install Android Revolution HD custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3

How To Install Android Revolution HD Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy S3

One of the things that makes the Android Operating System different from iOS is the ability to fully customize your phone. I’m not talking about installing themes or using custom launchers here, but rather about rooting your phone and flashing custom ROMs. This feature alone can be enough to attract iPhone users to the Android OS. After installing a custom ROM, you can get a fresh new look on your phone with lots of new features. It can be a great way to make the most out of your phone, specially if you’ve been using your phone for a long time.

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The Galaxy S3 is one of Samsung’s most popular Galaxy S devices and even though it is quite old, the device lets you do most of what you can do on the latest Android smartphones. If you’re bored with your Galaxy S3 and are wondering whether you should get a new phone, then I recommend you install a custom ROM first. If you want to install one of the coolest ROMs on your Galaxy S3, then continue reading to find out how to install Android Revolution HD custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3.

Android Revolution HD – ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3

The Android Revolution HD ROM is one of the most popular custom ROMs available for the Galaxy S3, since it focuses on speed, stability and smoothness. Based on Android 4.3, this ROM is basically an improved version of the stock Galaxy S3 firmware. Therefore, if you want to keep the default features, such as the TouchWiz interface, but also want a significant improvement in performance, then this ROM is probably the best option.

The ROM comes with several cool features, including RAM optimizations, speed optimizations and increased battery life. The ROM is available for the Galaxy S3 I9300 and you shouldn’t try installing it on any other variant. If you’re looking to check out other ROMs, you can read our list of the 10 best custom ROMs for the Galaxy S3.


As I mentioned earlier, make sure that you don’t try to install the ROM on variants other than I9300 as you might end up bricking your phone. You’ll need root access and a custom recovery installed on your Galaxy S3 before you can flash the ROM. If you don’t have knowledge on rooting or recoveries, then I highly recommend you read about them in detail before flashing the ROM. Installing custom ROMs is a very risky process and if not done carefully, you might end up bricking your phone. I don’t take any responsibility if something goes wrong with your phone and you should do it only at your own responsibility.

Before proceeding with the rooting process, make sure that you backup all your important files. You can either use your phone’s default backup feature or a third-party app from the Google Play Store. If you don’t know about any good backup apps, you check our list of the 10 best backup apps. I would suggest that you create a full Nandroid backup if you have storage space available on your phone.

Also, make sure that your phone is charged at least 70% before proceeding with the installation process. I also recommend that you head over to the XDA forums and visit the official thread of Android Revolution HD in order to ask the developer any questions that you have about the ROM or the installation process. Please make sure you don’t rush into it if you’re having doubts about something.

How To Install The ROM

Make sure that you follow all the steps mentioned below carefully. If not followed properly, you might mess up your device. The entire process isn’t that difficult and it should take just several minutes.

Step 1

Download the Android Revolution HD ROM on your PC. You an get the ROM here or from the XDA thread.

Step 2

Connect your Galaxy S3 to your PC using a micro USB cable and click on Open folder to view files in the AutoPlay popup.


Step 3

Transfer the ROM zip file to your phone’s root directory. Disconnect your phone from your PC.

Step 4

Switch off your phone and turn it back on while holding the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons simultaneously. You’ll now boot up into recovery.

s3 recovery

Step 5

Navigate to Wipe data/factory reset using the Volume buttons and select it using the Power button. You’ll need to confirm it by selecting Yes.

recovery wipe

Step 6

Select the Wipe cache partition option and confirm it by selecting Yes.

recovery cache

Step 7

Go to Advanced in recovery and select the Wipe dalvik cache option.

recovery wipe dalvik

Step 8

Select the Install zip from sdcard option.

recovery install

Step 9

Select Choose zip from sdcard, navigate to the folder where you transferred the ROM zip file and select it.

recovery zip

Step 10

Wait for the flashing process to complete. This might take a while. Once the ROM is successfully flashed, select the Reboot system now option in recovery. That’s it! You have successfully installed the Android Revolution HD ROM on your Galaxy S3. Your phone will now reboot. If your phone takes a long time to reboot, you don’t need to freak out because this is normal.


Installing custom ROMs is one of my favorite features on Android devices. Custom ROMs don’t only improve the overall feel and performance of your phone, but they also bring several new features and customization options. If you’ve had your Galaxy S3 for a long time and are looking for something different, then you should definitely consider installing a custom ROM. The Android Revolution HD is one of the most downloaded ROMs for the Galaxy S3 and if you don’t want to lose the stock features on your phone and also want something more, then this is definitely a great option.

