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10 LG G4 Problems and How-To Troubleshoot Them

The LG G4 is one of the hottest contenders in the 2015 smartphone wars. LG manages to put their flagship smartphone in the ranks alongside the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6. This phone boasts a blazing fast processor and a hearty amount of RAM. The phone has been getting rave reviews because of its camera. Some are even claiming that the G4’s camera is superior to the iPhone 6’s camera.

Although there have been some complaints about the LG G4’s plastic casing, some feel like this is the phone that you should be married to this year. However, we know that no marriage is perfect, and once the honeymoon phase is over the cracks begin to show.

The phone has gotten a bad reputation for having dead spots in certain spots of the screen. There have been countless videos on YouTube verifying that the screen issue was very real. The problem became so obvious that LG officially acknowledged the issue and released an update to fix the problem. Although that was definitely the biggest issue, there were some other problems with the device.

Here are the top 10 problems with the LG G4 and the troubleshooting methods you can take to address each one.

Problem1: LG G4 Screen Issues

Many users have been complaining that sometimes the screen won’t register their taps. The operating system is ignoring user taps quite frequently. There have been so many complaints about this bug that LG made an official statement and software update for it. Others users have complained that the LG stock keyboard was not responding to their touches to the screen.

To determine that your phone is not responding to your touch, let’s test this out by using a built-in app on your G4

Step 1: Test Your Device to See if it’s Missing Your Taps

Open the dialer on your phone and type 277634#*#.

Then tap Device test > Service Menu > Manual Test > Touch Draw Test > Manual

Begin to tap random areas of the test screen, making sure to touch the screen with more than one finger at a time. If a red dot doesn’t appear when you touch the screen, then your device is ignoring some of your taps. Alternative App for Testing Your Device for Dead Spots on the Screen

Step 2: Alternative App for Testing Your Device for Dead Spots on the Screen

The Multitouch Test app does exactly what the app built into your phone does. If you do not feel like using the service code to access the tap test app on your device, simply download this app and tap the device to see if it misses your taps.

LG G4 - Multitouch Test App

Step 3: Replace Your Stock LG G4 Keyboard with Swype

If the LG G4 stock keyboard isn’t registering your taps, then you need to replace your stock keyboard with another keyboard from the Play Store. In my opinion, Swype is one of the best keyboards out there. It allows you to swipe letters rather than tapping each letter individually.

LG G4 - Swype logo

Step 4: Developer Settings Fix for Screen Dead Spots

For those who are willing to tinker with the developer settings, there is a secret way to manipulate the GPU settings for your phone. We’re going to try to fix the issue by toggling “Force GPU rendering”.

Go to Settings > General > About Phone > Software Info > and tap the build number repeatedly until you receive a message that says, “You are now a developer.” Go into the developer options. Scroll down until you find the option to Force GPU Rendering and toggle it on.

Step 5: Screen Protector Issues

Are you using a screen protector? Many smartphone users use a screen protector to prevent the screen from cracking. However, this adds another layer on top of the phone that may sometimes prevent the phone from registering your tap. You may have to risk it and take the screen protector off if it is causing problems.

Step 6: SGS Touchscreen Booster to Manipulate Touchscreen Settings

SGS Touchscreen Booster is an app that manipulates the touchscreen settings on your phone without root. It allows you to adjust your phone’s sensitivity to your touch, how long it should register your touch, and what touch should register as a swipe or a tap.

This app definitely proves that the missed taps are a software calibration problem. If you haven’t received the official update from LG yet, then this app will definitely help you in the meantime.

LG G4 - SGS Touch Screen Booster

Step 7: The Whole Screen is Unresponsive

If your whole screen is unresponsive to touch, then it’s probably a hardware malfunction. You will need to get a replacement device to resolve this issue.

Problem 2: LED Notification Issues

Many users have reported that the LED will start flashing even they have not received any notifications from the phone. Some users have said that even if you clear the notifications the light continues to blink.

Step 1: Alarm Clock Fix

Do you have an alarm set up on the stock LG alarm app? Then you’re going to need to turn it off and download a better one from the Play Store.

Here is a way to clear the notification light by trying the alarm clock fix.

  • Clear all Notifications
  • Turn off the Screen
  • Now just wait until the notification light starts blinking
  • Turn on the Screen
  • Go to Clock and disable your Alarm
  • Double tap the Status bar and turn off your screen
  • Your notification light should stop blinking

You can try to use your alarm clock again and see if it doesn’t cause your LED to blink. Just be mindful that there are many other alarm clock apps that won’t cause this problem.

Step 2: 3rd-Party Messaging App Issues

Some have reported that 3rd party messaging apps are causing the LED problem. Consider removing the messaging app and see if the problem persists. Hopefully, this won’t always be necessary once there is an update, but until then you may have to stick with the stock Android messaging app.

Step 3: Last resort

If you can handle using your phone without the LED light, you can turn the LED off completely.

Go to Settings > Sound and Notification > Notification LED

Problem 3: Software Lag

The G4 is a feature phone with top of the line specs, and yet people are still complaining about how the phone still lags after using it for a while. Even though it’s chock full of ram and has a blazing fast processor, it may begin to slow down in the future.

