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Keyboard Language on Android: 19 FAQs to Help You Figure It Out

Language is a part of one’s culture that every person carries within himself all the time. With so many technology advancements today, apps have become a tool to let people break the barriers of their native language from hindering the experience of using Android devices.

Apps are used to get the most out of your device. And, keyboard apps for Android devices today are better equipped to cater to some of the most common language varieties in the world.

Keyboard apps are transforming how you communicate and use your device by letting you have the ease of choosing and using the language you most desire. It’s so useful as it allows you to change languages without having to change your apps.

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1. How To Change Keyboard Language on Android?

There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • First, go to your device’s Settings and navigate to “Language & Input.” Tap on the name of your keyboard under “Keyboard & input methods,” then select “Input languages” or “Languages.” Choose, or tick the language that you prefer.
  • Another way you can access this setting is directly through your keyboard. Find the settings button or globe icon on your keyboard. Tap on “Input languages,” then select the language you need.
Keyboard Language on Android: 19 FAQs to Help You Figure It Out | Joy of Android
Keyboard Language Settings

If you re unable to do this, check and make sure that the “Use system language” is disabled. You will find it right at the top of the list under the name of the keyboard you are using. Want more features on your keyboard? Try one of the best Android keyboards on Play Store.

2. Can You Add A New Language To Your Keyboard?

Yes, you can. If you were unable to find the language you need on the list, you have an option to download it.  Or, you can install a different keyboard that has multiple languages features.

For some keyboards like the ZenUI Keyboard, to install a new language on your keyboard, simply follow the steps to access “Input languages.” Depending on the keyboard software that you are using, you’ll find a + icon or “Add-on Dictionaries” option. Tapping this will allow you to choose, download and install the language that you need.

Keyboard Language on Android: 19 FAQs to Help You Figure It Out | Joy of Android
How To Add Language

For other keyboards like Android Keyboard or GBoard, you can access this option by going to your keyboard’s settings and tapping on “Text correction.” Select “Add-on Dictionaries,” tap on the language you need and press the “Install” button beside it.

Download: Gboard – the Google Keyboard

3. How To Change Language For Bluetooth Keyboard?

From Settings on your phone, go to “Language & input.”  Tap on the name of your Bluetooth keyboard listed under “Physical keyboard.” From the menu, choose “Set up keyboard layouts.” Now, you can select the language that you desire.

If you are using multiple languages at once, you can switch between them using the keyboard shortcut  Ctrl + Space on your Bluetooth keyboard.

4. You Select Multiple Language On Keyboard?

In the “Input languages” option, you can select as many languages as you want. It also allows you to change between different languages for your input and dictionary simultaneously. You can do this by tapping on the language button or space bar on your keyboard.

If you are not satisfied with your keyboard, choose between the three best keyboard apps.

5. How Do You Switch Languages For Input?

From your keyboard on Android, you can find the language button which may look like a globe or for some versions you can use the comma at the left side of the spacebar. Tapping or long-pressing it will enable you to switch or change the layout and language of your keyboard that you prefer to use for typing.

Another method you can use is by long-pressing the space bar on your Android keyboard. A small menu will pop-up on the screen letting you choose which one you’ll like to use. Easily switch between languages while creating your to-do list with your app.

6. Can You Quickly Change Keyboard Language While Typing?

Yes, you can do this by swiping sideways on the space bar will switch the language settings and layout of your keyboard. It is the and easiest fastest method to switch between languages while you’re typing simultaneously.

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7. How To Turn On or Off Word Suggestion?

Word suggestions are a list of words in your language that appear at the top of your keyboard as you type. On your keyboard’s settings, navigate to “Text correction” and tap the features “Show correction suggestions ” and “Next-word suggestions” to turn it on or off.

8. How To Enable or Disable Predictive Word Typing?

Predictive typing or personalized suggestions are word suggestions that your keyboard learns from your typing or communications pattern. It is quite useful as you only have to tap on the words that appear at the top of your Android keyboard.

