how to stop location based ads on Android

How to Stop Location Based Ads on Android

You know what I hate these days? Those single ladies who are dying to meet me in my neighborhood. I mean don’t they have something better to do than meeting a chubby, bearded guy like me? Thankfully I know how to stop location based ads on Android.

Some apps want to show you the ads they think you will be interested in. In theory this is a good idea, I want to see things which are interesting to me right? Well while the idea itself is good, the way it is implemented is kind of gray. You see location based ads or interest based ads on Android as Google calls them, collect data from you. The service might check your browsing patterns, may look for the shopping sites you visit regularly and it even knows what laptop you are going to purchase.

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A week back when my trusty first generation laptop died, I was using an Android browser to look at pretty laptops. Sure enough Facebook gave me a “sponsored link” smack dab in the middle of my timeline. To be honest I don’t want any creepy algorithm to creepily creep into my device and take information to a server. If you are like me, you won’t like it either. So, let me tell you how you can stop location based ads on Android.

Note: There is one method to opt out of location based ads on Android. I tried to find another one but to no success. Fortunately this one method works 100 percent, so technically there is no need for another method.

Tweak the Settings

Step 1:

On your Android device, go to the app drawer.

Step 2:

From there locate or search for an app called Google Settings. It is usually a green coloured icon with the icon Google “g” and a bunch of gears.

Step 3:

Once the app is located, tap on it and a new screen will appear.

Step 4:

Inside, look for an option called Ads. And tap on that.

How to Stop Location Based Ads on Android

Step 5:

Now on the new screen click on Opt out of interest based ads to uncheck the option. Now you have successfully gotten away from those fake ladies who just can’t wait to meet you.

How to Stop Location Based Ads on Android

Step 6:

But wait! You need to tap on the Reset advertising ID too. Do you remember the profile I talked about in the start? The one which keeps all your browsing patterns and what not? This option will erase all of that and assign you a new advertising ID. As you have already opted out of location based ads, it won’t matter much.

How to Stop Location Based Ads on Android

Step 7:

Now you have completed the whole process. I suggest you do a reboot just to start afresh. It is not recommended but still its good practice.

How to Stop Location Based Ads on Android


This ends the very short yet important guide on how to stop location based ads on Android. If you have any questions or are facing some problem, feel free to contact me in the comments below. Now I’m confident that no weird machine is looking at what sites you surf. Happy sailing fellow droids!

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  1. hiii,i have a problem dude….Ads suddenly pop up (i dont know if its an ads)it’s like a link then automatically go to google browser etc and some foods post can be shown how to remove it??help me

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