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Manage Your Social Marketing from Your Android with IFTTT

What slows down social media marketing the most is having to be in so many different places all at once. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate parts of your social marketing campaign to get some of those precious hours back?

Well, with IFTTT, you can!

For the purposes of this article, I’ll be assuming that you already know how to set up IFTTT and know the basics of automating channels. What we’ll be looking at here are specific tricks you can use to get more efficiency out of your interaction with all kinds of social media.

As a note of caution, if you don’t have IFTTT setup to send you alerts whenever it executes tasks, sometimes you may get some unexpected consequences. That’s why it’s always best to keep track of what IFTTT is doing for you and opt in to receive task notifications.

Tweet Facebook Page Status

What it Does: Whenever you add a new status update on your Facebook page, IFTTT will tweet it for you too.
Why You’ll Love It: No more flipping back and forth between Facebook and Twitter to make sure your message is getting broadcast in both locations. With IFTTT set up, you can post in one place and forget about it.
IF Channel: Facebook Page
THEN Channel: Twitter

Premade Recipe

Post Tagged Content to Facebook

What it Does: When you make a new post on your company blog or website, IFTTT will post a link to Facebook. If you don’t want to publish every new post to Facebook, you can restrict it to posts that have specific tags. For instance, if you are running a campaign with coupon codes, then any post with a coupon in the content might be tagged with “coupon”. IFTTT can be setup to advertise only those posts on Facebook.
Why You’ll Love It: Followers of your Facebook page will be delighted to receive useful content from you on a regular basis, and you’ll be delighted because you won’t even have to think about it again after setting it up.
IF Channel: Wordpress, Blogger, or Feedly
THEN Channel: Facebook Page

Tweet New Blog Posts

What it Does: When you post new content, a link will go out to Twitter as well. Although many website platforms already offer Twitter sharing options, IFTTT grants you a degree of customization you won’t receive from Wordpress.
Why You’ll Love It: With context­ specific options, you will have full control over what content gets posted in what way. Make an image post? Then IFTTT can share the image directly to Twitter instead of only providing a link. After all, tweets with images receive 500% more engagement than tweets with just links.
IF Channel: Wordpress, Blogger
THEN Channel: Twitter

Premade Recipe

Tweet a Thank You to New Followers

What it Does: When someone new follows you on Twitter, automatically tweet back to them, thanking them for the follow.
Why You’ll Love It: Although many of your followers may suspect that the response was automated, they’ll also appreciate being noticed. It’s usually not a good idea to automate customer interaction, but, in this case, it does the trick!
IF Channel: Twitter
THEN Channel: Twitter

Premade Recipe

Post Facebook Updates to LinkedIn

What it Does: Takes the content from your Facebook status and posts the same thing in LinkedIn
Why You’ll Love It: LinkedIn and Facebook are widely different audiences, with Facebook being far and away more casual and laid back. With IFTTT, you can configure only certain posts to go through to LinkedIn. This ensures that you maintain an appropriate professional image without having to overly filter yourself.
IF Channel: Facebook
THEN Channel: LinkedIn

Schedule Motivational Notifications

What it Does: Sends daily motivational quotes directly to your phone. Use an appropriate feed, like this one.
Why You’ll Love It: As a social media marketer, sometimes it can feel like you’re punching the air. The successes and failures of your individual actions are measured on long timelines. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. When you’re slogging your way through it, an uplifting word can make the difference between a lackluster day and a blockbuster day.
IF Channel: Feedly
THEN Channel: Android Notifications

Tweet New Articles with a Specific Tag in Feedly

What it Does: Anytime a trusted feed that you subscribe to posts content with a particular feed, your Twitter account will tweet it automatically. Use in conjunction with Buffer to make sure your content is nicely spaced out.
Why You’ll Love It: You know the kind of content I’m talking about. Every time you see a particular writer or subject come up on your radar, you know you’re going to tweet about it. It’s like muscle memory. Why not go ahead and take the legwork out of that so you can use that time for something else?
IF Channel: Feedly
THEN Channel: Twitter, Buffer

Premade Recipe

Notify Me When One of My Fiverr Orders Is Updated

What it Does: If you outsource work with Fiverr, then one of your frustrations might be checking in periodically to see if your project is done yet. With this recipe, you’ll receive a notification on your phone the moment your content is ready!
Why You’ll Love It: One word: speed.
IF Channel: Fiverr
THEN Channel: Android Notifications

Premade Recipe

Create Link Notes in Evernote from Feedly Articles Saved for Later

What it Does: When you save a Feedly article, IFTTT adds it to Evernote.
Why You’ll Love It: Marketing is just as much about consuming as it is about producing. If you don’t know what people are saying about your subject, how will you know what to say about it yourself? This recipe places anything that catches your eye into an easily searchable, organizable workspace.
IF Channel: Feedly
THEN Channel: Evernote

Premade Recipe

Save Favorite Tweets to Evernote

What it Does: When you favorite a tweet, IFTTT saves it to Evernote.
Why You’ll Love It: The whole purpose of that little golden star on Twitter has always been a little bit vague to me. However, when you combine it with Evernote, suddenly that button takes on a whole new use! Evernote is far easier to navigate than Twitter’s favorites page so you can keep all the content that you’ve tagged for future review in one place.
IF Channel: Twitter
THEN Channel: Evernote

Premade Recipe

Add Your Content to Tumblr Hassle-free

What it Does: Takes content where you normally post it and uploads it to Tumblr.
Why You’ll Love It: Tumblr is often the last social media resource that marketers think about when organizing a campaign. This is unfortunate, because Tumblr’s userbase is large and growing, and the interface is based on sharing. Using IFTTT takes the hassle out of converting your Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or Blogger content into the Tumblr format by doing all the work for you!
IF Channel: Any Social Media Channel
THEN Channel: Tumblr

Put out Fires Quickly

What it Does: Set triggers to identify negative comments about your product, then receive a notification on your phone so you can respond immediately. Use the Twitter search feature to identify phrases like “<your product>” AND “isn’t working.”
Why You’ll Love It: You’ll love it because your customers will love it. Nobody likes being frustrated with their product or service, and what’s even worse is feeling like you’re in it alone.
Having someone from the company respond quickly to negative feedback is a sure­fire way to earn favor with customers.
IF Channel: Twitter
THEN Channel: Android Notifications

Monitor Reddit for Relevant Content

What it Does: Notifies you when specific content becomes popular on Reddit. You can use specific keywords and subreddits to narrow down your field. Whenever you see that something regarding your product or service is rising in the ranks, post a link to Twitter or Facebook to give it more attention.
Why You’ll Love It: Who has time anymore to actually browse Reddit? This recipe lets you get right to the content you really need so you can put it to use in social media.
IF Channel: Reddit
THEN Channel: Android Notifications


IFTTT gives you an unprecedented degree of control over your social media automation. For marketing experts, this is no small benefit. Using Android notifications in conjunction with these features is one of the quickest ways to get timely information about the topics you need to know about. With the IF app on your phone, you’re never far from being able to tweak and modify the recipes that you’ve put to work for you.

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