huawei troubleshooting

8 Huawei Ascend Problems and Troubleshooting

huawei troubleshooting

So many user reviews begin with statements like, “This could be a great phone, except…” It seems like most of the Ascends fall just a little bit short of being wonderful, and the shortcomings they do have to prevent users from having an overall favorable view and experience with their phones.

Seeing as how there is plenty of potential, our focus is on how to alleviate these issues. Hopefully, the outcome of reading and applying the advice from this article will bridge the gap, and you will be able to say, without reservation, “This is the best phone I have ever had.”

Our work is cut out for us first, though. We are going to go over some of the biggest and most common issues that plague these phones. Smartphones, with all of their various functions, play such a vital role in our lives these days that any major issue can seem like a crisis. But today we’re going to take the negative out of your experience.

Problem 1: Push Notifications

Problems with push notifications have been very prevalent, especially on phones like the P7. Most devices running Huawei EMUI don’t handle notifications like other Androids do. Notifications may be delayed or missing altogether. You may find yourself having to check each app manually for notifications.

The problem doesn’t seem to be specific to Wi-Fi or mobile data. It’s possibly due to some of the power saving features on EMUI.


Download App

Push Notifications Fixer says it’s for every phone and doesn’t require root. There is also an application for rooted devices fittingly named Root—Push Notifications Fixer. It’s free, with no advertising, which can be a true rarity.

Download: Push Notifications Fixer

Download: Root—Push Notifications Fixer

Check App Settings

Go into each app that you are not receiving notifications for. Select the Menu button. Go to Settings > Notifications. (Note that the application of these instructions may differ slightly with each app.) Choose Message Notifications, and adjust as necessary.

app notifications

Soft Reset

Reboot your Ascend. Hold down the Power button, select Power Off or Restart, give it a few seconds and turn the phone back on again (if it doesn’t restart on its own). Some users have also recommended combining this with the removal of the SD card. We can’t vouch for this, but a soft reset is harmless and solves many ills.


Adjust Power Profile

Go to System Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager. Choose Protected Apps Selection, where you can specify which apps are allowed to run in the background. It is going to be a bit of a trade-off. Allowing those apps to run should improve your notification problem, but it can also diminish your battery.


Check Background Data Settings

Visit Settings > Data Usage. Disable Restrict Background Data.

restrict data

Change Power Saving Mode on P7

Swipe left from the Home screen. Go to Settings > Power Saving. Choose Normal. Even if you choose Smart your push notifications can take a hit.

Enable Auto-Sync

Start by going to Settings. Then choose Data Usage > Menu. Ensure that Auto-Sync is enabled.

auto sync

Enable App-Data Sync

Download Quick Sync Settings (optional, but useful). Now go into Settings > Accounts > Account of your choice > Enable App-Data Sync.

Download: Quick Sync Settings

Reinstall App

Uninstall and reinstall any problem app.

uninstall app

Sign Out, then In

Sign out and back into any accounts where you experience issues with push notifications.

Problem 2: Battery Drain

Inadequate battery life is a known issue on Huawei Ascends, and can also be accompanied by overheating. Most users report the problem after a couple of months of usage, or of course, if the phone has been damaged.


Check Your Charger

If you have been using an alternative, try using the original charger intended for your Huawei Ascend. Alternatively, if you are using the original charger, it could be faulty, so try a different charger recommended for your phone.

Analyze Apps

Some apps are greedier than others when it comes to using your battery. To determine which apps are being the most demanding, go to Settings > Device > Battery. You can then select each app to see if there are different settings that reduce battery consumption. If nothing else works, or if you don’t need an app, you can uninstall or disable it. In fact, you may want to use this opportunity to conduct a Spring cleaning of all the apps you don’t need or use.

battery screen

Go Easy on the Gaming

Heavy gaming uses a lot of resources. You don’t have to give it up, but do consider what you are asking of your phone, and recognize that this can contribute to battery drain. Uninstall anything unnecessary.

angry birds

Get App Assistance

Not all apps are bad for your battery. Some are designed to help. One example of such an app is Greenify. This app allows you to select which apps you want to place in a state of hibernation, only consuming resources when you actually need them.

Download: Greenify

Change Cases

If you are experiencing issues with overheating, try giving your phone some naked time or a different case.

phone case

Problem 3: Lagging Performance

This is a common problem as your Ascend ages, and it isn’t exclusive to Huawei alone. Many devices experience this issue over time. However, this is extremely annoying and can even affect your productivity. It’s not a problem that’s easy to dismiss, nor should you have to.


Reduce Animation Transitions

Obtain developer status by visiting Settings > About Phone and tap on Build Number approximately seven times. Go back to Settings and a new choice should appear—Developer Options. Tap on it, scroll down, and reduce the Window Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration to .05x. You can remove the settings altogether, but movement on your phone may not seem to flow as well, and your user experience may suffer.

For Keyboard/Typing Lag

If you have a P7, try out a different keyboard, like Swype or SwiftKey keyboards.

Download: Swype


Download: SwiftKey

Clean House

Unlike your house, where all the useless junk you accumulate is quite visible and tangible, you could be doing the same thing on your phone and not even realize it. But lag can be a sign. Take this opportunity to perform an inventory on which apps you really need, and uninstall the ones you don’t.

Photos and videos are difficult to let go of, but perhaps you can offload some of these onto your computer, the cloud, or a different storage location of your choice. If your browser experience is suffering, clear its cache.

storage breakdown

Clear Cache

You can start out by clearing the cache for any individual apps that are giving you problems. Go to your App Manager, select the app, and tap the Clear Cache option. If this doesn’t suffice, you can wipe the entire cache partition from Recovery Mode.

