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How to use Samsung Pay (9 Steps)

You must admit.

We have come to an era where we can purchase things through our mobile phones. Remember when our ancestors used to trade goods for payment? It later evolved to having currencies and now, cashless purchases are a thing.

Now look at this:

Cashless purchases can be through the use of credit cards, debit cards, online banking platforms, and many more. One good example is Samsung Pay.

Samsung has established partnerships with retailers and financial institutions that enabled its users to pay through their Samsung devices. Crazy, right?!

Of course, you might be wondering…

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung gives you a mode of payment that you can use simply and safely. It is accepted at retailers and locations that support MST and NFC.


When you use it, you only need your Samsung phone and make a swipe up gesture from the home button. After that, authorization and verification will pop up to your screen. Lastly, hold your phone against the card reader.

See? It is only a matter of seconds!

You only need to follow some simple steps to set up and how to use Samsung Pay. Read for more information below.

Before you can use it, you have to make sure you have the following:

  • Compatible Samsung phone or SmartWatch
  • Samsung account
  • Samsung phone supports MST or NFC
  • Registered biometrics or Samsung Pay PIN
  • Supported debit card, credit card, or gift card from a participating bank

How to Use Samsung Pay

Step 1

Samsung Pay App - How to Use Samsung Pay App
Samsung Pay App in the device app list.

Look for Samsung Pay application on your Samsung smartphone and open the app.

Step 2

Verification Mode - How to Use Samsung Pay
Input a security method for you to use in verifying payments.

Choose a verification method to prevent unwanted payments. Newer Samsung smartphones support fingerprints, PIN, and irises. Use the verification method that provides higher security. Input a secured PIN for payments. Make sure that your payment PIN is different from the device unlock PIN.

Step 3

Add Credit Card - How to Use Samsung Pay
View of how to add credit or debit cards on Samsung Pay App

Add credit cards and debit cards to secure payments. You can enter the card manually, or you can use the viewfinder to automatically detect the card number. Right after adding the card, you will receive an email or text message for verification.

Step 4

Signature - How to Use Samsung Pay
Signature being drawn on the phone screen.

Sign the card. Congratulations! You have successfully added a card.

Step 5

Swipe Up - How to Use Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay shows up after you swipe up from the home button.

When you are at a store and about to purchase, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. The default credit card or debit card will immediately show up on the phone screen. If you set up multiple cards, simply swipe left or right to switch cards.

Step 6

After that, you have to verify the payment with the PIN or saved biometrics. The payment method will show up right after you have verified.

Step 7

Payment Mode - How to Use Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay giving instructions on how to place the device over a payment terminal.

Hold your phone near the payment terminal. If it is a debit terminal, tap the phone near the magnetic stripe. However, if it is a tap-and-go terminal, you can just tap your phone.

Step 8

Samsung Pay on SmartWatches

SmartWatch - How to Use Samsung Pay
Display of SmartWatch when Samsung Pay is launched.

Setup Samsung Pay by pressing and holding the Back key to launch Samsung Pay. Scroll through the information screen of Samsung Pay by swiping left. Touch the arrow shown to begin setting up. Sign in your Samsung account, and then launch Samsung Pay on your device to add cards and complete the setup.

Step 9

Open your Samsung device. Launch the Galaxy Wearable app and select Samsung Pay. By then, you can touch add to add debit or credit card. Repeat step 3.

FAQs about Samsung Pay

Conclusion: Do I need Samsung Pay?

First off, check if Samsung Pay is active in your country and you own a phone that is compatible with it. You would need Samsung Pay if you think it is convenient for you to pay for goods and services by simply swiping your device. It would be less of a hassle than getting your debit or credit card and handing out your information. Wouldn’t it?

Do you find this article helpful? Share it with your friends, families, and colleagues who might need a payment platform in their Samsung device. If you have questions or suggestions, comment below.

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