Here’s How to Set Up Voicemail On Android in Under 15 Seconds

Can’t find time to answer immediate calls? Setting up a voicemail is a way to go.


Voicemails are undeniably convenient service to have and most Android users already have this feature enabled.

Especially, for people who are in meetings regularly or who just can’t answer the phone because of reasons. Having a voicemail service could be really handy.

But what can voicemails really do?

With voicemail, not only can you retrieve messages from unanswered calls, blocked contacts are also forwarded to voicemail. Preventing you from accidentally picking up their calls.

Okay, so you’re here because you want to know how to set up a voicemail on Android. And, we can definitely help you with that!

The best part?

We’ll show you how you can set up voicemail on your Android device in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, we’ll also show how you can use Google Voice service as your voicemail server. The Google Voice service is a great alternative if your local carrier simply doesn’t work for you.


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Ways to set up voicemail on Android

Watch the below video to setup voicemail on Android.

Android Voicemail Setup

Following are a few ways to set up voicemail on Android.

  1. Carrier voicemail
  2. Google Voice

Carrier Voicemail

This is the only method available for users who want to use the voicemail service provided by their carriers. If you want to set up basic voicemail on your Android smartphone, then you can easily configure it using this method within a couple of minutes.

Using this method, you can direct your calls to your voicemail service and can retrieve the messages later. Due to different carriers and firmware, this method might be slightly different for some Android devices, especially when setting up a PIN and a greeting message.

  • Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Tap on Call settings and select Voicemail.
Tap on Call settings and select Voicemail.
  • Tap on Voicemail service and select My carrier or My operator.
Tap on Voicemail service and select My carrier
  • Tap on Setup, select Voicemail number and type in your voicemail number. On some devices, you’ll see Voicemail settings instead of Setup. Tap on OK after entering your voicemail number.
Tap on Setup, ad your voicemail number, and hit OK
  • Tap on OK in the Voicemail number changed popup.
Tap OK in the voicemail number changed popup
  • Open your Phone app or Dialer and hold on the One key until your device calls the voicemail service.
Hold the 1 key on dialer until your device calls the voicemail service
  • Enter a PIN or password when prompted by the voice command.
  • Record your name by speaking when prompted by the voice command.
  • Choose the default greeting message or record a new one when prompted by the voice command.
  • Follow the voice commands to edit further settings. This will depend on different carriers. That’s it! You have successfully set up and configured your carrier’s voicemail service.

Google Voice

Google Voice is the official way of calling and receiving calls from your Google number. It is one of the most popular voice calling services currently available for Android which also has a fully functional voicemail service.

This method focuses on using an alternative voicemail service to traditional carrier voicemail services and Google Voice is probably the best option. Not only does the service offer massive storage space and security, but it also includes several additional features.

Possibly, the best thing about this method is that it lets you access your voicemails through SMS, email, the official Gmail website, and the Google Voice webpage. You can also record a customized greeting for different contacts. You’ll still need a Google number and an account for forwarding the calls.

1. Google Number

Firstly, you’ll need a Google number if you don’t already have one. Getting and enabling a new Google number takes just a couple of minutes. While the Google Voice service is available in selected countries, you can overcome this by using a VPN or Proxy service.

  • Open the official Google Voice webpage on your PC and login with your Google account details. After logging in, you’ll be taken through some steps for getting a Google number.
  • Tap on “I want a new number”.
Select ‘I want a new number’ option
  • Select your desired Google number. You can search by area or ZIP code. Select your preferred number from the list of results and click on Continue.
Select your preferred number and hit continue
  • Type in your desired PIN number in the Enter PIN and Confirm PIN text boxes. Make sure you accept Google Voice’s terms by ticking the I accept checkbox and click on Continue.
Type your PIN number and select Continue
  • Enter your current number that you want to use as a forwarding number and click on Continue. This number will ring when someone calls you on your Google number.
Type in your current number and click on Continue
  • In the Verify Your Phone popup, click on Call Me Now. You’ll now receive an automatic call from Google Voice. Enter the code shown in the popup when prompted by the voice command on your Android device. After entering the code, the call will automatically disconnect once your code is verified.
Select ‘Call me now’ for verficiation

2. Setting Up Google Voice And Voicemail

After getting and enabling your new Google number, you need to set up Google Voice and Google’s voicemail service on your Android device. If you haven’t used Google Voice before, then follow the steps below to set up your new Google Voice account on your Android device.

  • Download and install the Google Voice app on your Android device. You can get the app through the Google Play button below.
  • Open the app and tap on Next on the Welcome screen.
Install Google Voice app and tap Next
  • Sign in with your Google account and tap on Sign in.
Add your Google account details and hit Sign in
  • Tap on Next in the Setup Google Voice screen.
Tap Next in the Setup Google Voice screen
  • Under the Making calls with Google Voice screen, select your desired option and tap on Next. You can choose from using Google Voice for making all calls, using it to make international calls, asking before making every call and not making any calls through Google Voice.
In making calls window, select your preferred option and hit Next
  • You should now be taken to the Setup voicemail screen. Tap on Next.
Tap Next on Setup voicemail screen
  • Tap on Configure to set up the voicemail service. You will now receive an Access Request popup. Tap on Allow.
Tap Configure to complete voicemail setup
  • Select Google Voice from the Voicemail service popup.
On the voicemail service popup, select Google Voice
  • Wait for the Inbox synchronization to complete. You will now be taken to the Inbox screen where all your voicemails will be available. You can listen to these voicemails by tapping on individual messages.
List of all the available voicemails

3. Configuring Voicemail

This last part focuses on configuring your voicemail service and customizing the settings that are currently offered by Google’s voicemail service. While your Voicemail service should be functioning normally if you’ve followed the steps above, you can edit things like your name and your greeting message for the voicemail service like you would on a traditional carrier voicemail service.

  • Open the Google Voice webpage on your PC and login with your Google account.
  • Click on the Wheel icon in the top right and select Settings.
Go to Settings on Google Voice webpage
  • Click on the Voicemail & Text tab.
  • Click on Record New Greeting. You’ll now get a New Greeting popup.
Click on Record new greeting
  • Enter the greeting name and click on Continue.
Enter Greeting name and hit Continue
  • You’ll now receive a call from Google on your Android phone. Speak and record your desired greeting message.
  • The recording will now be available under the Voicemail & Text tab next to Voicemail Greeting and you can choose it by selecting the most recent recording from the dropdown menu.
Check the recording available under Voicemail & Text tab
  • You can also edit other options from the Voicemail & Text tab such as name, PIN, transcripts, notifications and text forwarding. That’s it! You have successfully enabled and configured the Google voicemail service on your Android device.:

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People Also Ask

What are voicemails for?

Voicemail allows you to retrieve messages from unanswered calls. People can always leave you a voice message in your voicemail. Also, blocked contacts are forwarded to voicemail, preventing you from accidentally picking up their calls.

Where is the voicemail app on Android?

To find voicemail on android, open the dialer app and press and hold the number 1 key until you see the voicemail on the screen. For visual voicemails, head to Phone > Visual voicemail > Manage voicemails.

Does Samsung have a voicemail app?

Yes, Samsung phones come with an in-built visual voicemail app.


The verdict:

Ultimately, method 1 is for a simple carrier voicemail service set up. If you find it expensive, then we highly recommend Google Voice as an alternative. Additionally, Google Voice offers a lot more than a basic voicemail service.

Whichever method you choose, make sure that you follow all the instructions on how to set up voicemail on Android and feel free to shoot any questions below.

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