21 Moto X Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

When you picked up your brand new Moto X, you probably expected it to come mint out of the box without any problems whatsoever. Unfortunately, no device is completely free of its quirks, bugs, and problems, and the Moto X is no exception.

For the most part, there are no widespread device-breaking bugs for the Moto X, and most of its problems tend to be small and relatively easy to fix. If you’re having trouble with your Moto X, here are twenty-one common issues users are complaining about and what troubleshooting methods you can take toward addressing each one.

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Wi-Fi connectivity issues are far and away the most widespread problems experienced by smartphone users. There are several different factors that might be at work here, and the problem may lie with either your Moto X or your wireless network.

Step 1: Toggle Airplane Mode

Turn on Airplane Mode on your Moto X for about 10 seconds, and then turn it back off.

Activate Airplane Mode to give your Wi-Fi connection a refresher.
Activate Airplane Mode to give your Wi-Fi connection a refresher.

Toggling Airplane Mode on and off should give your phone an opportunity to reconnect to the wireless network and may resolve any simple issues.

Step 2: Forget the Network

If a particular wireless network is giving you a headache, try accessing the Wi-Fi menu and have your phone forget the network.

Long-tap the wireless network you want to forget.
Long tap the wireless network you want to forget.

When you log back on, you will need to re-enter any passwords again.

Forgetting a network and re-entering your password often resolves many wireless problems.
Forgetting a network and re-entering your password often resolves many wireless problems.

Step 3: Reset the Network

Still having trouble connecting? Your network may have some connection issues. It’s a common joke in the IT world that turning something off and back on again fixes most problems, but it’s common because it’s true! Try turning off your router and modem for 10 seconds, and then turn them back on again.

Step 4: Use Third Party Apps

Still no dice using these other methods? Try grabbing one of these apps – 5 Best WiFi App for Android to Connect Constantly

2. Moto Assist Isn’t Working Properly

From time to time, Moto Assist can get stuck in a particular mode. For instance, mine once spent a whole day thinking I was still driving when I was just quietly sitting around the house.

If Moto Assist is on the fritz, try one of these two solutions.

Step 1: Clear the Cache

Find the app.
Find the app.

In your settings menu, select Apps. Find “Moto” and tap it. Then tap “Clear Cache.”

The cache is just extra data the app stores to access quickly. Clearing it will not damage the app.

Step 2: Disable Moto

If Moto Assist is giving you such a headache that you’d rather just not have it at all, choose “Disable” from the app menu.

Disable problematic apps.
Disable problematic apps.

3. Battery Life Seems Shorter

All batteries gradually lose capacity over time, so if you’ve had your Moto X for a few years, then it’s natural to see some shortened battery life.

However, if your battery life has taken a sudden plunge or substantially reduced for seemingly no reason, then something on your device is most likely misbehaving.

Step 1: Identify the Culprit

Use the Battery Manager under Settings to determine which apps and processes are using the most battery life.

For the typical Android user, the Screen and Android System will usually use the most battery. If some other app is sucking away your battery, try disabling or updating it.

Step 2: Clear System Cache

If there aren’t any outliers in your battery manager, it can always help to purge your Moto X’s system cache.

Clearing your phone's system cache can solve many problems.
Clearing your phone’s system cache can solve many problems.

Under your Settings, go to Storage. Then scroll down to Cached Data and tap that. On the “Clear cached data?” alert, tap OK.

Step 3: Grab a Battery Saving App

If your Moto X is still giving you trouble, try grabbing one of the battery saving apps listed here – 10 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android: Give Your Phone a Boost

4. Overheating

Plenty of Moto X users have complained that their device is overheating. Sometimes this can happen when using process-heavy applications (like 3D games), but other times it can occur through routine use.

This problem is particularly bad among users who selected leather backings for their phones. While sleek and stylish, leather insulates rather than conducts heat, and most devices vent heat by radiating it from their backs. Because they disperse the heat this way, that metal backings are the least at risk for overheating with bamboo and wooden backs falling somewhere in between.

Overheating can do severe damage to your phone, and, unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for it. The best thing to do is take preventative steps. Keep your Moto X out of direct sunlight. If the back becomes physically hot to the touch, turn off your phone and leave it someplace cool and shady for ten minutes.

5. Bad Cell Signal

If you’re getting bad reception on your Moto X in an area where you usually get a good signal, the problem may lie with your phone, not the cell towers.

Step 1: Update your Moto X

In your settings, tap System Updates to see if there are any updates available for your phone.

Step 2: Restart your Moto X

It’s technology’s cure. Sometimes a new start is all a device needs to get reconnected to the network.

