Mood Lifters

A Ton of Mobile Wallpapers to Put You in a Better Mood

Mood Lifters

When I’m having a bad day, it’s helpful to have a reminder that despite the bad, the world also contains cute, breathtaking, extraordinary, funny, wonderful, and sometimes bizarre things. And being a visual person (although I like my music too), images can really have a calming effect. And it may not just be my biased opinion that cat videos are mutually beneficial to both myself and my employer. In a study conducted by Nittono of Hiroshima University, it was found that viewing cute images may aid in productivity.

The cute image cause is compelling enough to motivate businesses to invest in it—even the most expensive, multi-million dollar ads used in American Super Bowl commercials have employed this tactic. You can too, and for far less than millions. In fact, you can get these mood-boosting wallpapers for free. And we’ll even waive the therapy fees.

1. Colorful Landscapes on InterfaceLIFT

If you live in a region that has a Winter season, January can be a tough, dreary month. The trees look dead, and there’s not a lot of color or sunshine to go around. Fortunately, your phone doesn’t have to be this way. Websites like InterfaceLIFT offer images of warmer places from all over the world.

One such example that I find soothing (but I do like cool colors) is titled Queenstown from Bob’s Peak. It’s a contribution by Dominic Kamp, whose main gig might be investment advising, but who is also proving his talent at photography on this site. This photo was taken from Bob’s Peak, a mountain in New Zealand overlooking the resort town of Queenstown, which also happens to sit on a gorgeous lake. If you are looking for bright and cheerful as opposed to cool and calm, you could also check out another of Kamp’s water scenes—Driftwood.


Download: Queenstown from Bob’s Peak

Download: Driftwood

Brighter still is Tournesol by Giel, an image of a sunflower field in Switzerland.


Download: Tournesol


Majestic is an apt description of Mirror Lake—Yosemite National Park by cbrooks5678. And you’ll find the rainbow after the storm in the Land of Rainbows by Oliver Buettner, showcasing scenery in Ireland.

Mirror Lake

Download: Mirror Lake—Yosemite National Park

Download: Land of Rainbows

Rainbow Land

2. Cuddly Animals on WallpaperFx

WallpaperFx has a great collection of wallpapers categorized by topic. For instance, there’s those cute animals I’ve been gushing about. In fact, there are 1131 of them at this time. Isn’t this what the Internet is for?

Check out pretty Kitty Blue Eyes or the more humorous Playful Scottish Fold Cat.

Download: Kitty Blue Eyes

Kitty Blue

Download: Playful Scottish Fold Cat

Or take a walk on the wild side with (so these are maybe not as cuddly) the Cute Young Tiger or Lemur wallpapers.

Playful Cat

Download: Cute Young Tiger

Young Tiger

Download: Lemur


And who can resist the power of puppies?

Download: Cute Little Puppies

Cute Puppies

There’s also the Cute Little Puppies wallpaper or the super-furry Cute Brown Puppy with its huge eyes.

Download: Cute Brown Puppy

You could do adorable-squared with the Cute Friends wallpaper or the Pomeranian Puppy is enough cuteness to stand on its own.

Cute Puppy

Download: Cute Friends

Cute Friends

Download: Pomeranian Puppy


3. Photos of Children on WallpapersWide

Gone are the days when people had children to improve their economical situation, and yet plenty of people are still reproducing. Why? Although some research has reached the opposite conclusion, a study authored by Myrskyla of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research found a direct correlation between children and happiness, at least for parents 40 or older. And you don’t necessarily have to be a parent to appreciate the beauty of youth or cute babies.

Cool and Stylish Baby Girl could steal your heart, or the cute-on-cute Girl and Dog.

Download: Cool and Stylish Baby Girl

Cool Girl

Download: Girl and Dog

Girl Dog

The title of Cutest Child in the World might seem like a bold claim, but after looking at the wallpaper, is it that far-fetched?

Download: Cutest Child in the World

Cutest Child

And then there’s the effect of a sweet-looking girl combined with bright beautiful scenery that Cute Child in a Flower Field portrays.

Download: Cute Child in a Flower Field

Child Flowers

Some wallpapers might remind you of your childhood dreams, such as Wish. Or perhaps it’s nice to have a reminder of carefree times past, like in Colorful Balloons.

Download: Wish


Download: Colorful Balloons

Colorful Balloons

Childhood bonds are sometimes the sweetest, as demonstrated in Friendship or Funny Secret.

Download: Friendship


Download: Funny Secret

Funny Secret

4. Romance on Google Play

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while some may wish that the holiday fell on Leap Year day so they would only have to deal with it every four years, some are just romantics at heart. Most of these wallpapers are live, and the developers really didn’t deviate with the names, but they all are actually unique. Some have pretty designs, some have anime, and some supply photo frames for your loved ones(s).

Download: Romantic Live Wallpaper

Download: Romantic Wallpapers

Love Roses

Download: Romantic Live Wallpaper

Romantic Anime

Download: Romantic Live Wallpaper

Picture Frame

5. Find Your Passions on Photo Sites

Do you have a passion for cars, movies, or music? You can find a variety of photos that can be used as wallpaper on sites like or Shutterstock, or download actual wallpaper. Here’s Greyscale Photography of Car Engine on Pexels, or there are plenty of different car models available as well.

Download: Greyscale Photography of Car Engine

Car Engine

Do you love Prince? Here’s a drawing in his honor.

Download: Prince Drawing

Prince Vector

Everyone needs some minions.

Download: Despicable Me Wallpaper

Despicable Me

6. Mood ICS Live Wallpaper

Colors can have an effect on our moods; for instance, bright green can be uplifting. Color therapy is actually a thing. This live wallpaper is meant to provide colors for your mood.

Download: Mood ICS Live Wallpaper

Uplifting Green

7. Beach Live Wallpaper

As a reminder of exotic holiday destinations past and future, here’s an app to bring you some HD images of white sand, blue water, and palm trees. You can almost feel the sun’s warmth and the clear blue waves.

Download: Beach Live Wallpaper

Beach Vacation

8. Nature’s Nice Side

Beaches, animals, plant life—there’s actually something to the advice to take a walk when something is bothering you. In the book Fit Soul, Fit Body authors Secunda and Allen discuss all the ways you can use nature to inspire positive thoughts. Or you can use wallpaper.

Download: Nature Wallpapers!

Nature Wallpaper

9. Hope and Motivation

When you feel yourself gravitating towards a pessimistic outlook, these wallpapers will bring you some hope and encouragement. We could all use a little more of that in our lives.

Download: Hope and Motivation

Hope Motivation

10. Funny Wallpapers on Android Walls

Need a good laugh? According to a study by researchers from the University of Oxford, laughter might be the body’s best drug dealer—or at least that it helps you to feel less pain. It releases those feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Find the wallpaper that makes you laugh at, but here’s a sample.

Download: Yoda Reads Grammar Book

Yoda Grammar


Even if the category didn’t strike your fancy, there are still some examples here of websites you can go to to find exactly what makes you happy, and vice versa. If you have a favorite painting, run a search for it or look in an Artistic category. You can undoubtedly find more inspirational quotes using the same sort of tactic.

What wallpapers cheer you up when you are feeling down? Let us know.

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