Step 1: Greenify Will Speed up Your Phone

Greenify is–for the most part–an app killer. The purpose of it is to kill apps that force themselves to load in the background. Greenify is great for disabling apps that you use maybe once a week.

Unlike your standard app killer, which tries to kill all apps that it can, Greenify will only kill the apps that you choose. Simply tap the plus button to add the apps to the list and press the “ZZZ” button to put those apps to sleep. You may have to press the “ZZZ” button every time you restart your phone.

LG G4 - Greenify

Step 2: You May Have a Bad App Installed

There is a chance a malicious app is infecting your phone. If you’re lucky, solving the problem might be as simple as uninstalling all of your downloaded apps and seeing if that solves the problem. If that doesn’t fix it, then you may have to factory reset the phone.

Howto factory reset your phone:

  • Backup all data on the internal memory.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons on the back of the device.
  • When the LG logo appears, release and then re-hold the Power button while continuing to hold the Volume down button.

Step 3: You Have Too Many LG Apps On

Dual Window, QSlide, Smart Bulletin, and smart notice can all cause delays as they all require processing power from your phone. Consider disabling the apps you don’t use often.

Problem 4: Short Battery Life

Do you feel like you’re not getting enough battery life from your G4? There may be a couple of reasons for this. Have you downloaded a bunch of apps that require a constant internet connection? If so, it may be wise for you to delete the apps that you don’t really find necessary.

Step 1: Uninstall Apps that Require Internet

You know that an app requires an internet connection if you turn on airplane mode on your phone and the app cannot function. You should also delete unnecessary apps that run in the background.

You can find out which apps are running in the background by going to Settings > Applications then going to your application manager and then looking at the Running Apps tab. If you have any apps running, and you don’t usually use them, uninstall the app.

Step 2: Disable Wireless Connections

You may also want to disable some wireless options if you don’t use them. If you know that you’re going to be at a location where you won’t be using Wi-Fi for a while, you should turn Wi-Fi off. If you don’t use any Bluetooth devices be sure to turn that off as well.

Step 3: You Have a Bad Battery

Finally, you may have received a faulty battery from the manufacturer. Batteries aren’t perfect devices, and sometimes your phone happens to come with a bad battery. You’re going to have to buy an OEM battery from LG. It’s not a good idea to get a third party battery because you don’t know if the battery can provide the same performance that an LG battery can.

Step 4: Phone Charging Issues

Having a phone charging issue is a common problem with most phones. The G4 is equipped with Qualcomm 2.0 quick charging technology. Having this technology on your LG means that the phone should be able to take a charge twice as fast as most other phones.

Ironically, they do not give you the charger that you need to charge your phone faster. To charge your phone fully from 0%, expect it to take more than an hour and a half. Unfortunately, some Qualcomm chargers don’t charge quickly. Here are the top Qualcomm 2.0 chargers that work for the LG G4. Amazon sells many of these chargers if you are looking for one.

Problem 5: Phone Overheating

All phones tend to overheat when the processor is under heavy usage. Data-heavy apps, video, and video games especially can make a phone so hot you can cook an egg on it.

We seem to forget that our phones are just miniature computers. Don’t forget that the only reason most desktops are as fast as they are is that they have powerful fans placed directly on top of the CPU. Take out the fan and you can sear steaks on top of your CPU.

Step 1: Get the Fire Extinguisher Ready

If you ever find that your phone is excessively hot, turn it off and let it cool it down before continuing. Sometimes an app may misbehave and overuse your CPU causing your phone to heat up. If your phone heats up immediately after turning it on, you may have an app that is misbehaving as soon as you turn your phone on.

If deleting all downloaded apps does not fix it, and then your last resort is to factory reset your phone. If the problem persists, it’s a battery issue, and you need to get a replacement battery.

Problem 6: Smart Lock not Working Correctly

The G4 comes with the ability to unlock automatically based on location or when other devices (like Bluetooth, or NFC) pair with the phone. Some users have complained that the phone will continue to stay unlocked even if they are no longer near their home.

Pinpointing a cellphone’s location can still be difficult sometimes. Make sure that your GPS and Wi-Fi are on, as the accurate location is dependent on both these services.

LG G4 - Smart Lock

Problem 7: Wi-Fi Issues

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your phone or your Wi-Fi router is the issue when you’re trying to connect to the internet. After being sure that your phone’s Wi-Fi is on, try to turn the Wi-Fi router on and off.

Next step would be to go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and to forget the connection to your wireless router. After 30 seconds reconnect to the router, this should fix the problem.

Problem 8: Camera Issues

The LG G4 camera is highly praised by many users. However, what should you do if it doesn’t work at all?

Step 1: Restart Your Phone

If your camera always worked in the past and suddenly stopped working then restart your phone. Power cycling your phone tends to reset any software issues and some hardware issues, not to mention the software that controls it.

Step 2: Clear the Camera’s Cache

Go to Settings and go to your application manager, then tap Force Stop. Afterwards tap Clear Cache and open your camera app again. This should clear most problems.

