Android Print Scrn

Shortcuts and Apps To Quickly Print Screen on Samsung Galaxy J3

Android Print Scrn

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a screenshot can be worth a thousand jokes, explanations, and maybe even your sanity. But if you don’t know the best way, or even a single way to take a screenshot, the idea can be frustrating or even seem impossible.

We’re here to make it easier on you though. Technology has advanced from the days of pressing the printscreen button your desktop keyboard.

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Method 1: Hardware Buttons (Time: 30 Seconds)

Step 1) Select Screen

  • Open the screen you want to take a picture of.


Step 2) Capture Screen

  • Simultaneously press the Home and Power/Lock keys until a white border flashes around the image.
  • There will also be a shutter sound.

Method 2: Palm Swipe (Time: 30 Seconds)

This feature is included in almost all of the latest Samsung TouchWiz phones. So much so, that it’s been coined the Samsung Method. We will start with ensuring that this setting has been enabled. It is turned on by default, but just in case it somehow got turned off…

Step 1) Go Through the Motions

  • From Settings, go into the Motions and Gestures


Step 2) Enable Palm Swipe

  • Select Hand Motions.
  • Make sure that Palm Swipe is toggled on.
  • If your device does not have any of these options, then this feature is probably not available on your Samsung.

Step 3) Close Settings

  • Close Settings and proceed to the screen you want to capture.

Step 4) Capture Screenshot

  • With your hand in a vertical position, swipe the edge of your palm across the screen.
  • Ensure that the lower portion of your hand remains in contact with the screen during the entire motion.
  • Swipe from right to left.
  • Pretend you are about to do a karate chop if you like. Your hand should be in about the same position, with the thumb facing upward. But instead of chopping into your phone, glide your hand across the screen.
  • This method may require a little more patience and practice than the previous one, for if the motion is imprecise the J3 may fail to capture the screenshot.
  • When you succeed you will see an animation flash and you will be able to view the screenshot in Notifications.


Method 3: Where is My Screenshot? (Time: 30-45 Seconds)

Don’t worry. Your screenshot is easy to find, and it’s available immediately after its capture. To locate your screenshot, follow these steps:

Step 1) Go to Apps

  • From your Home screen, go to Apps.


Step 2) Touch Gallery

Step 3) Locate the Screenshots Folder/Album

Method 4: Share Screenshots (Time: 30-45 Seconds)

Step 1) Go to Gallery

  • From Apps, touch Gallery, or simply tap on Notifications.


Step 2) Find Screenshot

  • If you are not taken immediately to your screenshot, touch Time and go to Albums.
  • Select the screenshot you wish to share.


Step 3) Hit the Share Button

  • Choose your favorite place to share the screenshot.
  • You can pick from your own personal applications, such as Twitter or Instagram.

Method 5: Screenshot Apps (Time: 1-5 Minutes)

If the first two methods just don’t suit you, or you want more than what the native screenshot apps have to offer, an alternative is to download a screenshot app. Learn about them below.

 App 1: AirDroid

AirDroid can be used for so much more than screenshots. It enables remote access to your Android from your desktop at no cost to you. So if you have been squinting to see what’s on your J3’s screen, AirDroid allows you to view your texts and notifications on your computer monitor and you don’t even have to switch back and forth. You can also transfer and share files more conveniently. But you are here for the screenshots, so what gives? This app can do a screenshot, and then it can do at least one better.AirDroid

Step 1) Download AirDroid

Step 2) Sign In

  • Sign in the to the AirDroid app and AirDroid Web.
  • Open the screenshot app.
  • You will find this icon on AirDroid Web.

Step 3) Specify Device Location

  • Use the drop-down next to the Camera/Screenshot icon to choose the device location where you wish to save the screenshot. You can save to your computer or to your J3.
  • The screenshot icon looks like a camera.


Step 4) Capture Screenshot

  • Click on the screenshot icon. You could mistake it for a camera icon.

You might encounter a notification – Android has been granted Superuser permissions.

  • To disable the notification:
    • Open the Superuser app on your J3, and then press the Menu
    • From there, go to Preferences>Notifications and
    • Untick the box next to Disable the Notification.

 App 2: Screenshot (Easy)

This app is also for rooted phones. You will find that to be the case for most screenshot apps because Android Security usually has a problem with third-party apps viewing your screen. It will afford you the option of using the key combination from Method 1 or by touching a shot (Start Capture) icon. After taking the screenshot, the app should automatically display the options to share or edit. If you have no desire to root your J3, you’ll want to go with App3 below.


Step 1) Download Screenshot

Screenshot Easy

Step 2) Launch App

Launch Screenshot App

Step 3) Press Start

App 3: Screenshot Ultimate

This screenshot is aptly named (pun intended). It supports 16 screenshot capture methods and can even be used on unrooted phones. You will still have to use a companion app on your computer, but you might still face some limitations. The find the app in manual’s FAQ section.

Despite any of the usual unrooted downfalls, you will be able to text or draw on screenshots, as well as crop, rotate, choose colors, etc. And the cherry on top of this sundae of completeness is that it’s completely free.


Step 1) Download Screenshot Ultimate

Screenshot Ultimate


Step 2) Experiment with Capture Options

They are abundant:

  • Overlay Icon—-Visible on top of all screens
  • Service icon click
  • Shake (Exactly what it sounds like)
  • Audio—-blow into microphone
  • Power
  • Folder Listener (Causes app to trigger anytime there’s a change to folders)
  • Webserver
  • Camera Hardware Button
  • Long-Click Search Hardware Button
  • Custom Shortcut
  • Widget Button
  • Button from Inside App
  • Intent
  • Interval
  • Cronjob
  • Light
  • Proximity


Taking screenshots on your J3 doesn’t have to be difficult, and if you don’t like a particular way, there are certainly other options. Even more apps can be found in this article, where the 10 best Android screenshot apps have been selected. When you are new to it, taking time to read up on how to take screenshots, editing and sharing images from your Android can save a lot of time.

Knowing, or at least learning, how to take screenshots has been a requirement in both of my occupations—-this one included. Or it might just be handy to prove that you have mastered that game you have been playing. Or maybe you need ammunition, I mean, a reminder, for your significant other who likes to delete texts. Whatever the reason, screenshot capture is something worth knowing.

Tell us about your screenshots in the comments section below. If you are still having difficulty snapping that shot, tell us about your troubles.

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