how to unlock HTC One X

How to Unlock HTC One X to Find the X Factor for Phone Bliss

Unlocking your phone is just one step away from rooting and finding the wonders that Android has to offer. Sure you won’t get all of the benefits of rooting a phone, but it’s much easier and you can swap out your SIM card to gain financial and communications benefits. You might want to travel to another country that requires a different SIM card, or you might think about sending your work calls to a different number than personal calls.

Regardless of why you want to unlock the phone, it’s important to do it right. Let’s learn some of the best methods on how to unlock HTC One X.

Things to Remember Before Unlocking Your Phone

Remember to backup all of your important information before unlocking your phone. Although unlocking doesn’t have the risks of rooting your phone, you can never be too safe when messing around with the manufacturer settings of the phone. Try to ensure that you battery is charged to at least 70 percent before attempting an unlock. You shouldn’t really have any problems with breaking your phone, but I guess there’s always a chance that something goes wrong. Make sure you follow the steps below and you should be fine.

Method 1: HTC All In One Toolkit

Step 1

Start by downloading the HTC All In One Toolkit to your computer.

Step 2

Move the Toolkit to your C Drive and extract it.

Step 3

After extracting, find the One x.exe file and run it as an Administrator.

Step 4

When the Toolkit windows come up click on the Install HTC Drivers options, and click Go. Click OK.

Step 5

Walk through the installation steps for the HTC One Toolkit and reboot your computer.

Step 6

After the reboot, select the Register at HTC Dev option. Click Go. Fill out all of the information in order to work through the process. You might get some advertisements. Just ignore these.

register at htc devregister at htc dev

Step 7

Go to your email account after registration in order to activate your account.

Step 8

Go back to the All in One Kit and select the Boot into Bootloader under the Commands option. Select Do Command. Click OK. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled for this process on your phone. The phone should reboot here

Step 9

Go back to the Toolkit and select the Get Token Id options and select Go. Click Ok after that.

Step 10

Close out of the first window that pops up. In the new command window make a right click and select Mark. Select everything under Please Cut Following Message. Copy all of this and close the window.

please cut

Step 11

Go back to the Toolkit and select the Submit Token ID option. Click Go. Click OK after that.

submit token id

Step 12

Wait for a short ad, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Paste the token ID and submit it. Go to your email. An email should be send that gives you the unlocking code. Go to the attachment to find the code and download it to your computer.

Step 13

Select the Unlock Bootloader option in your Toolkit. Click Go.

unlock bootloader

Step 14

Choose the downloaded file and open it. This file is called unlock_code.bin.

Step 15

Go to your phone and use the Power Up button to select the Yes Unlock phone option.

Step 16

Once the phone has reboooted, type in your pin, select your country and provider. Walk through the rest of the onscreen menu options and then your phone should be unlocked.

Method 2: Free Unlocks

This is a process that gives you a free and paid version. It’s pretty simple, and you can either walk through some third party free trials to get your unlock code or just pay a small fee.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Select the make of your phone.

Step 3

Select the model of your phone.

Step 4

Click on the Unlock now button.

Step 5

Type in the IMEI of your phone. This can usually be found on the back of your phone or in the settings area. Click Unlock Now.

Step 6

You have the option to get an unlock for free or pay a fee. Either pay the fee or walk through one of the trial offers to unlock your phone.

Step 7

Regardless of your decision the website will send you an email with an unlock code.

Step 8

Turn off your phone and take out your SIM card. Place another network’s SIM card into your phone.

Step 9

Your phone will say netowkr locked. Type in the code that came in your email. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes, because the system locks if you screw up too many times. Wait for the message to unlock your phone. The phone should reboot within a few minutes. Once the phone is completely rebooted you should have an unlocked phone.


If you have any questions about how to unlock HTC One X please let us know in the comments area. We recommend trying a free version, but if you don’t want to mess with it then check out the paid version in method 3.

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  1. Tried this method but not working on htc one x, each time i got the message unlock unsuccessful. got the code from a site Gsmunlockhub. com and unlocked in very few simple steps.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. The method we have listed may not work in all devices. But they are proven in most of the devices.

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