Problem 9: Bad Cell Signal

There haven’t been that many complaints about bad cell signal service with the LG G4. If you’re having consistent bad signal problems, then you need first to figure out if you experience this everywhere you go, or if you’re in an area where the signal is generally bad. The construction of a building can actually stop the cell phone signals.

If you get bad signals everywhere you go, then the radio inside your phone is bad and you need to get a replacement device.

Problem10: Bluetooth Problems

Bluetooth can be finicky sometimes. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is on, and then you want to turn on your Bluetooth device.

If a connection isn’t established, open up the Bluetooth settings on your phone, look for the device, and connect to it. If the device isn’t listed, then there is a possibility that your device has connected to someone else’s phone by accident. You may want to factory reset your Bluetooth device and try the above process all over again.


That solves most of the major problems with the LG G4. If you have a problem that isn’t listed here, then let us know in the comments section, and we’ll try to help you out.

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  1. I tried to do the fix for the tapping on the screen by entering 277 …number on the dialer which I believe is where you dial a phone number. I can only enter a few numbers and this hidden screen opens up.
    Can’t do the test u suggest to find out why when I tap tje screen phone doesn’t immediately open up. Got to keep tapping over and over again.

  2. I’m having problems with the installed video player. It takes a while to start and then it stops and starts and stops and starts. Not sure what to do about it! I have an LG Lucky that I bought a month ago!

  3. I woke up this morning and went to check the time on my phone and it was completely unresponsive. I tried multiple times to hit the power button and use the KnockOn feature but nothing worked. After i unplugged my phone, the LED saying that it was charging was still on. Nothing worked the buttons and screen were completely unresponsive, so I took out the battery which was all I could think of. When I put the battery back in the phone came back on. I have no idea what caused this but if anyone knows that would be very helpful. I am afraid it will do it again when i have my alarm set and have to get up for class.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Looks like it froze there for a moment, but good to hear that it´s working just fine now. Just recently, all of the app icons on my phone disappeared, but I rebooted my phone and they all came back. To this day, I´m not sure what caused it, but it hasn´t happened since. Sometimes it´s hard to determine what may have caused it, but was this the first and last time it did that? =-)

  5. Can I please have a way to turn off that sound it makes when data signal are lost. It is very irritating. I’ve tried going into every folder & settings. I seriously can’t stand that sound any longer. Please help….

    1. Hi Alister,
      I don´t think a real solution to eliminating this sound has been found, but you can change the notification sound a sound you actually like. I personally recommend Zedge, I have been using it for a long time now and I love it.


      If your phone has it, you can also try going to menu button>settings>sound settings>uncheck Network Lost Tones or you can (under sound settings) hit the volume and then kill the notification volume slider bar. Hope this helps. =-)

  6. I have the same problem like Jessica : the phone is completely dead , nothing worked. I tried to hit the power button , use the KnockOn feature, changing battery , but nothing worked. Please advise what may be the problem and what is the solution.

    1. Was the replacement battery fully charged? If you can see any of the moisture indicators, see if they are red.

      if ti is not turning on at all, it might be something you would need to take to an LG service center or contact LG.

  7. I am in my 5th phone replacement. I returned my phone because of the 0 and arrow send let stopped working like a dead zone and the next 4 phones the camera won’t save the edited photo after you click on the Sime Burton reverting to the original photo from the gallery or camera feature and all portrait pictures are rotated landscape requiring an edit to each picture the only feature that will work are the 3 dots rotate and crop will save the edited photo. I use this camera for business, so frustrated with the LG4 and their solution at LG is to clear the cashe and send it in for repair who can send their phone in and go without it for an hour of it is your business phone and personal phone solely.
    They just keep sending me same phone with same issues over and over as their solution to their software issue that I found out upon phone #4 and #5 and another hour and a half in the phone with Verizon and second time with LG wasting my valuable time getting new phones operating exactly the same and not even having this phone 10 months they suggest I can upgrade to another phone and spend another $700! My Warranty plan only covers replacing same phone..
    LG and Verizon is So f…d up!

    1. Wow Maxine, that´s incredible. Five phones and no solution. They have to give you a phone that works properly. Maybe the ones that store has are faulty. I would demand to talk to the manager and tell him or her what´s going on and demand that you are given a phone that works.

  8. Hi all!

    I’ve bought an G4 this year april and sadly ive got some touch screen issues.. Some weeks ago i’ve faced that my touch screen is not working all the time..: eg: when some1 called me the screen was unresponsive etc. 2 Days ago @ night i just charged my phone and next day morning the touch screen is dead. Its not responding to any touch, only the phisycal buttons are working. I’ve tryed a factory reset, but the same error occurs for me.

    Anyone faced this issue?
    G4-H815 V1.1, 2006 febr product.

  9. Out of nowhere my home button, volume buttons, and recently used apps button will no longer work. When I get a phone call nothing happens and I don’t know until I go into my call log that I’ve missed a call. I’ve had this phone for 2 years and I’ve grown very fond of it until now. Please someone help befor I throw it in the lake and say screw LG all together… ????

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