account. 

Step 3: Next, enter the amount you would like to send and tap Continue.

Step 4: Finally, review and confirm the information and tap ‘Send money now’.

Note:  When paying for goods at stores, select the Pay for goods and services option. When sending money to a friend or family member in the USA, select ‘Send to friends and family in the US’.

Alternatively, for sending money to anyone outside the US, select ‘Send to friends and family internationally’. 

Receive Money on PayPal

To receive money to your PayPal account, open the email sent to your email address and confirm the credit. 

You can then access your PayPal Cash account (account in PayPal where you can store money in PayPal as a digital wallet) and transfer money to your bank account or PayPal account. 

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Frequently Asked Questions-Set Up a PayPal Account

Is PayPal free to sign up?

Yes, you can sign up on PayPal for free. You can either do it on the PayPal app or website. To sign up, enter your profile info, mobile number, email address, and link your credit or debit card to your PayPal account.

What is a PayPal ID?

A PayPal ID is the email address you created your PayPal account with. For merchant accounts, a PayPal ID is the merchant account ID. When you create a payment button, you have a choice to display your merchant ID in place of your email address to prevent spam.

What is a PayPal cash card?

PayPal Cash card is a PayPal debit card you can use with the PayPal Cash Plus Account. You can instantly access money with your US account, make purchases, and withdraw money from PayPal Cash Plus account or ATMs with a $2.5 fee at non-MoneyPass ATMS.

Secure Payments-Set Up a PayPal Account

I’ve pretty much summed up all you need to know to get started with PayPal. Once you identify your need, you can set up an Individual or a Business account and send and receive money on the go. 

Besides shopping with exclusive deals, you can do a lot more on PayPal with a top-notch encrypted security system. You can explore more about PayPal on the PayPal app and find your way through easy payments on PayPal. 

I hope I brought some value to your Android usage. Let me know in the comments section below if you’ve been using PayPal and how has your experience been using it. Take care and stay safe! Cheers!

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