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How to Stream Video from Android to Xbox or PlayStation

I mean, come on…

Who uses their Xbox or PlayStation exclusively for gaming anymore?

As we all know…

One of the main benefits of these devices is the option to stream, which can be extremely important when you are relying on apps to watch your favorite shows, right?

But, have you ever experienced this?

Just the other day, we found out that our four-year-old TV is incompatible with HBO Now. It’s such a bummer knowing that our TV is relatively new.

And most importantly…

Who can just leave off at the last season of Game of Thrones without finding out what happens? Definitely, not me!

Now, don’t get so upset ‘coz I have pretty great news for you!

Microsoft jumped on board with Miracast support a few years ago, allowing Android owners to cast video straight from their devices to the console.

Crazy, I know!

And like the PlayStation app, the Xbox app provides a way for users to share content, purchase games, see achievements, handle movie playback, and more.

Such a life-saver!

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Method 1: Set Up iMediaShare

Videos, music, photos – these can all be shared to an Xbox or PlayStation console at a friend’s, at home, or anywhere you choose (with a network, of course) through the iMediaShare app.

1. Connect Devices to Network

All devices must be connected to the same network in order to share media files.

Home Network

2. Step 2: Download iMediaShare

iMedia Videos

Flipps is the same type of app, but better suited to watch sports, news, and music videos. PlayStation is not listed as a supported device, however. Also, some channels and videos may not be available in all locations. Open the app when you are done.

Download Mint on Google Play

3. Choose Device

iMediaShare should automatically discover any connected devices within a short distance. You should be able to simply choose the one you wish to stream to.

Choose Device

4. Open Media

Now you are ready to open and play the content you wish to stream.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Contact support at Clicking the support tab in the upper right will take you to a new screen where you can either login or sign up.

Method 2: doubleTWIST/AirSync (for iTunes over Wi-Fi & AirPlay to Apple TV)

If you have an older TV, you might need the assistance of your gaming console to stream media from your Android to you television. Also, if either iTunes or any Apple product is involved, things can get more difficult–but that’s where doubleTWIST/AirSync comes in. It will set you back $5.99 to access all features. You will also need a shared Wi-Fi connection in order to stream video from Android to Xbox or PlayStation.

1. Open Nearby Devices (Not necessary for all devices)

On some Androids you might have to tap on File Sharing to turn this feature on. Choose

2. Select Allowed Devices (If necessary)

Certain Androids will only share media with other devices if you grant permission.

3. Download App

iMedia Magic

Download: doubleTWIST Music & Podcast Player with Sync (Free)

Download Mint on Google Play

Download: AirSync: iTunes Sync & AirPlay

Download Mint on Google Play

4. Enable AirTwist

Tap the doubleTWIST icon in the upper left, then to go to Settings > AirTWIST & AirPlay > Enable Streaming. The free doubleTWIST app will allow you to cast your playlists, but won’t show this option for your videos.

DoubleTwist Cast

5. Allow Network

Once you enable streaming, a new message should pop up asking for your permission to use the current Wi-Fi network.

6. Tap Icon

Now that you’ve enabled the app, your Android should automatically appear on the Xbox or PlayStation, but you will need to tap the Wi-Fi icon to confirm that your Xbox is to be the output device.

Note: It’s normal for the screen to be blank during video streaming, but the AirTwist/AirPlay icon should remain blue.

Troubleshooting: Tap the Can’t see your device option from the AirTwist & AirPlay menu in Settings if you still can’t locate your device on the console.

Method 3: AllCast

The free version of AllCast has an unfortunate five minute viewing limit, so you really need the paid version to stream videos. It is, however, good to test any app before you buy.

1. Install Xbox One Apps (Only necessary for the Xbox One)

Install Xbox Video and Xbox Music.

2. Enable Play to

This is necessary for both the 360 and Xbox One. Go to Settings and toggle the feature if necessary.

3. Turn on DLNA Proxy (Xbox only)

Note: AllCast will not detect your Xbox One while you are playing a game. You must quit the game first. Also, you must connect it to the same wireless network. If you attempt to use a wired connection, it might not see it as being part of the same network.

Method 4: Using Specific Media App – Like YouTube

Some of the individual apps that provide media also allow a way to stream from your Android to the Xbox One or PlayStation, or at the very least, a way to control the consoles through your Android. We’ll discuss YouTube, but apps like Hulu and Netflix are other such examples.

1. Update YouTube App

You’ll want the latest version available.

2. Open YouTube on Android

3. Ensure Everything is on the Same Network

This step can be necessary to stream video from Android to Xbox or PlayStation.

4. Choose Cast on Android

Not all devices offer this. If yours doesn’t, or you don’t care for it, proceed to Step 5.

YouTube Cast

5. Pair Console and Android

Open the YouTube app on your console by going to Sign In/Settings > Pair Device.

6. Pair Console and TV (if necessary)

Launch the YouTube app. Then go to Menu > Settings > Watch on TV > Pair Device with TV. Enter the pair code.

Watch TV

7. Hit Add

Add a screen. A new TV icon will appear on the YouTube player, and should be in blue if you have successfully paired your devices. If you tap the icon you can select your TV from the list and the video should begin playing on the big screen.

People Also Ask

Can I use my Xbox for online streaming?

The answer is big YES! With the advanced technology we have now, nothing seems impossible, right?

Are there other ways to stream video on Xbox or PlayStation?

Of course, there are other ways! You can stream videos on your Xbox or PlayStation by using your Android phone. Read this article to learn how!


Now you can enjoy what’s on your Android, only bigger. If you don’t have cable, it will be well worth it. Download these apps to make both your Android and console even more entertaining than ever before. Have you tried any of these apps? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

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