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9 Best HTC One Accessories to Decorate Your Phone

Oh the glory of picking out accessories to make your smartphone awesome. Whenever I buy a phone, the first thing I think about is how I can turn it into something cool. I want to beat out my friends for the best gadgets and make my life a little bit easier.

The HTC One is one of my favorite devices, not because of the phone, but because the accessory market is ridiculous. HTC does a good job pumping out HTC One accessories, and most of their options are compatible with other HTC devices.

In terms of accessories I usually like finding a few things to help me on my workouts, in the car and for kicking back and watching my favorite TV shows like Modern Family. Let’s take a look at which HTC One accessories are worthwhile, and maybe you’ll end up dropping all of them in your shopping cart like me.

1. Mediabridge Sport Armband: $9.99

sport band for htc one

Keep your workout going without the water damage

Whenever I go to the gym I notice lots of people sporting arm bands. The only problem is that most of the bands are for iPhones. The iPhone market is filled with workout accessories. Although Android was a little late to the game this HTC One sport armband from Mediabridge is great for working out and listening to tunes. You can even pair it with fitness apps to stay healthier. My friend uses this for travelling too. He just unlocks his HTC One for travelling and then straps this thing to his arm when hiking around.

Why should you buy it?

  1. The case is made from sturdy silicone so it protects during drops
  2. The velcro strap breathes well and fits different arm sizes
  3. The HTC One slides in and out of the case quite easily
  4. When you aren’t working out just remove the velcro so the silicone acts as a regular case
  5. You can wash the armband


2. HTC Media Link: $71.32

htc one media link

The first and better Chromecast

This is one of my favorite HTC One accessories because it means I don’t have to look at a tiny screen to watch Seinfeld or American Dad. The HTC media link is similar to Chromecast except it’s designed specifically for HTC devices. You also have access to some channels that Chromecast doesn’t support, so if you have an HTC One go for this instead of Chromecast. You don’t even have to root the HTC One for this to work.

Why should you buy it?

  1. It instantly streams anything from your phone to the TV
  2. The box is small and portable so you can bring it on trips
  3. The box hides behind the TV so you don’t have to see it
  4. Reaches up to 1080p for video and audio
  5. Works with just about any HTC phone


3. HTC Bluetooth Stereo Clip: $48.96

bluetooth stereo clip for htc one

Cruise with your tunes

In my old Camry I always had to get one of those crappy cassette adapters to play music from my Android phone. With the HTC bluetooth stereo clip you can simply pair the clip with your phone and then plug it into the AUX input port. Now I can stream my podcasts and country music without the annoying cords and unstable cassette adapters.

Why should you buy it?

  1. It includes a quick button to pair with your HTC One device
  2. Works with an AUX input so you can use it in your car or with other sound systems at home
  3. Works with lots of HTC devices
  4. Play audio from music and videos
  5. It’s portable and includes a cap so you don’t damage the AUX input


4. MOGA Pro Controller: $64.95

moga pro controller

Put the power in your hands

I don’t play that many games on my phone, but when I do I have problems with the buttons and joysticks that show up on the screen. I’m a big fan of Madden games, and the joystick on my screen gets annoying because the players don’t always respond well. The MOGA Pro controller is one of the great HTC One accessories because there are plenty of gamers that use Android. With your new gaming capabilities you can then snap screenshots to brag to your friends.

Why should you buy it?

  1. The MOGA controller is rechargeable
  2. The latching arm grasps your HTC One nicely so it doesn’t slip out
  3. You can either play on your Android device or a TV
  4. You get just about all the buttons and joysticks you need
  5. The grips are super comfortable


5. Dot View Flip Case: $27.99

dot view flip case  for htc one

No need to open your case anymore

This accessory blew my mind, because my phone case sticks to the screen all the time, and I have to pry it open to start playing around with it. The Dot View flip case lets you access portions of your phone without even opening the case. As you can see in the picture the time and weather show up so you can access simple information without worrying about opening it. This is nice for meetings where you don’t want to be obnoxious by taking out your phone. A quick glance works just fine. If this isn’t your style then checkout some of our other HTC One case recommendations.

Why should you buy it?

  1. You can view and use your HTC One without even opening the case
  2. The case is built from a durable polycarbonate shell so it holds up well
  3. You still have access to all of your buttons and ports
  4. Snaps onto your phone within seconds, and it’s not too bad taking it off


6. Braven Wireless Speakers: $57.99

braven wireless speakers for htc one

Top notch tunes on the go

Most HTC One accessories have a unique feature that puts them apart from competitors, and the Braven wireless speakers are no different. The speakers are portable and deliver great sound, but the most surprising advantage with this speaker is that it’s so darn sturdy.

Why should you buy it?

  1. You get to choose from six different colors
  2. The speaker is built with polymer materials so you won’t break it when you drop it
  3. The sound is awesome
  4. The size and weight are very manageable so you can bring it wherever you want


7. Golf Push Cart Mount: $14.95

golf push cart mount for htc one

Sink a Birdie with your HTC One

Whenever I play golf I put my phone in one of my golf bag pockets. As most golfers know, this puts the phone under balls and tees that are covered in dirt and grass. It’s also a pain to find the phone if you hear the ringtone while playing. The golf cart mount latches onto a push cart, and it’s one of those great HTC One accessories that protects the phone from weather.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Latches to your golf push cart within seconds
  2. The waterproof case is great for playing golf in the rain
  3. The case can also serve as a standalone case if you remove the strap
  4. The mount adjusts at 360 degrees so you can pretty much move it wherever you want


8. Air Vent Mount Holder: $14.95

air vent mount holder for htc one

Never block your view while driving

This one is simple. I hate car mounts that make you put the phone on your window. It blocks my vision and I have to reach far to change something. In short, I never feel safe with those holders. The air vent mount holder is different because it puts your HTC One in a location that’s within arm’s reach.

Why should you buy it?

  1. You don’t have to put your GPS on the window where it blocks your view
  2. The vent in your car is usually one of the easiest places to reach
  3. The mount installs within just a few seconds so you can move it from car to car
  4. The clips and stabilizer arm work to keep your phone in place


9. Motorola Universal Flip Stand Mount: $22.99

htc one mount

Watch anything, anywhere

It’s not easy for me to find stands that don’t flop around or put my phone in an awkward position. This HTC One stand is so darn sturdy it deserves a spot on this list. I can’t do without my movies and TV so a stand is a must.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Works with lots of other phones so you can lend it to other people
  2. The mount is pretty stylish
  3. It’s built with sturdy materials so you won’t have any problem with breaking
  4. It has adjustable arms so that you can fit your phone perfectly
  5. The device is small so you can move it around
  6. Watch TV and movies from the horizontal or vertical position



HTC One accessories aren’t the flashiest of accessories, but they provide functionality that you’ll find in no other phone market. I can’t imagine playing a game of golf without a waterproof case that latches to my golf push cart, and my obsession with the HTC media link is probably a bit unhealthy.

Overall, HTC treats its customers well with the vast selection of affordable HTC One accessories. When I bought my first HTC One phone I didn’t have anything besides a crappy car charger from a gas station and a screen protector with bubbles in it. Now the market has expanded, and the HTC One accessories options are insane.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about these HTC One accessories. Share your thoughts on other accessories that ramp up your HTC One.

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