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How to Use Your Phone as a Mic – 2 Helpful Methods

Ever wondered how to use the built-in microphone of your smartphone for other uses? Did you know that you can use it as an external microphone for a computer desktop or laptop?

The built-in microphone on your phone is adequate enough as a substitute for your computer’s mic. All you have to do is hook your phone and computer up either via USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

There are many methods on how to use your phone as a mic. First off, check your mic and fix underlying problems before we proceed to the methods.

Methods on How to Use Your Phone as a Mic

Method 1: Use the Built-In Mic

How to Use Your Phone as Mic - Default Mic - Voice Recorder App
Launch Voice Recorder App

Step 1

Android phones have a built-in mic, you can use this for audio-recording. Open the Voice Recorder app.

How to Use Your Phone as Mic - Default Mic - Start Recording
Start Recording

Step 2

On the home screen of the app, a red button on the bottom center of the screen will appear. Tap the button if you are ready to start recording.

How to Use Your Phone as Mic - Default Mic - Recording

Step 3

Place the mic near your mouth to have clear audio or point the mic towards the noise you are about to record. Furthermore, you have to be mindful of some minor sound issues around you. It is not advisable to record in a large room, with background noise, or on outdoors. It will just ruin your audio quality.

How to Use Your Phone as Mic - Default Mic - Stop button
Stop Button

Step 4

When you are done, tap the stop button.

How to Use Your Phone as Mic - Default Mic - Save
Save Audio Record

Step 5

You can save the recorded audio. Save it under a category or its title so you can easily look for it.

How to Use Your Phone as Mic - Default Mic - Share
Share Audio

Step 6

Moreover, you can edit, share your audio file to friends and family, or even set it as a ringtone for notifications and alarm.

Method 2: Use Your Phone as Computer Mic

How to Use Your Phone as Mic - WO Mic - App Logo
Wo Mic App Logo

Step 1

You need to download the app to your Android phone and the computer client. WO Mic is compatible with Windows and Mac computer and FREE to download. For your computer, you can get it here.

Google Play

Step 2

Launch the app on your phone and computer after it is installed. This is a freeware for Windows that can help you use your phone as a mic. The steps to use the app are simple.

How to Use Your Phone as Mic - WO Mic - Choose a Connection
Choose a Connection

Step 3

Choose a connection option, this way both devices will be able to recognize the app. You can choose to connect via USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Make sure that the connectivity is secured.

How to Use Your Phone as Mic - WO Mic - Connect via PC
Connect via Computer

Step 4

Once your phone is connected, you can see Wo Mic under the Sound settings of your computer. After the setup, you can start recording. The audio will be transmitted to the computer. You can use your phone as a mic for calls, audio records, and online games.

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Lavalier Lapel Microphone

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Where is the microphone located?

Mics are usually located on the bottom of the phone. When making a call, the top portion of the phone is on the ears, while the mic is beside the mouth. If you think it is unusually unclear, you need to check and fix the speaker problems on your Android phones.

Why is my mic not working?

It can be frustrating when the mic on your phone does not work. Well, the problem may be caused by sound hindrances, software upgrade, and third-party apps. You do not have to worry as you can easily fix the microphone problem on Android.

Is Google Assistant always listening?

Yes, Google Assistant is always listening. However, it will only actively listen when you mutter the words ‘OK Google’. There are also other methods on how to turn on ‘OK Google’.

Great Idea! Use Your Phone as a Mic

Before you decide to buy an expensive mic for your computer, you may want to consider using your phone as one. There are no latency issues that revolve using the phone as a mic. It would not hurt to narrate videos, record music, and make calls with your phone as a mic.

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