How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 to Explore the Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the phone that showed Samsung was ready to play with the big boys. It started looking more like the iPhone, and it offered features that no other phone had. But what happens when you want to travel to another country and you can’t get service there? You certainly don’t want to pay for those roaming fees. Learn how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 so you can use any SIM card you desire.

Things to Remember Before Unlocking Your Galaxy S2

It’s important to backup all of the important information on your phone before attempting to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2. Sure, there’s a small chance that you lose any of this information, but you can never be too careful, especially if you have never attempted this before. Follow all of the instructions and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Method 1: Using a Secret Code

This is the method that most people will opt for because it’s free and it only takes a few steps. The only unfortunate part of this method is that you have to contact your service provider. It’s legal so they won’t have any problems with you calling, but it might take a while to get through.

Step 1

Go to the area where you type in phone numbers to call people on your phone. Type in the following keys: *#06#. (without the period). After you punch in these numbers the phone should reveal your IMEI numbers. Write this down for later use.

get imei

Step 2

Contact your service provider and ask them for an unlock code. There’s a chance that the service provider doesn’t give you a code if you haven’t been with them for a certain period of time. In this case, use one of the other methods below. There’s also a good chance that the service provider will ask for your IMEI number. Take out the sheet of paper where you wrote it down and read it off to the service provider. This helps them identify your phone for security.

Step 3

Once you get the unlock code you can pull out the old SIM card and insert a new one.

Step 4

Turn on your Galaxy S2 and wait for it to show you a screen that asks for the unlock code.

enter the unlock code

Step 5

Type in the unlock code that was given to you by the service provider. After this your phone should be completely unlocked and ready to roll!

Method 2: GalaxSIM Unlock

This method is perfect for people who don’t want to root their phones or mess with any messy manual setups. You basically just have to download an app in the Google Play Store and then walk through all of the steps. It’s probably the safest way to unlock your phone as well. In fact, you don’t have to mess with questionable companies who claim to unlock your phone or trust your own manual unlocking tactics. We would probably recommend this method for people who have little to no technical experience or folks who just want a one click unlocking method.

Step 1

Click on the button below to download the GalaxSIM Unlock app. Go through all of the steps to download the app on your phone, and then you can open the app directly from your homescreen or the download page.

Download on Google Play

Step 2

The first screen you see on the GalaxSIM Unlock app basically tells you what your device model is and if the phone is locked or unlocked. If the SIM Lock Status still says unlocked then you can click on the green Unlock button to get the process started.

unlock button

Step 3

Walk through any additional on-screen menu items that pop up. The app is designed to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2 in just one click, but depending on your Android version you might have to complete a few extra steps. Once the process is complete the app should bring you to the Home or Details page.

If you are interested in ensuring your phone is completely unlocked you can navigate to the Details page. This page outlines various different components, but it also tells you which parts of your phone are actually unlocked. Congrats! Your phone is now unlocked.

Method 3: Use a Company to Unlock Your Phone

We only recommend working with a third-party company if you have no interest in handling the unlocking process yourself. There are plenty of companies that claim to unlock your phone for a fee or for free, but most of them are complete scams or they walk you through dozens of offers that you have to sign up for. We would recommend trying one of the previous steps before attempting this method. But if you are scared of ruining your phone or if you just don’t have the time to unlock your phone manually then this is the method for you.

Step 1

You can always browse Google to find a wide selection of companies that unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2, but you will have some trouble figuring out which ones are legitimate. Feel free to search on Google for Samsung Galaxy S2 unlocking services, but we would recommend going with a credible option like GSM Liberty.

Step 2

The website asks you to fill in your manufacturer, phone model and carrier. Punch in this information and then click the submit button to learn more. This particular company requires you to pay a fee if you want your unlock code. Walk through this process to receive the code. Some other companies might ask for different credentials, but in general you should only have to type in the manufacturer, model and carrier.

model make and more

Step 3

Once you make a payment and submit to the website the company will send you an email. This email includes the unlock code that can be punched into your phone.

Once again we only recommend this method if you are willing to pay a small fee and you really don’t want to hassle with the other, more manual methods. You are free to do what you want, but we figure it’s better to take a little time and get something for free, especially when it’s legal to do so.


There are plenty of ways to unlock your S2, but we feel that the above methods are the cream of the crop. Try method one and two before paying for a service. Make sure you drop your comments below if you have questions about how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2. We are more than happy to help you out, because unlocking your phone opens up so many possibilities for switching out SIM cards for financial and traveling benefits. 

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  1. I am just following the procedures and hoping it should work well.
    infect I have found out that sum sang products are the best, there is no much complications
    like nokia or apple products. keep up the zeal.

    thank you

  2. I have a samsung galaxy 2. I am trying to unlock my phone the only problem is that i do not remember the pin password. I do remember the email address but its now under a new telephone number the old number which is not in service is 347.249.8921 please help

  3. Hmm! I’ve never used this GalaxSIM Unlock app, but I’ll give it a shot. I have been using unlock agents Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend rooting your phone just to have it unlocked; too much work plus it’s not permanent.

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