How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 For Free and Break Carrier Chains

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently one of the best Android smartphones in the world. It has loads of apps and all the features that you would want in a premium Android smartphone. While there is almost nothing that you can’t do on your Galaxy S4, some users are limited to using their device if locked by a carrier contract. If your device is carrier locked, then you might face a lot of problems, especially not being able to use your phone in a different country.

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Usually, you can get your device unlocked through the carrier by paying a small fee, and you can also use an IMEI unlock service. We will tell you how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 for free, without paying a penny or using any third party service. The unlocking process takes only a couple of minutes, and you will be able to use any other SIM/Carrier on your device after unlocking your Galaxy S4. After that, ambitious types can even root their Galaxy S4.

A Warning Before You Unlock Your Phone

Although we try to provide methods that work for everybody, unlocking a phone is not always the most reliable tactic. You’ll notice that some techniques may not work for your model or carrier. In this case, simply move onto a new method. You also might find that none of the methods work. In this case your carrier probably makes it so that you cannot unlock your phone. They usually do this to keep you on contract. They only give out an unlock code if you plan on traveling for a bit. We apologize if you cannot unlock your phone, but the following methods are the best you can find.

Method 1: Special Dial Codes

This is possibly the only effective and reliable method to unlock your Galaxy S4 for free, without the use of any third party service. The method is quite easy and it will only take a couple of minutes before your Galaxy S4 is free from your carrier contract. This method will work with any carrier and a lot of users have had success using this method.

Note: This method will only work on stock Samsung ROMs so all of those using custom ROMs should use the second method.

Step 1

Remove the carrier SIM card you are using from your Galaxy S4 and insert the SIM card of another carrier that you would like to use. If you don’t have another SIM card yet, you can use this method without a SIM card inserted in your phone as well.

Step 2

Now, go to your phone dialer and dial *#27663368378#. You don’t need to press the Call button since after you dial the numbers, you will automatically be taken to the ServiceMode screen. If nothing happens when you dial the above code, you will need to dial *#0011# instead.

Step 3

Press the Menu button on your Samsung Galaxy S4. You will get a menu list while in ServiceMode. Click on the Back option while you are in the menu. Now, press the Menu button again on your device and this time, click on Key Input.

Step  4

You will now see a text box pop up for the input key. Simply, enter 1 and click on OK. Press the Menu button one more time and click on Back. You will now be taken to the ServiceMode main options menu.

Step 5

Next, tap on [1] UMTS. This will take you to the main UMTS menu. After that, tap on [1] DEBUG SCREEN.

UMTS Servicemode

Step 6

While in the DEBUG SCREEN menu, tap on [6] PHONE CONTROL. Under PHONE CONTROL, click on [6] NETWORK LOCK.

Phone Control Servicemode Network Lock ServiceMode

Step 7

You will now see three PERSO options. Click on [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.

Perso Sha256 Off Servicemode

Step 8

Now, you need to go back to the main menu. For this, simply press the Menu button followed by the Back option in the menu list. Under the main menu of UMTS, click on [6] COMMON.

Step 9

You will now be in the ServiceMode COMMON menu. Here, select [6] NV REBUILD. You will now get a notification popup saying that a Golden Backup exists. Simply tap on [4] Restore Back-up.

NV Rebuild Servicemode

Restore Backup Servicemode

Step 10

Now, wait for your device to go through a strange process. Your Galaxy S4 might freeze for a couple of seconds, get a black screen and light up the notification LED. After this process, your phone will reboot automatically. Your device will be fully unlocked and carrier free after that. You will be able to use any SIM card on your device and won’t need to worry about your carrier any more.

Method 2: GalaxySim Unlock (Root)

This is a less reliable app for unlocking the Galaxy S4, however, a lot of users have had success using this simple app. The method is probably the easiest and quickest way to unlock your device with just a couple of taps. Downloaded by over 500,000 users, the method should work on most Galaxy S4 devices locked with any carrier. You will need root access in order to use the app.

