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How to Live Stream GoPro on Android: Your Complete Guide

When it comes to strapping a camera and capturing moments doing something crazy or merely letting people see what we are seeing or what we wanted them to see, GoPro is usually the first gadget that comes in our mind. The company worked hard in putting their hardware in some of the most extreme activities that you can think.

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GoPro helps not only those people who are into extreme sports but also who just wanted to share the beauty around them. Take for example those underwater shots right. Good thing we can livestream anywhere using our GoPro and Android device.

How to Live Stream GoPro on Android: Your Complete Guide | Joy of Android

I will be listing here possible methods on how you can connect your GoPro to an Android phone and continue to share all those extreme and exciting videos. There are two methods that we can livestream using our Android phone with GoPro.

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Method 1: Pairing Your GoPro Camera with Your Android Phone

How to Live Stream GoPro on Android: Your Complete Guide | Joy of Android

First, we need to install the GoPro application on Playstore, once done, you are now ready to pair your GoPro with your Android.

  1. Launch the GoPro application, then tap on Connect to Camera
  2. Tap on “Connect Your Camera.”
  3. Select your camera model from the list of available cameras
  4. Precisely follow the in-app instructions to pair the camera with your mobile phone
  5. Once you have completed the pairing, connect it with your Wi-Fi

At this point, you should be able to remotely control your camera using the mobile application.

Download: GoPro

Setting Up Live4 to Connect with Facebook

Live4 will assist you to use Facebook’s live streaming API so that you can broadcast your live feed to Facebook using GoPro. You can download the application on Playstore.

  1. Launch the Live4 It will only take a few seconds to setup your account
  2. Touch the “+” icon on the bottom toolbar
  3. In the popup, select Facebook
  4. Grant Live4 the permissions to log in
  5. In the next screen, Live4 will begin to capture the stream from your mobile phone’s camera. Just switch it to the GoPro tab at the top to find your custom camera feed up and connect it.
  6. In the bottom, you will find a label “Stream Title,” change this to your preferred relevance of the livestream (much better if you can think of something witty and exciting!)
  7. The final step to enable Facebook is to tap on the “f” icon to the right of the red colored recording circle.

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Download: Live4

Method 2: Using Your HDMI and Other Tools

How to Live Stream GoPro on Android: Your Complete Guide | Joy of Android

Like what I have said, I will list all possible ways for you guys to livestream using GoPro. You will need the following though:

  • HDMI capture card
  • Micro HDMI Line
  • Type C to USB line
  • You can use the CameraFi Live

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Here are the steps for using the HDMI capture card:

  1. Turn on your GoPro, then plug the HDMI line to the GoPro Camera
  2. Plug the HDMI Capture Card to your smartphone
  3. Connect the HDMI Capture Card and the HDMI line from the GoPro
  4. Open the CameraFi Live
  5. Follow the prompts that will pop up on the screen
  6. Click on the record button to go live!

Download: Live4

It is mainly accessible to set up your GoPro with your Android phone, once you are done with the steps, you can enjoy your livestream and share them on Twitter or Facebook.

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Let’s Go Live!

It is fascinating how we can start to share moments instantly. You can even get to share it live making the viewers see what you are seeing. I hope that you will find the steps easy to follow and will make your GoPro experience feel better with Android.

Were you able to find the apps useful? Are you interested in hearing more about GoPro and how it works with Android? Write about your thoughts in the comments section below. Let your friends know on how to make the most of their GoPro using their Android Smartphones by sharing this. Enjoy sharing your adventures with your Android and GoPro!

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