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Is It Worth to Buy CamScanner License

Camscanner license feature image

Android has made our lives easier in many ways. I certainly didn’t think that I will be using Android to scan images, but here we are. One of the best scanner apps for Android is CamScanner and has been for a while now. The app has an extremely easy to use interface and allows you to scan images with remarkable accuracy.

Scanning images on Android doesn’t actually work like a real world scanner, though. Technically a real scanner takes an image of the page you are scanning, in Android’s case you take the image yourself. This means you will need your back camera to be in full working order so that you capture the best image for scanning.

You will also need a pair of extremely steady hands to reduce shake. I suggest you use a glass table to rest the smartphone completely flat and put anything you need to be scanned under it. This way the image will be taken from an almost horizontal angle, and the scan results will look stellar.

So this brings us to the real question of the article, is it worth to buy Camscanner License? And the answer is:


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If you are going to be scanning images on a daily basis, you should most definitely spend a few dollars to gain exceptional support from the app. The free version of the app can get you through a few scans with ease, but it is always better to be prepared. Students, businessmen, and office workers should try to purchase the CamScanner License, as they will need it the most. I usually scanned textbook pages in university because the books were excruciatingly expensive, but had to limit the scans as I was too poor to purchase a license.

College students will know what I’m talking about, why to spend 300 dollars on a book you will need for one day when you can spend pocket change on CamScanner License and get the same knowledge. Here are some other reasons why you should support the developers and purchase CamScanner License.

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CamScanner is one of the most feature-loaded apps I have used on Android. The app offers everything one might need from a scanner app on Android and goes above and beyond the usual features. The app allows you to scan images quickly and efficiently using your Android smartphone and tablet.

Digitizing all types of paper documents, notes, cards, certificates and receipts is fairly easy with this amazing app. I have used it more than a hundred times, and it has delivered on every front. I even started to make “documents” from on-screen pages and safekeeping them for future usage.

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The app has a remarkable way of making pictures into great-looking scanned images. One thing I really appreciate about CamScanner is that you will be able to take pictures with any camera app you want. Personally, I use a different camera app from the best camera apps for Android list to take all my photos.

It is always easier to simply snap open your favorite camera app than open a dedicated scanning app. CamScanner can easily detect the images and import them for digitalization from your gallery. So even if you have old photos in your storage, you can easily make them into readable documents with this app.

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CamScanner also allows you to print out the scanned images in a really easy manner. Just one press of a button and you will have hard copies to show to the boss. I have used this to make PDF files from a physical chart based presentation and print out smaller versions of it in mere seconds.

The Image Adjustments

While some other scanners on Android aim to make everything streamlined, CamScanner does that without losing any details. There are a ton of options if you need to tweak or change the image post-capture. You can crop the image or even make it virtually flat, even if the image is taken from an odd angle. Text and graphics in scanned images turn out clear and sharp thanks to the great image optimization the app includes.

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The app is also able to extract text characters from the scanned images. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is spot on and surpassingly accurate. I was able to take some text out of a printed text book and use it digitally with ease. However, some of the words were missing, but the app did almost 90% of my homework.

Advanced Features

The app also comes with some advanced features that allow you to edit and modify the documents. You can make annotations on existing documents using a full range of editing tools. The licensed version of the app allows you to watermark the documents you create with ease as well.

cropping - Camscanner

Securing important documents is also available in the app. It is not as elaborate as other security apps around, but a simple password will make sure no one is snooping around your important documents. The app also comes with cloud storage services, allowing you to upload the scanned documents to a secure server. I highly recommend that you check out the best cloud storage apps on Android.

Syncing the documents on multiple platforms is also available. I really like how the app makes every document available on my PC in a very short amount of time. I usually made adjustments on my work laptop, and this feature saves me a lot of intermediary steps.

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That’s not all, though, you will be able to collaborate on documents on this app as well. Working on a university project or an office gig? Simply invite your buddies or colleagues to collaborate on the documents. They will be able to view the docs and make comments on them. I can easily imagine how this feature will help art students and architectures in making great collaborative projects a reality.


The free version of the app comes with some restrictions. For example, each image you will scan will have a CamScanner watermark on it. While this is fine and well for your personal use, I highly doubt that anyone would want to use the documents professionally.

The CamScanner License is almost always on sale and spending $1.99 on this app will ensure that you will get watermark free images and a superior product. I wholeheartedly recommend this app for any professional who may or may not need to scan documents. Everyone needs to scan some stuff, and you will be thankful to have this app on your device when that emergency arises.

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