While custom ROMs can improve your experience significantly, installing these ROMs is a risky process and you can brick your phone if you don’t follow the instructions properly. You’ll need a rooted Galaxy S3 before you can proceed with the installation process. Make sure that you backup your phone before installing the ROM. I highly recommend that you visit the XDA thread for the Android Revolution HD ROM in order to learn more about it. You can also ask the developer if you have any questions regarding the features of the ROM or the installation process. Make sure that you follow the steps mentioned above properly and feel free to shoot any questions below on how to install Android Revolution HD custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3. What’s next? Learn best accessories for Galaxy S3 to further its awesomeness.

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  1. Hi, will adding a custom rom help to improve internet connection or speed. Or the ability to maintain a constant connection.
    Within the last year, my phone has slowed down and have had problems with internet connection. Thanks.

    PS How can I tell my phone is a Galaxy S3 I9300.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve rooted my S3 using Odin, and it worked fine, later I used Rom Manager to install Android Resolution custom Rom. The installation went all smooth, and the battery was charged. At the last reboot, the phone went totally dead, does not open in download / recovery mode, and does not display a recharge battery if plugged. Any ideas?

      1. same thing for me. even when i plugged it in to charge it does not say that it is charging so no, i don’t think it’s charging :/

      2. My phone did this same thing just now… It is plugged in but nothing, no recovery mode, no charging screen or light, nothing….

      3. Same problem here. I’ve hard bricked my S3 somehow after rooting, resetting, and installing a custom ROM that should have worked. It shows no signs of life even though it was at >90% battery when I installed the ROM. I only get a red light if I remove the battery and connect it to a USB cable.

        1. Did u follow the instructions properly? and did u install it on the correct s3 variant? for further questions, you should contact the ROM’s developer on the XDA forums regarding the recovery.

      4. Mine did the exact same thing. Everything was going good and when it rebooted my phone died. My battery was fully charged right before i did it. When i plug in my phone nothing happens. No battery charging screen. No vibrations. Completely dead. Any help would be appreciated

  3. phone is completely blank. just black and does not respond to the power button or any “mode” i try to put it in

    1. Cross check the installation procedure. Check with the developer in the XDA forum – link provided to recover your phone.

  4. Hello!
    I just installed the Revolution HD ROM… all the installation steps went just fine. now my phone will not turn on. I have had the battery out for 10 min/ tried turning it on in download/upload mode, and it simply will not turn on. i plugged it into my computer, and it says it is not recognizable, and no recharge light.

      1. I see everyone is having the issue with the black screen after you follow all steps. Upon reboot, all black nothing boots up in any mode. What’s the fix???

  5. hello,

    I followed directions very closely, but when i went to reboot into recovery I get a hazard sign that says… system software not authorized by verizon wireless has been found on your phone. please turn off your phone and go to the nearest verizon wireless store for help.

    now, if i hold the home, power, and volume down keys i can get the phone working again, but it will not boot into recovery


      1. Hello again and thank you for answering,

        so, can I put a custom rom on my phone, or does verizon have a strangle hold on mee?

          1. ok, well dang, do you have any suggestions on how i CAN put a custom rom on my phone?
            is there any way to lose verizon from this phone? should I sell this phone and get another, if so, what should i look for?

            Thank you very much for all your help…


          2. Scott
            If you want a galaxy s3, you can get the international variant i9300. You can remove verizon by unlocking your phone, but you still won’t be able to install the ROM because of your model. If you like customizing your phone, then you should only get international unlocked phones in the future.

  6. I’d like to use Android Revolution HD, but I have an SGH-i747. (i know not to try the i9300 version)
    Not supported it sounds like?
    Any suggestions on an alternative?

  7. Dani,

    Many thanks for this great article and guide! My international S3 had been running so slow since the botched samsung upgrade to Jellybean 4.3. This custom rom has brought my S3 back to life! The rom is very very fast and oozes performance! This is how the S3 is supposed to run! so smooth and so lovely to use again.

    Thank you ever so much!

  8. whenever i go to select my zip file it does not show up
    i tried putting it on my sd card as well, but it did not show up their as well
    any ideas?