Step 1

Firstly, download and install the GalaxySim Unlock app on your Samsung Galaxy S4. You can download the app through the Google Play button below. Once downloaded, simply open the app through your app  drawer.


Step 2

After opening the app, you might get a popup asking fot root access. Click on Grant.

Step 3

Next, click on the Unlock button. After a while, you will get a message saying your device is unlocked. Now, reboot your device and you will be able to use any other carrier on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Unblock button galaxysim unlock

Your device is unlocked


Carrier lock can cause a lot of problems for mobile phone users, and you can’t even use your phone in another country. However, with the methods above, you will be able to easily unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4 for free in just a couple of minutes. After that, think about doing other things to increase possibilities with your phone, like getting a new ROM. You can even find some of the coolest cases on the market for your S4. Both the methods are easy and will work on most Galaxy S4 devices. These methods work for any carrier, and if you can’t get a method to work, you can switch to another option. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you follow the instructions correctly and feel free to shoot us any questions below.

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  1. Hi im using galaxy s4 4.4.2, i tried several times inputting those numbers but it did not take me to umts mode, pls help

    1. You have to select menu and press back three times and the key input put in 1 then ok and key input again and put a capital Q and ok the again key input and put in (4) 0000 (zeros) then ok. And it should pop up were you need to be..

      1. I hope you reply to this because im seriously stuck. Using your steps I was able to get into the UMTS menu but now when I go to Network Lock it only shows

        [1] PERSO SHA256 info

        There is no [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF or ON.

        Why is it missing?

      2. wow, finally had to use my backup cp and you are a jewel for your help getting to that initial screen….the rest was different but basically had to find the rebuild command and reboot.

  2. When I dial *#0011# then press back, input and 1 I got nothing, can’t reach the Service Mode Menu. Using the GalaxySim Unlock option I got “there’s any unlock method available for this device” It is my s4 doomed? Why I can’t unlock my device? Its an I3337

    1. This could be carrier related issue. What carrier you are using? What happens when you dial *#27663368378# Did the second method (installing app and trying) help unlock the phone?

  3. downloaded this galaxysim unlock the status says device model GT-19505 SIM LOCK STATUS UNDEFINED ? HELP

    1. Boon,

      Unfortunate! Still we are identifying what is the problem.
      Try method 2. It should work. Let us know the feedback.


  4. It worked so far untill the point to “You will now see three PERSO options” I can only see 1 perso .info, how can I get the other 2 option?

    Galaxy s4, network us cellular


    1. Ray,

      I should understood after intense research that this is the most reliable method available and unlocking may not be always successful to all. I should say you as unlucky :(. Better luck next time mate.


  5. Neither one of these codes do anything and the second method isn’t allowed in the United States. Service menu shows up with the *#0011# and it shows nothing but a black screen ?and it reads no options everything you wrote I followed and I’m running stock 4.4.2 with no results. Thanks for nothing

      1. I was wondering if us cellular phones apply to these methods. Does it matter if the phone is actively on a carrier plan or not. Ours is a 4.4.2 sch-r970 model please help Ty 🙂

        1. Did it work for you?

          I have samsung Galaxy S 4 SCH-R970 (US Cellular) CDMA. I was wondering if i can really unlock it and use it with carrier available in Washington State.

          Can you please guide. Thanks!

      2. The problem is that when you enter the 1 and then go and hit back again nothing happens the screen doesn’t change to the menu that you can scrool thru. I have tried everything but can’t get to that menu.

        1. Hi Stephen,
          Stephen, You are not seeing the menu right? You have to press the menu button on your smartphone, you know the one on the left of the physical home button on your smartphone.

          #27663368378# to get to the service menu.
          or #0011# if the above doesn’t work for you.

          Do tell where precisely you are stuck so we can help you better.

          1. Hi. Got the same problem. I DO see and press the physical menu button and do every other step but it doesn’t take me to the menu. It is in Service Mode but cannot reach the menu. Any clues?? Thanks

          2. Hi Pedro,
            It means that the hidden menus are not enabled, and you need to enable them. This should be the code to enable the menus, before you use the other code:


            Hope thi shelps. =-)

  6. Same issue as raybrito: 1. perso. info instead of 3 options as in proposed method. Any work around this issue would be greatly appreciated. Model is SGH-I 337M Android 4.4.2.

