7 Japanese to English Translator Apps for Android

If you ask groups of people what language they’d love to learn, a handful of them will most probably answer Japanese. It might be because of the steady rise of Japanese media in the mainstream or because of the sheer natural beauty that Japan boasts; people are more drawn to the nation than ever. 

For native English speakers, Japanese is one of the most difficult languages to learn along with other Oriental languages. Aside from the difference in the structure and lilt of the tongue, the Japanese language has two alphabetical systems doubling the learning challenge.

There’s also the ‘romaji’ or the romanized versions of the text. These are the most common for us. These are the “arigatou”s and “sumimasen”s.  

Along with the perseverance to learn the language, here are some Japanese to English translator apps that will help you along the way. 

Note: We’ve added videos to show the interface and usability of each app. The phone is supported and run by Android 11 (Froyo).


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7 Preferred Japanese to English Translator Apps 

  1. Japanese Dictionary by Takoboto
  2. Japanese Dictionary & Translation by Mazii Dictionary
  3. Japanese – English Translator: free & offline by Aloha Std
  4. Japanese English Dictionary & Translator Free 英和辞典 by Bravolol Language Learning
  5. Japanese-English Translator by Klays-Development
  6. Japanese – English Translator by Suvorov Development
  7. Japanese English Translator by Greenlife Apps

1. Japanese Dictionary by Takoboto

App Logo


  • Over 200,000 Japanese to English translations 
  • Can search translations by inputting kanji, kana, romaji, or alphabet 
  • Text-to-speech
  • Pitch accent display
Japanese to English Translation App
English to Japanese Translation

Japanese dictionary Takoboto is the ideal free app for English to Japanese translation and learning the foreign language. You can type in an English phrase, and it will provide the Japanese translation in different forms. Depending on your app configurations, the app will present the romanized version of the translation and the Kanji or Katakana versions. 

Along with the Kanji translations, Takoboto also presents the conjugated forms of the word for easier pronunciation. You can make use of the text-to-speech feature to translate real-time conversations. 

2. Japanese Dictionary & Translation by Mazii Dictionary

App Logo


  • Offers translations to Japanese from other languages aside from English
  • Text-to-speech and transliteration features
  • Learn how to write Kanji 
  • Flashcards feature for easy learning
Japanese-English Translation with Kanji
Japanese-English Translation

This app by Mazii Dictionary translates English words and phrases into Japanese quickly. Aside from English, it can also translate Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino, Chinese, Indonesian, French into Nihonggo and vice versa. More or less, it’s the ideal tool for multi-lingual whose first language isn’t English. 

Aside from direct translations, this app also provides lessons about the language’s complex grammar rules and levels. So, if you want to learn Japanese in a more in-depth manner, this app will be a great tool to start with. 

Lastly, the free version of this app is run by ads. It’s not the intrusive type, but you have an option to get rid of them by upgrading to the premium version. 

3. Japanese – English Translator: free & offline by Aloha Std

App Logo


  • Offline translation
  • Quick and easy translation 
  • Text-to-speech 
  • Doubles as dictionary 
Japanese to English Translate
English-Japanese Translate

Tourists flock to Japan by the end of Spring because of the blossoming of the Sakura trees. Although Japan already anticipates the influx of tourists by preparing English translations of their signs, it always pays to do your part in navigating through their language. 

This Japanese-English Translator by Aloha Std is a free and offline Japanese translator and dictionary convenient when travelling. You can use the offline translation by downloading the language data model beforehand. After that, you can conveniently use the app’s features while strolling down the streets without regard for network data consumption.

Also, when using the instant translation feature, you need to provide permission for it to display over other apps. 

4. Japanese English Dictionary & Translator Free 英和辞典 by Bravolol Language Learning

App Logo


  • Keeps record for favorite words and search history 
  • Provides pronunciation guides with phonetics 
  • Detailed word definitions and sample sentences 
English to Japanese Translator App
Japanese to English Translator App

Bravolol Language Learning offers this language app that translates entire sentences from Japanese to English and vice versa. If you want to translate a Japanese sentence into English, it shows a breakdown of each Kanji character and their corresponding translation. Basically, it looks into the specific composition of the sentence, which makes it more convenient for those who are learning the language. 

It offers several in-app purchases that you can opt out of. 

5. Japanese-English Translator by Klays-Development

App Logo


  • Voice input 
  • Quick translation of words and phrases 
  • Favorites and history record 
Japan to English Translator App with Ads
Japan-English Translator App

Converse with Japanese locals easily with this app. One of its most handy features is its voice input. You can voice out the statement that you want to say, make sure the mic picks it up, and the app will provide the translation almost immediately. 

However, this app only provides the Kanji translation of the English data. It doesn’t provide the romaji version of the characters. You can, however, use the text-to-speech feature to further communicate with locals. 

It doesn’t have an offline mode, though, so you always need data or an internet connection. 

6. Japanese – English Translator by Suvorov Development

App Logo


  • Instart search and translation
  • Translate from clipboard 
  • Double as Japanese-English dictionary 
  • Helpful when travelling 
Japanese to English Translate
English to Japanese Conversation Translation

When you encounter any Japanese phrase online and want to translate it, you can use this translator app from Suvorov Development that provides translations from texts copied from the clipboard. Convenient and no-nonesense.

It also keeps track of your past translations, so you can easily go back to previous phrases when learning the language. Additionally, this app can serve as your pocket dictionary when travelling to Japan. 

It doesn’t have the romaji versions of the Japanese characters, though. But, you can always copy-paste the text or use the Japanese option for your keyboard—for those who already have advanced knowledge about Japanese characters. 

7. Japanese English Translator by Greenlife Apps

App Logo


  • Support Japanese handwriting 
  • Text-to-speech option
  • Various languages to Japanese translation
  • Highlights a word of the day
Nihonggo-English Translator App
English-Nihonggo Translator App

This Japanese English Translator from Greenlife Apps comes in handy when you want to incorporate fun tasks when learning a new language. You can use the offline dictionary feature when conversing with Japanese nationals and roaming around the streets of either Tokyo or Osaka. 

As for learning the language, this app has a text-to-speech option that provides the proper pronunciation of the different words and phrases. You can also translate full English sentences to Japanese with proper grammar and construction. This app also has a picture translation feature that you can use to know the meaning of Japanese scripts.

As for the ads, they are not visible at first. But after a few uses of this Japanese to English translator app, a pop-up ad will cover the screen. It only runs for a few seconds, though.


Is there an app that translates Japanese text to English?

Picture translation is now a common feature among these language translation apps. You can check if your app offers it if it has a camera icon. To set it up, make sure that you allow your Japanese to English translator apps to use the phone’s camera.

Is Google Translate an accurate Japanese to English translator?

Sad to say, Google Translate isn’t an accurate source for Japanese to English translations. On the other hand, it is an overall good tool for English to Japanese translations.

Final Words

Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn because of its complex grammar rules and relational uses. Luckily, there are several translator apps today that are effective tools for learning and conversing with locals. 

So, when you go out and travel to the Land of the Rising Sun, make sure to have one handy. It will surely make your visit more enjoyable and worthwhile. 

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