  9. I installed the rom properly but when i make a call it shows could not register on network. It doesn’t register on network. I tried everything. Please help me

  10. I have just flash rom with Android Revolution HD – ROM for my Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300
    Everything is smooth fast and my battery life has improved. All thanks to XDA developers

    1. Hi Ahmed,
      An easy way to check that your ROM is installed correctly on your S3, would be to:
      1. Click Apps
      2. Settings
      3. About device

      You should see Android Revolution HD.

  11. After installation of the room, i am feeling problem with my messaging application, as it stuck often. Plz let me know what is the solution.?

  12. i have put the custom rom on my s3 whent on fine i rebooted it now its come up downloading is that normal

  13. Hi,

    My battery is discharging fast & needs to be charged twice to thrice in a day. I’m using Wifi at home.

    Also where do i locate the developer options?
    Can i uninstall the smsung preinstalled apps on the phones.

    How can i reinstll the rom? do i need to wipe cache/dalvik etc…

  14. In step 3
    Where exactly should put the ROM zip file ? I don’t see any file in my phone called root directory or something similar

  15. I flashed the ROM successfully and everything went fine. but my phone didn’t get any faster or something.

    1. Hi Ahabbas,
      Have you tried uninstalling bloatware or using apps such as SetCPU that are made to tweek your rooted phones processor to boost CPU performance?

  16. I went through all of the steps and rebooted the phone in the end but I ended up with SAMSUNG startup screen which is not going away. I previously installed liquidsmooth rom. Please help.

    1. Hi Mahmasani,
      What happens after the Samsung logo appears? Does your phone turn off or does it keep restarting?

    1. Hi Zhang,
      Baseband version shouldn’t be a problem. What needs to match are model numbers. If you flashe a rom for a different version s3 (there’s many) you could experience a lot of problems. Take Care!

    1. Hi Tommy,
      If you’re asking if you can use a t999 rom on the 9300 then probably not because the 9300 is the international model. Roms are built for a specific device. While some Roms are ported or compiled for multiple devices, each device has it’s own version. If you flash a rom meant for another device, it’s likely things will be broken and not work correctly. That would be best case. Worst case is that you turn the phone into a paperweight. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. =-)

  17. You write:

    “Step 3
    Transfer the ROM zip file to your phone’s root directory.”

    That’s just wrong, it’ll brick phones,
    should be SDcard instead of root !!



    1. Hi Alex,
      Thanks for your opinion, but I doubt that that will brick your phone since they’re just .zip files that just happen to contain a custom ROM.

      There are special .zip files (, etc.) that the manufacturers can send out that get put in your /cache filesystem (typically), but these are not put on in your “SD card” area(s). These are over-the-air (OTA) files and are special because they are “signed” and are the only things that can be “flashed” (installed) by your stock recovery system.

      Custom ROMs cannot be signed by with the same key/signature that is used by the manufacturer and is the reason why you need a custom recovery to flash them.

      1. Hey Judy,

        thx for your reply.
        in step 3 it says “put in root”
        in step 9 it says “Select Choose zip from sdcard”
        am i missing something here?


  18. I scan Android Revolution Hd with. It found the virus “Android/SmsSpy.S.Gen”. You should check it, before installing.

    1. Hi Nerthus,
      The chances that Mike1986 at XDA includes spyware in the ROM is negligible. If you got the ROM from his XDA thread, then any malware that you find was installed later. If you download anything than from sources other than the developer himself that is always something risky, especially if the developer specifically asks people not to do that. Which app was infected? Thanks for commenting! =-)

      1. The rom is infected. I downloaded the rom from XDA and scanned it with Avira on my PC. I changed nothing.
        I also scaned the rom from cyanogen and there was nothing found.

  19. I have rooted my phone and confirmed that it worked with a terminal app. However, when I re-boot in recovery mode, I don’t get the menu options listed above.

    What I see is:

    reboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache

    Does this indicate I’ve done something wrong, or is there a different process with these options?


    1. Hi Pimeman,
      Android Revolution HD is only available for the I9300, but hopefully it will reach for variants soon. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  20. Hi! I went through all the steps and everything seems to be right… but after rebooting I keep getting messages “Unfortunately, IMS Framework has stopped”. How to resolve this problem?

  21. I flashed ROM succesfully but after rebooting I keep getting messages “IMS Framework has stopped”. How to fix this?

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