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Is It Worth Buying PowerAmp Full Version Unlocker

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Music is a big part of our daily lives, and it has become more accessible thanks to the power of Android. PowerAmp is not only my personal favorite music player on the platform but the favorite of thousands of other music lovers. There are good reasons why this app topped our best music players for Android list as well.

Here at Joy of Android, we believe that any developer that delivers what they have promised deserve success. It is exactly why I never miss a chance to praise the developers of PowerAmp. I purchased the app almost 4 years ago, and it has never let me down once.

So here’s the 4 dollar question, is it worth buying PowerAmp Full Version Unlocker? And the answer is:


Now that we have that simple question answered, let’s check why it’s worth it.

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The Features

PowerAmp is one of the most fully featured music players out there. There is almost nothing which this app cannot play, and I’m not even exaggerating here, virtually every format is supported on this app. Usual formats like MP3, MP4, FLAC, and WAV are there, but the app also supports Ogg, m4a, tta, mpc as well. Not many players can do that with this dedication and accuracy.

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This is just scratching the surface; there is a 10 band optimize graphical equalizer available for all supported formats. This puts the app on par and sometimes better than dedicated equalizer apps for Android. Personally, I love how the app has separate dials for bass and treble adjustments. If you want to make your music truly your own, this is the best app you can purchase.

Crossfade, gapless, replaying attract a game, playing songs from folders and libraries, dynamic cues and lyrics are available. The app even comes with open GL based cover animations which are quite fun to look at.

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The Trial

The developers behind this amazing app are so confident in their product that they give you full access to it for a week. Only the developers who provide quality apps can conjure up the courage to give this kind of unrestricted access to the product. All you need to do is simply install the app on your smartphone, and you will get all the features right off the bat. This is not a skimmed demo with limited features either; you will be getting the full PowerAmp experience for one week.

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I’ll be honest here, initially, I thought about using up my one free week and then going for a free music app on Android. And this is exactly what I did. However, any app I used didn’t measure up to the depth of what this app has to offer. Ultimately, after trying out five or six of the music apps for Android, I caved in and purchased PowerAmp.

Not a lot of apps allow you to check full features before purchase, let alone for a whole week. This shows the good nature of the developer who is constantly trying to make this app better even after being on the market for years.

The Interface

PowerAmp is one of the most beautifully designed music players around. I’ll go as far as to say that there was a time when the default Android music player looked downright ugly when compared to this one.

Tone n volume - PowerAmp

The developers behind this app have truly dedicated time and resources in making it look and feel the best. Sure, with a plethora of options available some features may be not as prominent as one would like. But that is quite understandable, they cannot just cram every feature on the main screen. But the learning curve is extremely low with this app.

In a matter of minutes, you will be able to figure out how to use the app to its fullest. We have also written a detailed article about exploring Poweramp music player on Android, that will hopefully help you learn more about the app you are about to purchase.

In depth - PowerAmp

The Price

Usually, the asking price of PowerAmp is around five dollars. However, I have seen it go on sale quite often and people have bought it for even less. Some markets hover the app around one dollar, which is quite amazing if you ask me.

Folders - PowerAmp

Even at full price, PowerAmp is worth your hard earned cash. If you are on the fence about getting this amazing music player on your device, consider the number of features you will be getting from it. The dollar to features ratio is simply amazing when compared to other similar apps around. Sure, most of the music players on Android are free but they do not come with this level of depth and substance.

equalizer - PowerAmp


All is not great and perfect with PowerAmp music player, though. The app insists on trying to play video files for some reason, but it only plays the audio. This means if you have bundled your movies and music together in a folder, the app will try to play the whole movie for you, which is quite frankly stupid. I wish there was some way to automatically skip movies and videos on this app and save precious time, wasted in skipping.

Another thing you should consider before purchasing the full version is, will you be using any of the features? I’ve seen a lot of people use music players only to play the music and they don’t even tinker with the equalizer. If you are looking for a simple music listening solution and only want minimal control, this player might not be the right one for you.

I have absolutely no problems recommending PowerAmp music player for Android to everyone. It is a wonderful music player that has set the bar extremely high for others to follow.

If you are a hard-core music listener and love to fiddle with options, this is an app for you. Apart from a few minor inconsistencies, this app delivers on almost every front.

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