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Is It Worth to Buy Nova Launcher Prime

There are a lot of amazing launchers available on Android, that allows you to customize the experience any way you like. However, Nova Launcher Prime has been my personal favorite for almost 4 years now, and it has evolved exponentially. It is one of the few purchases on Android that give a huge bang for your bucks.

This article is going to be highly biased because I am a huge fan of Nova Launcher Prime. However, I will justify each and everything I love about this launcher as well. This will enable you to make your own decision about purchasing this launcher or not.

The app has been featured in our best launchers for Android list as well. It was ranked very high on that list because it provided a lot of features and some unique aspects unavailable anywhere else. Over the years, I have used three or four other launchers, but Nova Launcher Prime is what I call home.

As far as I can see, the only downside of using a custom launcher for Android is you will need to customize it yourself. Sure, many of the launchers come with great default interfaces but to truly get more out of the launcher you will need to tinker with it. All this customization might feel overwhelming to some users, and they might want to stick with their default launchers.

So this brings us to the real question, is it worth to buy Nova Launcher Prime?

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Resounding YES!!!

You may have already guessed that this might be my verdict, but as promised, let’s discover why you should bother with Nova Launcher Prime at all.

The Options

Nova Launcher Prime has the potential to become anything you want it to be. From changing the icons by using the best icon packs on Android to making changes to the interface color, everything can be changed in this amazing launcher. Want to make everything yellow? You can do that with the help of this great app on your smartphone. Want to use a vertical drawer instead of the default horizontal one? You can do that easily and you can go edit the grid size while you’re at it as well.

home - Nova Launcher Prime

Chances are if you are using an Android you are using it because you want to customize your experiences. And there is no better way to make your smartphone your own then installing the custom launcher on. Even if you are using a tablet, Nova Launcher Prime has a lot of options for you to customize. The app developers have given thought to the landscape mode as well, and this is exactly why Nova Launcher Prime is one of the best tablet launchers on Android as well.

The Customization

Based it has been around for a while now and it’s no surprise that almost every icon pack you can see in the play store is compatible with it. If you are into customizing your Android, Nova Launcher Prime will help you change the whole interface with a few taps.

look and feel - Nova Launcher Prime

I want seven apps to be on the dock on my home page, Nova Launcher Prime has the option to make it happen. I want to have miniature widgets and the ability to resize them however I see fit, this launcher can help you do that. By using the best Android wallpaper apps, you will also be able to mix and match amazing color contrasts. Making your interface represent your country’s flag color is extremely easy, and chances are you’ll find a matching icon pack on the store as well.

Menu - Nova Launcher Prime

The customization doesn’t only apply to static features, though, you will also be able to change the animations. A Scrolling effect such as accordion, revolving door, and white are available on Nova Launcher Prime. Sure, some of them are also available on the free version of the app but this one introduces some interesting additions as well.

desktop - Nova Launcher Prime

It also comes with a great app hide feature which allows you to hide icons of apps from your drawer. You can finally hide that Barbie game from your drawer and no one will know that you love playing dress-up in the office.

There is also a neat little plug-in called the TeslaUnread Plugin available in the Google Play Store for free.

The Gestures

Nova Launcher Prime comes with gesture support which is not available on the free version of the launcher. This is by far the most unique and exciting feature in the paid version. While you may think that gestures are not that important in the grand scheme of things, but once you have used them you will never want to go back.

gestures - Nova Launcher Prime

I have assigned the “swipe up” motion to open the app drawer. It may seem insignificant, but it has impacted how I access my apps. I also removed the drawer button from my dock to save space and just use the gesture to open the drawer. This also has the unexpected effect of confusing people who are not aware of the gesture support. Usually, people will look for the drawer button and will get confused when they can’t find it. Swipe, double tap, and pinch, all can be assigned to different functions.

settings - Nova Launcher Prime

That’s not all, though, the latest version of it has made icon swipes available. This means you can set custom actions for swiping on folders or app shortcuts. It is a great way to make some repetitive functions easier.


Nova Launcher Prime is a very approachable and highly modifiable launcher for Android. The free version comes with a lot of features that you can test before upgrading to the paid version. However, there is no way to test out the paid features before purchase. Thankfully they are not that large number so you will have a basic idea how this launcher works while using the free version of the app.

I highly recommend that if you are in the market for a new launcher, you should take a look at the free version of Nova Launcher Prime. Almost every person I recommended it to, loved it to bits and I’m hopeful that you will as well.

What did you think of Nova Prime? Do you think it is worth the purchase? Let us  know what you love or hate about it in the comments below.

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