5 Best Apps To Watch NFL Games On Android

5 Best Apps To Watch NFL Games On Android

If you are a hardcore fan of NFL games, it must have happened that you want to watch the game but are currently not able to. You might be at work, or don’t have a cable TV, and your favorite team is playing. Or you might just want to watch a replay of a match that you have already missed.

There are various methods to watch NFL on PC, but not that many possibilities for Android. However, don’t worry – we will show you the best apps to watch NFL games on Android phone or tablet. You will only need an Internet connection.


How To Watch NFL Games On Android for a Digital Touchdown

We have tested and reviewed the best apps to watch NFL games on Android. Although some of the apps will require you to pay a subscription fee, it’s definitely worth it.

Here are the best apps to watch NFL games on Android.

  1. NFL App
  2. NFL Game Pass
  3. Yahoo Sports
  4. ESPN App
  5. YouTube TV

Also, for a better experience, you should take a look at the best smartphone stands. Sometimes it’s better to just put a phone on a stand and enjoy the match.

1. NFL App-Apps To Watch NFL Games

The first app that should be mentioned is the official NFL App. It allows you to watch live local and primetime games, but also offers tons of videos and replays.

Watch HD videos of every single game
Watch HD videos of every single game-Apps To Watch NFL Games

NFL App will keep you fully updated all season, with breaking news, highlights, and stats. You can also choose your favorite team and keep track of its progress. The interface is nice and intuitive, making this app very simple and easy to use.

However, note that even though you’ll be able to watch replays of every single game, you will need to pay a subscription fee for some features. Additionally, you can get official merchandise from the NFL Shop.

Google Play

2. NFL Game Pass-Apps To Watch NFL Games

NFL Game Pass
NFL Game Pass-Apps To Watch NFL Games

NFL Game Pass is great because of the various features it provides. After you pay a subscription fee, you can watch all of the live games from the regular season, plus playoffs and Super Bowl.

Subscription will also grant you access to similar NFL networks. That way, you can see every touchdown from every game live on Sundays with NFL Redzone. Or watch NFL live 24/7 with NFL Network and get archived games and shows from NFL Archive.

Great tablet support
Great tablet support-Apps To Watch NFL Games

The app also features condensed games, which means that you can see the full NFL game in approximately 30 mins.

Although you will have to pay for the subscription, it’s really worth it. The app provides tons of great content!

Google Play

3. Yahoo Sports-Apps To Watch NFL Games

Yahoo Sports
Yahoo Sports-Apps To Watch NFL Games

Yahoo Sports is another great app to keep up with NFL 2019 season. By creating a free account, and choosing your favorite team and the content you are interested in, you can personalize your news feed. That way, you will primarily get the info that you are interested in.

Pretty intuitive interface, with nice big buttons
Pretty intuitive interface, with nice big buttons

Of course, you can watch live local games, get stats, scores, and highlights. Besides NFL, Yahoo Sports features various other sports, including racing sports such as Formula 1, Indycar and NASCAR.

The app has a nice and intuitive interface and is pretty easy to use.

Google Play

4. ESPN App-Apps To Watch NFL Games

ESPN-Apps To Watch NFL Games

Although ESPN app doesn’t allow you to watch live NFL games, it has lots of other interesting content. You can even subscribe to ESPN podcasts and listen to live ESPN radio.

ESPN offers lots of content about various sports
ESPN offers lots of content about various sports

Of course, it allows you to keep track of your favorite team stats, and also get all the news and highlights. Similar to Yahoo Sports, ESPN allows you to watch various other sports.

The app has occasional advertisements, but it doesn’t ruin the user experience. If you want to use ESPN+ which unlocks some premium features, you can pay $4.99 for monthly, or $49.99 for an annual subscription.

Google Play

5. Youtube TV-Apps To Watch NFL Games

Youtube TV
Youtube TV-Apps To Watch NFL Games

This one is a bit different. It’s not primarily a sports app, but as the name suggests, more like a TV. You can’t view your team score and standings but can watch live games.

Although it’s monthly subscription price is $49.99, Youtube TV offers over 70 channels, which include various sports channels. The experience is even better if you use a Chromecast. It allows you to directly cast your Youtube video on a TV, which can give you a TV-like experience.

The interface is very similar to the original Youtube app, with nice and clean elements in white and gray. It also supports a dark (night) mode.

Probably the best way of streaming live games
Probably the best way of streaming live games-Apps To Watch NFL Games

The app basically has 3 sections – Library, Home and Live. The Library section holds all of your recorded content or scheduled recordings (yes, you can record and watch later). In the Home section, you can discover content to watch. You will also see a recommended content that Youtube TV offers, based on your search history. In the Live section, you can scroll down the list of channels that are currently playing.

Note that Youtube TV is currently available only in the US.

Google Play

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Frequently Asked Questions-Apps To Watch NFL Games

Do I need a cable to stream live NFL games?

No, you don’t. In order to use any of these apps, you will need only an internet connection – however, some apps require you to pay a subscription fee.

Does Youtube TV stream in 4K?

Currently, Youtube TV supports up to 1080p resolution at 30FPS and 720p resolution at 60FPS. Until broadcast TV starts transmitting in 4K, Youtube TV won’t be able to support that resolution.

Can you watch the NFL completely for free?

Yes, you can. The best way is to use the NFL App, which is the first one on the list of the apps that we reviewed. However, apps that offer subscriptions usually provide some great, premium content that free apps don’t.

Google Chromecast

For the finest experience, we strongly recommend you to check out Google Chromecast. Basically, it will “cast” the screen of your phone on your TV, allowing you to lay on the couch and watch NFL on a big screen.

Google Chromecast

If you have never used Chromecast before, be sure to check out How to Set up Chromecast Using Android Phone. Also, if you are interested in buying a Chromecast or already own one, take a look at The Best Chromecast Apps for Android.


Final Words on Apps To Watch NFL Games

So, what is the best way to watch NFL on Android? It depends on whether you want to watch just a live stream or want to follow your favorite team’s detailed statistics. For live streaming, the best choice is definitely Youtube TV. However, it might be a little bit expensive for some people.

If you plan to use it as a TV and watch other stuff besides NFL games, the subscription of $49.99 per month is not that high, compared to the quality of the content it provides.

However, if you want to constantly be informed about the detailed team statistics, watch highlights and condensed games, NFL App (NFL Mobile) and NFL Game Pass seem to be the perfect solution.

Have you used any app from the list? What is your favorite way of watching the NFL? Please let us know in the comments below…

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  3. Why is the NFL gamepass app not available in the U.S.? Makes no sense being that the NFL is founded in the U.S.

    1. Hi James,
      You are right it doesn´t make sense, but I guess only Google knows why it´s not available in the U.S, but there is no doubt that there are many other apps to choose from. Thanks for your comment.

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