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How To Track Objects Using Android: Find Things I Lose

I’m sure we all lose common items every once in a while, such as keys and wallets. Most users still haven’t figured out a way to track their objects or to keep them safe. Fortunately, there’s a solution for almost everything on Android and now you can track your lost items easily using your Android device. If you lose stuff like your wallet, bag or keys often, then continue reading to find out how you can easily track items with Android.

In this post, I’ll tell you about a cool device that you can use to track items with Android. The way this works is that these small tags can be attached to your items and when you lose them, you can use your Android smartphone to locate them. These small devices might seem a bit costly to some, but if you’re tired of losing your stuff, then I’m sure they would be worth the money.


Tile is one of the most well known devices available for iPhone and Android. The device has received many positive reviews and it lets you track items with Android easily through the Tile app available on the Google Play Store. The Tile device is really small and thin and you can attach it to almost anything. Also, the device is water resistant.

The Tile device runs for about a year without any need for replacing batteries or charging the device. After a year, you can recycle the devices and get the latest models. While the device is really small, it is also quite tough and is likely to survive even if it is thrown several times. Tile also has a built-in speaker and it will play a sound as you get closer to it until the Tile is in your hands.

The way this works is that you can attach the Tile device to anything that you lose often. When you lose the object, you can locate it through the Tile app on your Android device using a Bluetooth connection. The app supports Bluetooth signals of up to 100 feet and you can connect 8 tiles with your Android device. Aside from that, the Tile app also records the last known location of the object

If you lose your Tile, then you can use the Mark as lost option. This way, the app will tell you if someone else finds your Tile. In order to check if your phone is supported, check out the compatibility list. If your phone is not on the list, but it is running Android 4.4 or greater and has Bluetooth 4.0, then chances are Tile will work with your phone.

Step 1 – Buy The Tiles

Purchase the Tiles using Tile’s official website or through Amazon.

Step 2 – Install Tile On Your Android Device

Download and install the Tile app on your Android device. You can get the app through the Google Play button below.

Download on Google Play

Step 3 – Create Your Tile Account

Open the app and tap on Get Started. You’ll need to create a new account. You’ll also need to verify your email ID after creating your account. After verifying your ID, sign into your account and go through the introduction screens.

tile android

Step 4 – Switch On Bluetooth On Your Android Device

Enable Bluetooth on your Android device.

Step 5 – Add A Title On Your Android Device

Tap the Add button in the bottom right and press the e button on your Tile device to connect it with your Android device. After adding the tile, you can give it a name.

tile android add

Step 6 – Attach Your Tile To An Object

Attach your Tile device to your desired object, such as your keys or in your bag.

tile android keys

Step 7 – Track Items With Android

When you want to locate the object, tap on the Tile name on your phone and press the Find button. You can now start walking to find your object. Follow the on screen circle to check if you’re going in the right direction. Once the object is nearby, you’ll see the circle turn blue. The app will display a message saying It is close by. The Tile device will also start ringing if it’s nearby so that you can find it easily.

tile android find

Step 8 – Press Done

Tap on the Done button once you have located the object.

tile android close


There are loads of apps available on the Google Play Store that can make the lives easier for many Android users. One of the biggest problems faced by almost everyone is losing common stuff on a daily basis, such as bags and keys. If you’re tired of losing your valuable stuff and you’re looking for an effective way to track your items, then Tile is probably the best option available.

Not only is using Tile extremely easy, but the Tile devices are really small and they can attach easily to almost all items, even laptops and bicycles. While the device might seem a bit costly to some, I’m sure it would be worth the money as you won’t lose your items any more. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments area below.

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