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6 Best iPhone X Launchers for Android

Throughout the years, smartphones have a close competition with their user interface. The Android interface has greatly allowed its users for more freedom of customization and flexibility. Meanwhile, iOS has stuck to its restrictive nature.

In this article, we are not going to compare the user interface between Android and iPhone. But, we will tackle about third-party applications (or Android launchers) that can allow you to experience the interface of an iPhone through your Android smartphone.

As of today, the latest iPhone version is the iPhone X. Now, who wouldn’t want to experience its outstanding interface? If you are looking for the best, here are some of the useful and best iPhone X launcher for Android.

6 Best iPhone X Launchers

1. Phone X Launcher

When you download Phone X Launcher, you will experience most likely Apple’s flagship smartphone. It does not only provide the looks of iOS 11 but it also allows you to experience the functionality of the iPhone X.

What is more interesting is you have all the freedom to customize the launcher. You can also use the control center by swiping up.

Phone X Launcher - Best iPhone X Launcher for Android
Phone X Launcher – Best iPhone X Launcher for Android

Phone X Launcher Features:

  • Change Icon: You can customize the icon application depending on your taste.
  • Custom Status Bar: The status bar is changed into an iOS style.
  • Gestures: Just like an iPhone, you can set-up several gestures for your convenience.
  • Smart Search: Swipe down anywhere on the screen and a search bar will appear.
  • Smart Group: You can group up an unlimited number of applications in one folder.
  • Themes: There are various themes you can apply to give your launcher a unique look.
  • Personalization: You have the freedom to make your launcher the way you want it to be. Infinite scrolling, show or hide search bar, desktop grid customization and many more!

In no doubt, you can turn your Android smartphone into an iPhone X. Experience the apple interface now with Phone X Launcher. Download and install it at Google Play Store for FREE!

Google Play

2. Nova Launcher Prime – $4.60

This is probably the most stable iPhone X launcher that you can get for your Android phone. It has an extreme level of accuracy. Along with that, it gives you the opportunity to freely customize your launcher. Everything would be easy and perfect for you with Nova Launcher Prime.

RelatedIs It Worth to Buy Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime - Best iPhone X Laucnher for Android
Nova Launcher Prime is a premium launcher that can mimic the iOS interface

Nova Launcher Prime Features:

  • Custom Drawer Groups
  • Hide Apps
  • Icon Swipes
  • Gestures
  • Unread Counts
  • Scroll Effects

This is a premium version of the Nova Launcher App. When you purchase the app, you have the freedom to enjoy the unlocked features of Nova Launcher Prime. Download the app now at the Google Play Store.

Google Play

3. iLauncher OS 12 – Phone X

What’s more appealing with the iLauncher OS 12 – Phone X is how it uses up the phone’s memory. It is the best iPhone X launcher because aside from the look that it gives, its memory resources are gentle to the CPU cycle of the smartphone.

You should consider the memory capacity when looking for an iPhone X launcher because it is always running in the background and requires large memory allocation.

iLauncher OS12 - Phone X - Best iPhone X Launcher for Android
The iLauncher OS12 transforms your screen to iPhone X likeness without hogging memory space

Some of the best iPhone OS 12 features include:

  • 3D Animation Effects
  • 3D Touch OS  12
  • Macbook Launcher Applications
  • iNoty
  • Launcher Themes

The iPhone OS 12 has been said to be the best Android launcher available in Google Play. What are you waiting for?  Download and install it to enjoy this exciting launcher!

Google Play

4. XOS Launcher

This is one of the iPhone X launchers that you would consider to have an iOS experience on your Android smartphone. It will let you experience a smooth interface with several options for customization.

XOS Launcher - Best iPhone X Launcher for Android
The XOS Launcher can make older phones look brand new

What’s exciting for this iPhone launcher is it is compatible with entry-grade phones. You only have to download it at Google Play to enjoy the iOS interface of XOS Launcher.

XOS Launcher Features:

  • ZeroScreen
  • Theme
  • Folder
  • Daily Picture
  • Clean Booster
Google Play

5. X Launcher

The simplicity and ease of functionality with the X launcher makes it the best iPhone X launcher. A simple gesture can transform your Android phone icon applications similar to what an iOS icon application looks like.

You will not regret having this iPhone X launcher because it is has a fast and lightweight performance.

X Launcher - Best iPhone X Launcher for Android
X Launcher is fast and lightweight while disguising your phone with an iPhone X screen

X Launcher Features:

  • Fast Control Center
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers and Icons
  • Powerful App Manager
  • Rounded Corners Folder
  • Weather and Time Widget
  • Left Screen
  • Hide Apps
  • Icon Customizable
  • App Unread Notification

You can enjoy this application by downloading it at Google Play. Everything’s exciting with a new look on your phone.

Google Play

6. Control Center IOS 12

The Control Center IOS 12 gives you a similar control center style of the iPhone. The control center provides shortcut toggles for your convenience.

Control Center IOS 12 - Best iPhone X Launcher for Android
Control Center IOS 12 is a superb app for creating an iPhone X interface

What is in Control Center iOS 12?

  • Quickly open apps and change settings
  • Customization
  • Assistive touch

If you have wanted to have a control center for your Android, this app is the best for you! Download it now at Google Play Store to experience more convenience with your Android phone.

Google Play


Download now!

Of course, we all wanted to experience the iPhone X. Make it happen by downloading one of the iPhone X launchers to transform your Android phone. Do you have any suggestions or opinions? Share us your experience with the mentioned iPhone X launchers. Share this article to give your family and friends the idea of what to do with their Android phones.

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