To access Recovery Mode on phones like the G7, turn off your phone, and then long-press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Without letting go, press and hold the Power button as well. Release these keys only after you see the Android logo appear. Press Power to select Recovery Mode. Use the volume buttons to navigate, and select Wipe Cache with the Power button.


Problem 4: Camera Calamity

Error messages like Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped tend to announce the obvious and lack any real diagnostic information. You have to know what’s wrong before you can fix it.


Clear App Cache & Data

On phones like the P7, you can access Settings by swiping down from the top of your display to reach the Notifications bar. From Settings, go to Manage Apps. Find the ALL tab by swiping left and find the Camera or Gallery app giving you issues. Tap on the Clear Cache button and while you are at it, Clear Data.

app cache

Clear Cache Partition

If clearing the Camera app’s cache didn’t do it for your phone, you can try a more comprehensive approach. Boot phones like the G7 into Recovery Mode by turning your phone off and pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down keys simultaneously.

Without letting go, hold the Power key down for roughly 10 seconds. Release when the a new icon appears. Press Power once again to enter Recovery Mode. Therein lies the Wipe Cache Partition for you to select with the Power button.

Download Camera App

If your Ascend’s isn’t working, try a different camera app. FV-5 is a camera app used by some professional photographers.

Download: Camera FV-5


power off

Satisfy Storage Requirements

If your Ascend keeps complaining about insufficient storage when you try to take a photo, try moving some apps and/or photos to an SD card if possible. Unmount your SD card and reboot.


Make sure you are staying current on your updates.

android update

Master Reset

As a last resort, turn off your phone and hold both Volume buttons + the Power button down together. Release the Power button when you see the Ascend logo. Now use the Volume buttons to navigate to and the Power button to select Wipe Data/Factory Reset and confirm. This wipes data so you might want to backup what you wish to save!

Problem 5: Restarting

Suddenly, unbidden, your Huawei Ascend is rebooting itself again.


Keep Everything Current

If a new update for your apps and/or operating system becomes available, seize on it. Updates can fix bugs that can cause these crashes.

Narrow it Down

There’s a strong possibility that something you installed is causing the dysfunction. To determine which app it could be (or if this is the problem at all) try going into Safe Mode. Safe Mode only uses those apps that come with your phone without loading any of the third-party software that could be causing the issue.

To go into Safe Mode, first turn your phone off and then back on. As soon as the screen turns back on, immediately hold the Volume Down key and release the Power button. Let go of Volume Down when the words Safe Mode appear in the lower-left of your screen. If you do not experience the restarting problem in Safe Mode, try uninstalling any third-party app, one-at-a-time, that you think might be the culprit.

If the phone still misbehaves in Safe Mode, your problem could be related to the hardware or a corrupted OS, which can be tougher to fix on your own.

Eliminate Loose Connections

Ensure that the battery fits snugly in its compartment.

Install a Stock ROM

If the file is available, make sure you have plenty of battery life and flash a stock ROM to your Ascend. You could also flash a custom ROM, but sometimes custom ROMs are the very cause of the problem you are dealing with right now. Custom ROMs can be a great way to upgrade your Android version, however.

Factory Reset

This is going to wipe everything, and you will have to start from scratch. To start with a clean slate, go into Recovery Mode. Choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data by selecting the option using the Volume Down key and confirming your choice by pressing the Power key.

Contact Huawei or Dealer

Especially if you have a newer phone and your phone is still under warranty, make it easy on yourself by allowing someone to help you and/or replace parts.

Problem 6: Contacts App Not Working

Your phone suddenly declares that Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped. Then, true to its word, it stops working and force closes. It may be as you are about to receive a call, when you are doing something unrelated when you launch your phone app, or when you aren’t even using your phone at all. One thing is consistent—it’s never convenient.


Clear Cache

Visit your Application Manager and choose the All tab. Select Contacts. Tap on Clear Cache.

Remove Google Sync

From the Accounts and Sync Settings screen, tap your Google account. Select your registered email ID and remove the checkmark in the box across from Contacts or slide the toggle.

Restart App

Stop the Contacts app from your list of Running Apps and re-launch the app.

Problem 7: Strava/GPS Recording Issues

Even on newer phones like the P9, Huawei’s energy settings can wreak havoc on fitness tracker apps. And if you are an outdoorsy person, you have probably heard of and/or want to use apps like Strava.


Adjust Power Settings

Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Power Usage Firewall. If Strava is running, it will appear. If not, you’ll need to visit Settings > Apps > Strava > Battery. You will probably want to enable both Power-intensive prompts and to Keep running after screen off. Otherwise, this problem is going to occur with no warning and any time your screen turns off nothing will be recorded. Also, go to Settings > Advanced Settings and add Strava to the Protected Apps.


Turn the phone OFF, then ON.


Reset the connection to the satellites.

Problem 8: 3G/Wi-Fi


Switch Sims

Try switching from SIM 1 to SIM 2 or vice versa. This feature is only available on certain Ascends.

Update Firmware

Install any available updates.

Remove MicroSD & Reboot

This seems to work on the G7.


Have you encountered any other problems with these phones? Tell us about them. Also, if you have solutions other could benefit from, post them.

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  2. My phone goes to black screen just seconds after it is on, the I have to push the start button again to get the screens up again, it even does this while a phone call is in progress

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