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How to Share Location on Android – 3 Simple Ways

With the use of our Android phones, everything that we want can be shared. We can share music, photos, messages, files, and many other things. That said, another thing can be shared using our Android phones. That would be our location and learn here how to share location on Android. 

Once we share our location, the people we share it with can track our movement. They would know where you are at that moment. If you want to learn how to share location on Android with others but do not know how we are here to help you. It is actually easy to learn. Once you get the hang of it, you can share your whereabouts with those you trust. 

Before we teach you how you can share your location, we have listed some of the reasons and instances where people share their location. Remember to only give out your location to people you trust, and when you are in the following situations.

How do you Share Location on Android With Other People?

1. Meeting Friends

We usually arrive at different times when we plan to meet with our friends. Other people may come first, and some may be late. To avoid the constant questioning of your whereabouts, sharing your location with one another would be the best option. 

When your friends know your location, they can estimate if you will be running late. They do not need to call or message you. They can simply whip out your location and know for themselves. 

2. Safety of Children

If you are unaware, the 23rd of May is National Missing Children’s Day. This is to raise awareness and help lost children be reunited with their families. A lot of parents buy their children smartphones so they would be able to call them in times of emergency. Learn more on the best Android parental control to keep your children safe and protected in today’s connected world.

Parents can also track the location of their children using their phones. They would be able to know if their child is already home after school. They could track their location and prevent their child from going missing. 

3. To Guide Guests 

It is possible for you to hold gatherings at a venue that not every guest would know. The guest can be guided on their way to the venue through location sharing. They can get to the gathering in time because they are not lost. 

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Steps on How to Share Location on Android Using Google Maps

We will be starting with an app that all Android phone has. Sharing your location on google maps would probably be the easiest, as it is pre-installed on any version of Android. How to share location on Android, you can follow the steps below. 

  1. Unlock your Android phone and look for the google maps logo. 
how to share location on Android
Google Map – how to share location on Android
  1. Open the app once you find its logo
  2. Upon opening, you will be welcomed with the home page of the app
  3. Click your profile picture, which is located on the upper right
  4. You will be given options after clicking your profile picture
  5. Click on location sharing
Google account- How to share location on Android
Google Account – How to share location on Android
  1. After clicking on this, you will be directed to a new window. Click on the blue icon that says share location.
How to share location on Android
How to share location on Android
  1. Once you click on this, you will now be able to change the duration of your location sharing. The least would be 15 minutes, and the most would be 24 hours. 
Share your real time
Share your real-timehow to share location on Android
  1. You can also opt for the second option, which allows you to turn off the location sharing whenever you want. You can permanently share your location with your family through this option. 
Share your real time location - How to share location on Android
How to share location on Android
  1. Your location’s recipient will be listed at the bottom of your screen. You can choose with whom you would share your location with.

Steps on How to share location on Android Using Messenger

After google maps, let us move on to another application. Facebook has a new feature. You can now also share your location using their messenger app. With this, your Facebook friends can track your location too. Follow the steps below to know what to do if a situation arises where you need to share locations. 

  1. Look for the messenger app on your Android phone. 
Messenger App
Messenger App
  1. Open the app, and you will be welcomed with the home page
  2. Use the search bar to look for the person who you want to share your location with 
  3. Once you are on the message window, go to the bottom of your screen
  4. Click on the 4 dots beside the camera icon
Message window
Message window box
  1. Once you click on that, choose the location. 
Choose location
How to share location on Android
  1. Once that is done, you would be given the choice to share your location for 60 minutes. Click on it. 
Sharing live location
Sharing Live Location – How to share location on Android
  1. Once all the steps above are completed, the person you chose will be notified that you shared their location with them. 

How to share location on Android Use Emergency SOS and Quickly Send Your Location to Contacts

We mentioned in the article’s first part that people share their location for safety reasons. Our safety outside is not always guaranteed. We never know what will happen when we leave the safety of our houses. 

If you ever get into an emergency, here is how to turn on an emergency sharing location with Android phones. Before we start with the tutorial, we have a little disclaimer. The way to turn on emergency location sharing differs for each Android manufacturer. 

For reference: we will use a Xiaomi Redmi phone as an example for the following steps. 

  1. Look for the settings icon on your Android phone. 
  1. Click on it once you have found the icon 
  2. On the options, look for safety & emergency 
Setting option - Safety & emergency
how to share location on Android
  1. The first thing that you would want to do is to add people to your emergency list. You can do so by tapping the + icon. 
Emergency contacts
how to share location on Android
  1. Once you have added the details of your emergency contacts, emergency responders can contact them immediately. They can easily call these people without having to unlock their phones. 
  1. After organizing your emergency contact list, ensure your emergency SOS is on. If it’s off you can simply turn it on by tapping on the toggle beside it. 
Emergency SOS
how to share location on Android
  1. After finishing the steps mentioned, you will be sure that the right people will come to your aid when an emergency arises. 

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Location Sharing: A Powerful Tool

We have now reached the final part of our article. From the earlier parts of our article, we taught you how to share your location through your Android phone. You can share your location through pre-installed apps such as google maps. 

You can choose to share your location using downloaded apps such as Messenger. You can also share through emergency SOS. 

Whatever app or method you use, we can all agree on the statement that our Android phones can help save our lives. This is because even in emergency situations, people would be able to respond to us thanks to the features of our Android phones. 

We just hope that we do not meet circumstances where we have to use our emergency SOS feature on our Android phone. Let us end this article by reminding everyone once again to only share your location with trusted friends and family. Ensure to follow our steps above to avoid any problems with location sharing. 

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