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9. What Is The Best Keyboard For Dual Language Users?

Great keyboards for dual language typing are available to download and install on Google Play Store. They provide a great tool for users to quickly and efficiently switch between languages back and forth. One of the most popular choice and a real crowd favorite is the SwiftKey.

Download: SwiftKey

10. What Is Personal Dictionary?

What is great about the personal dictionary is that you can save words like names, shortcut terms, etc. Then, your keyboard will include that word to the list of suggestion together with other suggestions from your language dictionary. It helps a lot in increasing your productivity and efficiency.

11. How To Quickly Add Words To Personal Dictionary?

Start saving words in two easy steps. Just type the work you want to add into your personal dictionary and tap on the word at the suggestion bar right on top of your keyboard. There would be a “+ Add _ to dictionary” message, tap on it, and you’re done.

12. How To Delete Words In The Personal Dictionary?

To manage the words registered to your keyboard’s personal dictionary, navigate to your keyboard’s settings and tap on “Text correction.” Select “Personal dictionary” to view all the list of words saved. Tap on the word to edit or press the trash can icon at the top of the screen to delete.

If your keyboard is having problems due to recent updates, you can find a way to fix your keyboard on the web.

13. How To Show or Hide Word Suggestions?

Words suggestions can be quite useful for making sure you have the correct spelling or to type a word swiftly without completely typing the whole word. For some, the word suggestion bar may be blocking the rest of your screen, or you might find it annoying, so you want to get rid of it.

If you want to show or hide word suggestions, go to settings on your Android keyboard. Choose on “Text correction,” then tap on “Show correction suggestions” to turn on or off the feature.

14. How To Turn On or Off Autocorrect?

Autocorrect is a feature which ensures that the words you type in your language are the correct spelling. To use or disable the autocorrect, go to settings on your Android keyboard. Choose on “Text correction,” then tap on “Auto-correction” to enable or disable the feature.

15. How To Use Transliteration?

Transliteration is a feature that allows you to type a word phonetically using your QWERTY keyboard, and it will translate the word using the script or characters in the language of your choosing without changing the layout of your keyboard.

It works better if you can ensure your Android phone can run smoothly without lagging.

16. You Use Character Or Scripts For Your Keyboard?

Yes, it is possible. If what you want is to completely change your keyboard layout to use script and character of your preferred language, just go to the settings of your keyboard and select “Appearance & layouts.” Tap on “Custom input styles” and select the language and layout that you need.

Keyboard Language on Android: 19 FAQs to Help You Figure It Out | Joy of Android
Japanese Keyboard Layout

17. How Many Languages Are Supported Transliteration?

With Gboard, their app now supports more than 185 language varieties. This feature translates as you type, making it easier for users like you to quickly and efficiently take notes or type a message in your desired language.

18. Can You Translate In A Different Language Word Using Your Android Keyboard?

For Gboard users, this is possible as Google Translate is already integrated to the keyboard app. Just tap on the Google logo, then again to the Google Translate logo. Choose your preferred language for the input and output. Now, everything you type will be automatically translated for you.

Keyboard Language on Android: 19 FAQs to Help You Figure It Out | Joy of Android
Google Translate On Android Keyboard

19. Can I Type Using Morse Code?

Want to use Morse code for your email app? Odd as it may seem, Gboard beta does have this feature. Morse code keyboard allows you to type words using dots and dashes, and Gboard translates it for you. It’s a cool and fun way to exercise your knowledge or to learn Morse code.


Now you have the freedom to appreciate your native language or practice and hone your language skills while you use your keyboard on your Android device. Keyboards nowadays are quite handy and multifunctional. Explore more of it to understand better how it works, and what more it can offer for you.

Have you found our list informative? Which FAQ have you found the most interesting? Do not forget to share and leave your comments down below. 

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