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The Best K Drama App – 2023

Content is available for consumption at any time. As long as we have an internet connection, we can enjoy content from other areas. The K drama app is a great example of this. People across the globe enjoy watching Kdramas. This is because of its exciting plots, great actors, and the opportunity for viewers to get to know South Korea’s culture through the dramas they watch. 

Since a lot of people are enjoying Kdramas, they also influence other people to watch, too. If you want to get started on the K drama app there are a lot of platforms you can choose from. With these platforms, you can watch the latest K drama app and even rewatch some of the classics. 

1. Viki


Even if you are not a Kdrama fan, you may have heard of this application once or twice. Since Kdramas are mostly in the Korean language, it is expected that not everyone will understand what the characters are saying. 

Viki has a solution for that. The app offers over 200 subtitles. Even if your first language isn’t English or Korean, you can still understand and enjoy the drama. 

Another feature that we like about the app is that it gives you the opportunity to interact and chat with other Kdrama fans. With this, it makes the experience more enjoyable. You get to exchange theories with one another about the plot of the k drama app you are watching. You can also get recommendations from other fans on what dramas you should watch next. 

2. Kocowa

Kocowa - k-drama app

If you look at Viki’s library, it is very diverse. There are dramas from other places, too, such as Thailand, China, and Taiwan. However, if you want to indulge yourself with purely Korean content. We just might have the right app for you. 

There are a lot of talented actors in Kdramas. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we became a fan and wanted to be updated on the happenings in their lives. With Kocowa, you can watch other shows featuring your favorite actors and actresses. 

If you become their fan, you can watch their other various shows. This kind of content will allow you to get to know more about your favorite character. There is a large variety of shows and Kdramas available on Kocowa. If the actor you like also happens to be a K-pop star, you can also watch some of their performances with Kocowa. 

3. Viu


If you are a student, or a fan of Kdramas, but do not want to pay for a subscription, there are free platforms, too. With Viu, you can watch your favorite k drama app online. Even though the platform is free, do not underestimate its library. Viu has the latest dramas in Kdrama land. There are also classics in their library that you can rewatch anytime you want. 

Besides subtitles being available, there are dramas that have been dubbed in other languages, too. There are Kdramas in Viu, like “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” that were dubbed in Tagalog. This is a great thing for Filipino audiences as they do not need subtitles. They can fully understand the show in their mother tongue. 

We have in previous paragraphs that Viu is free. However, if you do not want to wait for the next episode of your latest k drama app, you can opt for its premium subscription. For Viu’s premium subscription, you can get the latest episode four hours after its live airing. 

4. Netflix 


For our next recommendation, we would not be going too far. With 232.5 million paid users, it is one of the most accessible platforms to watch Kdramas on. No need to look for another free movie app. You can just scroll through Neflix’s library to search for the next Kdrama you want to binge-watch. 

Another thing that we like about Netflix is that it produces its own Kdramas. Remember the worldwide phenomenon of Squid Game? That action-packed Kdrama is a Netflix original. If you want some thrill, you can also check out The Glory or Sweet Home. 

The Netflix library is not fixed to one genre. You can explore other genres of the K drama app as well. If you want to watch something other than romcoms, you can try thrillers, action shows, mysteries, or any genre you can think of. 

5. KorTv

Kortv k drama app

If you are a fan of live streaming, this app is perfect for you. A lot of Kdrama fans have learned the language and become fluent. If you are one of them, you can truly enjoy KorTv as it airs and streams shows live from Korea. 

You can watch your favorite Kdramas while it airs. You don’t have to wait for a couple of days for it to be available on the app. You can also watch other shows besides the K drama app. Since it is live TV, you can watch a variety of shows, documentaries, and many others straight from Korea. 


You might want to end your day by listening to K-pop songs. If you are a K drama app fan or a K-pop fan, you may like at least one channel on this streaming app. There is a channel in the app that streams K-pop 24/7. You can enjoy doing other things while your favorite K-pop songs play in the background. 

6. FluentU


As we watch more K drama apps, we learn more about the country’s customs and traditions. We fall in love with their way of life A part of culture is language. You can be influenced to learn the Korean language by watching dramas alone. 

What if we tell you there is a way for you to watch Kdrama clips, and learn the Korean language at the same time? FluentU is an app that can give you learning opportunities while watching your favorite Kdramas. 

In order to help you learn the language, the app has both Korean and English subtitles available in the clip you chose. Using clips is also a great way to learn, as you can witness how you can use the phrases you learned in real life. 

For the Korean captions, you can turn it off or on. You can turn it on, so you can get definitions and grammar clarification. This can help you better understand how Korean sentences are constructed. 

Lastly, you can also use flashcards in the app. Whenever you encounter an unfamiliar Korean word, you can turn it into a flashcard and you can flip it anytime you want. If you want to test what you learned so far, you can do so by doing quizzes in the app. In that way, you can assess your progress in learning the language. 

Kdrama: Watching Is Learning

The popularity of the K drama app among our generation cannot be denied. Since its popularity, a lot of applications have been available to bring the k drama app closer to us. Some apps that we can use to watch and tune in to our favorite Kdramas are Netflix, Viu, Viki, FluentU, KorTv, and Kocowa. 

Diving into Kdramas isn’t just entertainment and a pastime for us. With the K drama app, you can also learn. You get to learn and become accustomed to other people’s cultures and traditions. You can embrace differences and gain respect for the culture of other nations. 

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