Apps to Legally Monitor your Employee’s Android Phone

3 Best Apps to Legally Monitor your Employee’s Android Phone

Are your employees misusing your business resources? slacking off? Want to monitor your employee’s Android phone in order to find out if they’re actually working? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. Find out how you can track your employees through their Android smartphones.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can legally track your employees with an Android app. This way, you can check on your employees and can take appropriate action if your employees are wasting the company’s resources or are slacking off.

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Is Monitoring or Tracking Employees Legal?

This is a big debate and the answer isn’t straight forward. Different countries have different types of laws which is why you should be careful before installing any tracking or spying app on the phones of your employees. If you’re trying to monitor an employee’s personal phone, then this could be a big legal issue.

However, if you’re trying to monitor a company-issued device issued to your employee, then it’s legally possible. Just make sure that the employee knows that he/she is being tracked and all the tracking is work-related. We would still highly recommend seeking some legal advice before installing tracking or spying apps on the phones of your employees.

Also, the app mentioned below is designed only to track individuals legally. This guide is not meant to be used to monitor or track others illegally. You should only use this guide if you own the device or have the right to monitor the device.

Why Monitor or Track Employees?

There can be various advantages of tracking or monitoring employees depending on your business. The most common reasons why you should legally track your employees are as follows:

  • To determine whether employees are misusing the phone to make personal phone calls.
  • Track the location of your employee’s phone to determine if they are really outside for meeting a client or for personal work.
  • To ensure that employees are not leaking any confidential information of your business to others

3 apps to monitor your employee’s Android phone

Try these apps to monitor your employee’s Android phone.

  1. mLite Phone Tracker
  2. mSpy Phone Monitoring App
  3. Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder.

mLite Phone Tracker-Monitor Your Employee’s Android Phone Legally

The “mLite Phone Tracker” app is basically designed and intended for family use. Nonetheless, it is also a great app for small businesses to corporate uses. With this app, you can monitor your employees in terms of their location and recent calls.

mlite logo
mLite Logo – monitor your employee’s Android phone legally

The “mLite Phone tracker” is the LITE version of “mSpy” which is an app that’s not available in the Google Play store.

Step 1: Download and Install mLite Phone Tracker

You can download the “mLite Phone Tracker” directly from the Google Play store. Simply launch the Google Play store app, search for “mLite Phone Tracker” and tap install.

Google Play

Step 2: Launch the App and Opt to Subscription

How to Legally Monitor your Employee’s Android Phone
Launch mLite app and opt to Subscription – monitor your employee’s Android phone legally

The “mLite Phone Tracker” app is not for free and you will need to pay a monthly subscription of $19.99 a month.

To begin, simply launch the app by tapping on it. Once done, subscribe to its monthly subscription.

Step 3: Configure and Setup mLite Phone Tracker

How to Legally Monitor your Employee’s Android Phone
Setup mLite Phone Tracker – monitor your employee’s Android phone legally

Once you’re done with the subscription, proceed to set and configure your “mLite Phone Tracker” app.

How to Legally Monitor your Employee’s Android Phone
QR Code Device Linking – monitor your employee’s Android phone legally

You will also need to install the same app to your company provided employee smartphones. Once installed, opt to “Switch to Child.” From there, you will be given a QR Code to pair and link those devices to mLite account.

mSpy Phone Monitoring App – Monitor Your Employee’s Android Phone Legally

If you wish to have an app that’s far more comprehensive and can monitor every aspect of the phone, then we highly recommend checking out the “mSpy” app.

mSpy Logo
mSpy Logo – monitor your employee’s Android phone legally

According to the developers — “Surveillance in the workplace is absolutely legal, no matter whether it comes to your office, corporate cars, or even company-owned devices. Therefore, the tracking software installed on the phones used by your employees is also legal. Moreover, it’s already a must-have, as a powerful cell phone tracker can easily prevent data and assets leakage. Nevertheless, please note that if you want to monitor your employees’ personal devices, they should be informed about it beforehand.

The “mSpy” app is capable of monitoring text messages, calls, current GPS location, Snapchat, WhatsApp and much more. This way, you can fully monitor the activities of your employees and how they use their company-issued Android smartphones.

To know more about “mSpy,” simply visit their official website.

If you prefer something that’s cheap and doesn’t require you to have a server, an account, or an app to use to monitor company-issued Android phones with your employees, then we recommend checking out “Tile Mate.”

Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder

Tile Mate
Tile Mate – Monitor Your Employee’s Android Phone Legally

The “Tile Mate” is a small GPS and Bluetooth tracking device that you can attach to any electronic devices. Along with its App available on the Google Play store or iOS store, it will remember the last place and history of its location. Pretty convenient!

The only downside to this is that you won’t be able to monitor, track, and record any activities that your employees do with their company-issued Android smartphone.

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Final Thoughts-Monitor Your Employee’s Android Phone Legally

The effectivity of providing your employees company-issued Android smartphone depends on their commitment. Not only are Android devices good for your business, but you can also track your employees with all means. However, you should make sure that you only track the devices that you own or are company-owned and not the personal phones of employees.

Furthermore, it is best to ensure that the employees are aware and are well informed that they are being tracked before installing the tracking app.

If you prefer a mobile tracker free, then we highly recommend checking out our 5 Best Android Tracking Apps. All the cell phone tracker apps listed in there are free and easy to use.

If you have any questions on how to monitor your employee’s office phone usage in Android, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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