How To Install CyanogenMod On Samsung Galaxy S3

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular ROMs for Android and if you’d like to install it on your Samsung Galaxy S3, then continue reading to find out the easiest way to install the ROM on your phone. Installing ROMs is a very risky process as it requires rooting as well, however, with CyanogenMod’s latest installer, installing a ROM has never been easier. If you’ve never had the courage to install a custom ROM on your Galaxy S3 due to all the complications, then I’m sure this guide will change your opinion and you’ll install CyanogenMod on Samsung Galaxy S3.

Why Install CyanogenMod On Your Galaxyy S3?

If you’re not sure on whether you should install CyanogenMod on Samsung Galaxy S3, then consider these factors.

  • CyanogenMod brings loads of new features. If you want features like lock screen shortcuts, RAM bar and an advanced power menu, then CyanogenMod is perfect for you.
  • Lots of minor tweaks. CyanogenMod features minor tweaks in different areas of the firmware and these tweaks have been created to make your life easier. They include quick replying to messages and using the Volume key to wake up the phone.
  • Heavy customization. CyanogenMod is one of the most customizable ROMs and you can change things around to fit your preferences.
  • Speed and smoothness. CyanogenMod is known for its speed and as it is a lightweight ROM, your Galaxy S3 will feel a lot more responsive.
  • DSP Manager. One of my favorite CyanogenMod apps is DSP Manager. It is a lot more than just a simple audio equalizer and it will change how you listen to music on your Galaxy S3.


Before proceeding with the installation process, make sure that your Galaxy S3 is charged at least 70%. Even though using this method of installing CyanogenMod is safer and easier than the traditional method, you should do it only at your own responsibility. You don’t need to root your Galaxy S3 or install any custom recovery on your phone.

Create a backup of all your important files by either using a third-party app from the Google Play store or through your phone’s default backup feature. If you don’t know about any good backup apps, then you can read our list of the ten best backup apps for Android.

How To Install CyanogenMod

This method uses the new CyanogenMod installer in order to install the ROM on your Galaxy S3. You’ll need a Windows PC and a micro USB cable in order to use this method. The installer supports most Samsung Galaxy S3 variants, but you should check out the list of compatible devices first before proceeding with the installation process.

Step 1

Go to the Settings app, tap on Developer options and make sure that the USB debugging option is enabled. If you can’t see Developer options in Settings, then go to About device and keeping tapping on Build number until you see a You are now a developer pop-up message. You’ll now see Developer options in the Settings app.

usb debugging

Step 2

Go to Security in the Settings app and make sure that the Unknown sources option is enabled.

unknown sources

Step 3

Download and install the CyanogenMod OneClick app on your Galaxy S3. Unfortunately, the app is not available on the Google Play Store any more. In order to download the apk file, visit on your Galaxy S3’s browser. After downloading the apk file, install it like any other app.

Step 4

Open the app and read the on-screen instructions.

Step 5

Download CyanogenMod installer on your Windows PC. You can download the app here.

Step 6

Open the app and wait for a while when you see the Updating Installer message.

cyanogenmod updating

Step 7

Once the update is complete, you’ll see the Detecting device message. Connect your Galaxy S3 to your PC using a micro USB cable and wait for the app to detect your phone.

cyanogenmod detecting

Step 8

Once your phone is detected, you’ll see a Continue installation in Windows message in the CyanogenMod OneClick app on your Galaxy S3.

cyanogenmod continue

Step 9

CyanogenMod installer will now start downloading some files, and this might take a while. Once completed, you’ll see an Everything is ready message.

Step 10

Make sure that your phone is backed up as all your data will now be deleted. When you’re ready, click on the Install button.

cyanogenmod install

Step 11

The installation process will now begin and your Galaxy S3 will reboot a couple of times. This is normal. Make sure that the micro USB connection is stable during the installation process.

cyanogenmod installing

Step 12

Once everything is done, you’ll see an Installation complete message. Click on the Exit button. That’s it! Your Galaxy S3 will now reboot with the CyanogenMod firmware and you’ll be able to enjoy all the goodies from CyanogenMod.

cyanogenmod exit


If you’ve always been scared of installing custom ROMs on your Android device, then this might be your one chance at overcoming this fear and installing one of the most popular custom ROMs on your Samsung Galaxy S3. If you own a Galaxy S3, then I’m sure you want to experience something different and better. CyanogenMod is that one firmware that can give you a fresh and interesting experience on your Galaxy S3.

The method mentioned above is the easiest way to install CyanogenMod on your Galaxy S3 as you don’t even need to root the phone. Make sure that you follow all the instructions properly and feel free to shoot any questions on how to install CyanogenMod on Samsung Galaxy S3 below. If you’re interested in more custom ROMs, you can read our list of the ten best custom ROMs for the Galaxy S3.

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  1. I got this at the end: rom may flash stock recovery on boot. fix this cannot be undone.
    I clicked NO.
    I dont know if cyanogen is installed or no? Izs not listed inside About phone. ???

      1. Its not… I have to choose yes or no. I tried yes-yes and no-no and when it turns back on its reset to factory settings..
        there is ni cyanogenmod installed.

      2. Its not installed … I tried pressing NO and YES.
        Phone just goes back to factory settings :/
        What can I do? Everything seems perfectly okay, computer says its installed, but than I get this error everytime.

    1. Sorry this guide is only available for Windows. I believe there’s only a beta version of the mac installer available and you can use that. However, I think there are problems with the installer on mac. If you’re willing to take a risk, then you may go ahead.

  2. hi, i have a small problem. my s3 is rooted. so can i use this way to install cyanogemod 11 or do i need to do it manually. thanx

  3. The above mentioned procedure works absolutely fine. However I believe this method has rooted my phone, which I did not expect. Hence rolling back to stock firmware.

    Kudos to the JOA team.


    Just wanted to ask would selecting the full unroot option in Supersu would completely unroot the phone or not as I need to install some official email applications which would require No Rooting of phone.

    Could you help me in this regard.

    Thanks alot guys. !!!!


  4. in the middle of the installation (after installing recovery software) it stopped detecting my device via usb connection

  5. hey i forgot to change the setting to PTP and left it as MTP.
    now it doesnt recognize my phone for installing the OS

    please help

    1. Hi Abi,
      If your phone is rooted it should still work. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Have a great day!

  6. Hi,
    I had installed custom Rom on my device (Resurrection Remix) based on cynogenmod 12.1 but not satisfied with that….
    Can I use this method. Please reply

  7. I’m trying to install CM with the one click. When the instructions say at Step 6 the installed should automatically update, all I get is an error message saying a newer version is available and a link to, and an option to exit. There’s no update at that I can find. Where can I find the latest version of the one click apk? I’m on a Sprint Galaxy S3 if that makes a difference.

    1. It looks like the PM software was removed from and that’s why the installer I downloaded won’t work. The forum mod whose reply to a user with a similar question indicated that there’s no indication of when, or if, the installer will be re-uploaded. Do you have any other information about it?

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