Step 3: Factory Reset, In Case of Emergency

If your Moto X is not connecting to any networks and you can’t visit a service location, then your best bet in a pinch is to perform a factory reset.

Warning: This will erase all data on your Moto X.

Go to Backup & Reset in your settings and tap “Factory data reset.”

Do not perform a factory reset unless you are willing to lose all the data on your phone.
Do not perform a factory reset unless you are willing to lose all the data on your phone.

6. GPS is Inaccurate

Try one of the following solutions if your GPS is giving you fits.

Step 1: Use High Accuracy Settings

In your settings, go to Location and switch your Mode to “High Accuracy.”

Step 2: Try an App

Sometimes, a third party app is just the thing to give your GPS the jumpstart it needs. Try one of our recommended GPS apps – 10 Most Reliable Android GPS Navigation Apps to Bet your Life with

7. “ok Google” Searches for Actions Instead of Executing Them

This one can be pretty frustrating if you’re a heavy voice commands user. You say, “Send Veronica a text that says ‘Want anything from Taco Bell?’”. Instead of sending a text, Google Now runs a web search for “Send Veronica a text that says want anything from Taco Bell”.

Misinterpreting actions like these is a known issue, but, unfortunately, there aren’t any reliable, permanent fixes. If your phone starts Googling commands instead of performing them, your best bet is just to turn your phone off and on again.

8. Blurry Camera

The Moto X comes with an excellent camera for the price, and it’s capable of producing some stunning photographs and videos. Unfortunately, the preinstalled camera app on Moto X sometimes has a some difficulty focusing, and this leads to some blurry images.

Step 1: Try a New Camera App

The best thing about Android is that you’re never stuck with the defaults. Check out our favorite camera apps for Android and give one a spin – Top 5 HDR Camera Apps for Android for Vivid Pics

Step 2: Clean Your Camera

If your problem isn’t related to the default program’s focusing issues, you may just have some lint on your camera lens. Use a soft cloth and a dab of rubbing alcohol and you should be good to go.

9. Camera Not Working at All

Occasionally, the camera will fail to boot and kick you back to the home screen. Other times, a black image appears with the camera controls overlaid, but it’s impossible to take pictures.

This sort of glitch happens when your Moto X is trying to do a lot of things at once and gets bogged down.

Try turning your phone off and back on again, and the camera should work just fine. If you’re still having camera problems after this, then you might have a hardware issue that will need to be addressed by sending your phone in for maintenance or replacement.

10. Unable to Answer Phone Calls

Someone is calling you, but no matter how many times you “Swipe to Answer,” the phone just keeps ringing. What do you do?

This problem seems to happen uncommonly, and hopefully it will be addressed in future updates.  As it stands, usually just calling the person back is sufficient as this problem seems to resolve itself after the initial unanswerable call.

If this is a consistent problem, try turning your phone off and back on again.

11. “Waterfall” Background Noise over Skype or Video Calls

Ordinarily, cell phone microphones are tuned to pick up a range of sounds specific to conversational human voice. That’s why music often sounds so scratchy and strange through a cell phone.

The Moto X comes with an unusually sensitive microphone. On Skype or video calls, this can sometimes become a problem as the microphone will pick up air conditioning units, computer fans, and other minute background noises.

Step 1: Find a Quieter Place

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. If the person you are talking to is complaining of a “waterfall roar” in the background of your audio, try going someplace quieter to talk.

Step 2: Use a Headset

Using a Bluetooth headset can, in many cases eliminate background noise being picked up by the Moto X microphone. If people are regularly having trouble understanding you or complaining about background noise, you might want to look into a Bluetooth earpiece.

12. Bluetooth Problems

Several users have reported issues with the Moto X’s Bluetooth connection capabilities. These problems usually involve the phone continuing to play sound from its speakers in spite of being connected to a Bluetooth device, or the phone is not connecting to a known Bluetooth device when it should.

Step 1: Check Your Bluetooth Device’s Firmware

Make sure that your Bluetooth device has the most up to date software available for its model.

Step 2: Update Your Moto X

Check and see if your Moto X is up to date.  You can see if a new update is waiting for your phone by choosing System Update in your settings.

Step 3: Try Something Different

Pair your phone with a different device to make sure your Bluetooth is functioning properly.

Step 4: Shutdown and Reboot

Turn both your Bluetooth device and your Moto X off and wait a few seconds. Then turn both devices back on.

Step 5: Make Sure Your Bluetooth Device Is Supported

Some new cell phones do not support older protocols. Ensure that any older Bluetooth devices are compatible with your newer Moto X.

Step 6: Un-pair and Re-pair

Access your Bluetooth settings and un-pair your phone from the Bluetooth device. Try pairing them again from the beginning.

