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How to Unlock HTC Evo 4G to Save Your Skin With a SIM

If you own an HTC Evo 4G, congratulations. You have an interesting phone that is somewhat difficult to provide uniform methods to unlock. Unlocking your phone allows you to switch out SIM cards and use different network carriers. This is nice if you plan on travelling to other countries or if you just want to take advantage of other network savings and functionalities.

With the HTC Evo 4G you might not be able to unlock a phone at all depending on the network. For example, Sprint claims that their phones are impossible to unlock unless you plan on travelling outside of your country. In this case you can call Sprint and they will help you out. Some HTC Evo models and carriers just simply don’t work or aren’t designed to unlock.

That said, we have three methods below that are the most common ways for unlocking your HTC Evo 4G. Let’s take a look and figure out if you can get your phone completely unlocked.

Things to Remember Before Unlocking Your HTC Evo 4G

When you look over the methods on how to unlock HTC Evo 4G, you might be wondering if the unlocking process is completely safe for your phone. When you root your phone you run the risk of bricking the device, but you shouldn’t have any problems with that when unlocking a phone. That said, you should always backup your important information to ensure that everything sticks around. You also want to charge your phone to at least 70 percent so that the unlocking process runs smoothly.

Disclaimer: Although the unlocking process is quite safe, our methods are simply guidelines to help you better your Android experience. We don’t take any responsibility for anything that might happen to your device. We also don’t condone any illegal activity with your phone.

Method 1: Unlock Your Phone for Free With a Service

This method won’t always work, depending on your carrier, but it’s worth a shot because you have a chance to get your unlock code for free. Keep in mind that you have to wait a few days to receive your unlock code, so if you need the code quickly then skip to one of the other steps.

Step 1

Go to to get started.

phone unlockers

Step 2

Click on the Unlock? button.

unlock button

Step 3

Fill in all of the information they ask for including Email, Model and IMEI. The IMEI code can be found by going to Menu > Settings > About Phone > Phone Identity. Scroll down to the IMEI number, and write it down on a piece of paper or simply fill it in on the Phone Unlockers form.

type in your info

Step 4

Click the Request Unlock button to submit your form. Within a few days you will receive an email that gives you the unlock code for your phone. If you really want to speed up the process you can pay for a quicker delivery by going to the Fast Track? tab at the top of the site.

Step 5

Once you have the unlock code you can turn off your phone and pull out the current SIM card. Get rid of that SIM card and place the new one in your phone. Turn the Evo back on and an area to punch in your unlock code shows up. Type in the unlock code and you are good to go!

Method 2: Shoot a Call to Your Carrier

This method is most likely only going to work if your two-year contract is up or if you plan on travelling to another country. Regardless, it’s a free method, and if you can get your carrier to give you an unlock code then it’s one of the easiest methods. If they refuse to give you an unlock code then try out the first method after.

Step 1

Pull out your phone and follow these steps: Menu > Settings > About Phone > Phone Identity. Navigate down to the area that provides your IMEI code. If you can’t find it then the carrier might have it on file as well.

Step 2

Call your carrier and tell them that you want to switch carriers on your phone. They may ask you some questions, or try and figure out why you want to unlock the device. Give them the IMEI code if they ask for it.

Step 3

If they give you an unlock code then you can turn off your HTC Evo 4G and remove the current SIM card. Place a new SIM card into the phone and restart it. When the phone completely reboots it asks for your unlock code.

Step 4

Type in your unlock code and your phone should be completely unlocked. Have fun with your new carrier!

Method 3: Clone the ESN and Break the Law

Like stated before, the HTC Evo 4G is just one of those phones that is difficult to unlock. Lots of times you’ll find that the carrier isn’t even willing to give up unlock codes. Other EVO phones don’t have the same problems, but the entire line of phones isn’t exactly the best for unlocking. Long story short, you can clone the ESN on your phone, but it’s illegal ( a felony in some countries.) So we won’t recommend this method on Joy of Android.

Step 1

Clone the ESN on your HTC Evo 4G to get another network on your phone.

Step 2

Get caught.

Step 3

Go to jail.


🙂 We wish this wasn’t the case, but we don’t want to condone any illegal activity that might get you in trouble or ruin your phone. The process is actually quite complex anyways, so you’d be better off waiting for your contract to expire and then turning to another carrier. If you need to travel within the next few days or weeks then you should have no problem calling your service provider to walk through the unlock process.


Like stated before the Evo $G is a tough cookie in terms of unlocking, but you have a few options to try. I’d recommend calling your carrier if you plan on travelling. Most carriers have no problem unlocking for travel purposes. If you are staying in your country, but you still want to change carriers then try method 1. If you enjoy bad food and questionable characters then try out method 3. If you have any questions about how to unlock HTC Evo 4G leave us a note in the comments section below.

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  1. My reaseach suggests that PhoneUnlocker.Com is probably a scam. Firstly, their website is not secure (ie. they transmit customer info, including phone MEIDs, insecurely). A trustworthy website will be able to obtain trust certificates necessary host a secure site (ie. a site with an https: prefix and a “lock” icon). Secondly, web-search results explicitly suggest that that website is not secure (based on website profiling). Thirdly, its so-called customer reviews look completely fake to me.

    Subsequent research into the “unlock codes for cell phones” business suggests that it actually IS a legitimate business. Specifically, FreeLocks.Com appears to be a legitimate business with a secure website. Moreover, its customer reviews sound quite real to me. An online chat with a company rep revealed that FreeLocks didn’t have a tool usable for unlocking my HTC EVO 4G; so I haven’t actually used their services personally.

    1. I can’t find a way to unlock a phone without a sim card, but you can try borrowing one from a friend or family member, or order a sim card relatively inexpensively without activating it. Good luck!

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