  7. Is there any way to unlock samsung Galaxy S 4 SCH-R970 (US Cellular) CDMA. I was wondering if i can really unlock it and use it with carrier available in Washington State.

    Can you please guide. Thanks!

  8. I do not see the Click on [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF. option on my Galaxy S4 SGH-1337M

    How do I resolve this, I am running 5.0.1 Lollipop

  9. Hello yesterday I was able to buy my very own Samsung Galaxy S4 1 St one so obviously I don’t know anything what so ever about anything yet and for now the carriers number like 19500- 19505-19506 ect… How do I find that for mine mine didn’t come with SIM card bought off street so she kept hers and no I don’t have one can I still do this processes also I’ve been with Boost Mobile for years do you know if Boost Mobile will allow me to purchase a SIM card or Know how I can go about getting one …. Thank You in advance Sincerely Lisa G

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Congratulations on getting your Galaxy S4, I am sure you must be very excited about it. If you want to know the model number all you have to do is go to settings>About Device>Model Number. The numbers you see their are it.

      I think it would be best if you call Boost Mobile´s customer Service about the SIM card, I am sure they will tell you where you can buy one in your area. Don´t forget to sign up for our daily or weekly subscription for more Android tips you can enjoy on your S4. We are always here to help!

  10. Hello,
    I have put in the number in my dialer but it doenst go to the menu after I input them.
    I have Samsung Galaxy S4. my carrier was Cspire I want to go to AT&t bu my sim card will not work. Could you please help me???

  11. Your post on “How to unlock android phone” . I have a galaxy S4, it doesn’t have the.” Foregot password’ at the bottom. What do I do?

  12. Please help me. I was given a samsung 2 cell phone. It is stuck in emergency mode with and without a sim card. I cannot get pass emergency mode no matter what I do. I signup with Consumer Cell.
    This cell is locked or something else is wrong. Please can your help me ?

  13. my case only get service mode with *#1973286403 but in debug screen I don’t have nuber [6] PHONE CONTROL 🙁 another option to go there?

    1. Hi Jesenia,
      I think that when the company found out that you could unlock with that method they released an update that removed that option and that explains why you can´t see it. It could work if you have an older version of Android but downgrading could possibly cause issues with other apps that need your current version. If you contract is up, you can always try contacting the carrier and they have to give you a code to free up your phone. You can do that over the phone calling customer service. I did that when I called Sprint once. Hope this helps. =-)

    1. Hi There,
      If your contract is up, you can try calling your carrier and asking them for the code you introduce into your phone to free it. =-)

  14. hi i tried unlocking my phone using CODE*#0011# it did not work and my phone went died and its not starting please help

    1. What is on your display when you realize you’re stuck? Please try the following: In your dialer enter *#0011# and then menu key and then back. Once again press the menu key and select key input and enter 1 and hit OK. After waiting for a few seconds you should be in the UMTS main menu. Is that where you are after following the steps? Let me know how this works out for you.

  15. Has there been any further luck on bypassing the issue with the network lock only having person Sha 256 info not off n on as well mine also has rat_free_on what do I do

  16. hello please help…ive gotta sprint s4 model sph-l720 version 5.0.1…im tryin to unlock it…after i use the *#0011# code it gives me a message of NO SERVICE IMEI CERTI: NA so i cant get unto the correct service mode….entering 1 after the back menu doesnt work….wut can i do?

      1. Hi, Sharky. Unblock the KeyString file by going to efs>FactoryApp>keystr and enable the carrier HiddenMenu file by going to efs>carrier>HiddenMenu. The correct options should then appear when you go back to the network lock screen.

  17. I have a sprint s4 model sph-L720 version 5.0.1.
    I am following the *#0011# code to unlock.
    It gives me a message :
    I am not able to go into main UMTS menu mode, even after entering 1 after the back.
    Please help

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