13. Fuzzy-Sounding Microphone

The Moto X (Gen 2) has four microphones that are designed to cancel each other’s interference out. However, if a piece of lint gets caught in the microphone pinholes, then it can throw the noise cancellation out of wack, resulting in the voices sounding fuzzy.

To fix this, gently use a can of compressed air to clear the microphones of lint.

14. Voice Dropping Out

Some Moto X users have complained that sometimes their voice will “drop out,” and the person on the other end of the line won’t be able to hear them anymore.

Voices dropping out is a known issue and was fixed in an update.

To resolve this, update your phone by going to Settings and then System Updates.

15. Water Damage

Step 1: Do Not Turn on the Device

If your phone got wet, it likely shut itself down. Do not turn it back on as this could do irreparable damage to the device. If the Moto X is still on, then quickly power it down.

Step 2: Submerge in Rice

Rice draws moisture.

Disassemble your phone as much as you can by removing any casings and any screen covers. Leave your phone in a container full of rice and keep your fingers crossed. This method has saved many a smartphone from water damage.

Step 3: Get Professional Help

If the rice trick didn’t work, take your phone to a local repair expert. Most cases of mild water damage are repairable, so don’t panic until you hear back from them.

16. Dead Pixels

Any smartphone can develop dead pixels. Dead pixels are areas of your phone that remain illuminated when they should change. These bad spots on the screen are especially irksome with the Moto X since it uses its screen to display notification alerts instead of the conventional LED. Having a few pixels constantly lit up on your sleeping phone is annoying!

Unfortunately, this is a hardware issue that you can do little to fix. If your phone has dead pixels, the best thing you can do is see if you can get it replaced by your provider.

17. High Ram Use and Performance Issues

Is your phone running sluggishly even though it doesn’t seem like you’re doing anything particularly heavy with it? Don’t worry. Slow speed like this usually fixable, and you’ll have your old speed back soon.

Check Battery Usage

There’s probably some sneaky program pulling a lot of memory in the background. Fortunately, heavy ram users also tend to use a lot of battery power. Check your phone’s battery settings to see if any particular program is using an unusual amount of battery power. Try disabling or uninstalling the culprit app.

Wipe Your System Cache

If the battery manager isn’t showing anything suspicious, try cleaning out your Moto X’s system cache.

Free up RAM by clearing your cache.
Free up RAM by clearing your cache.

Under your Settings, go to Storage, then Cached Data. For the “Clear cached data?” alert, tap OK.

18. Apps Closing or Crashing

If a particular app is giving you trouble, put it out of its misery.

Stop misbehaving apps from being a continual problem by stopping and disabling them.

In your Settings menu, go to Apps. Find the app that’s annoying you and tap  “Force Stop” and “Disable.”

19. Flashlight Won’t Turn Off

On some devices, using the flashlight for an extended period results in it getting stuck on. Reports of this issue are very uncommon with the Moto X, but it has happened.

To resolve this, simply turn the phone off and turn it back on.

20. Boot Loop Problems

Your Moto X begins to boot up, but before you can get to your home screen, it starts booting again.

Getting stuck in a boot loop is a bad problem that may mean you need to reset your device to the factory settings.

Step 1: Seek Professional Help

If you’ve got data on your device that you don’t want to lose, seek out a local repair shop or service center before attempting to solve this problem on your own. It may be possible for them to retrieve your data before resetting the device.

Step 2: Perform a Recovery

Warning: This will erase all data on the device.

Hold down your device’s Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power buttons for fifteen seconds. On the Android boot screen, use the Volume buttons to navigate to Recovery Mode and select it with the Power button.

Then use the Volume buttons again to highlight Wipe Data/Factory Reset and press the Power button again.

21. Sluggish Behavior or Frequent Crashing

If your Moto X is just behaving insanely and no amount of tinkering seems to work, keep these basic steps in mind for general troubleshooting.

Step 1: Identify the Troublesome App

The vast majority of problems users experience with the Moto X come from installed applications. Figure out which app is giving your phone fits and then uninstall it.

Step 2: Update

Sometimes problems come from your phone falling behind on updates. This is uncommon, but it can happen. Use your settings to access System Updates and see if some new software is available for your device.

Step 3: Clear the Cache

Your phone might have a hard time running just because it’s bogged down with a bunch of useless data. Try clearing your Cache by going to Storage in your settings and then tapping “Cached data” and then “OK.”

Step 4: Factory Reset

Resetting your phone to factory settings is the nuclear option of troubleshooting because you lose all the data on your device. The upshot is that it’s almost like getting a brand new phone.

Before you cut your phone into pieces, this is your last resort.
Before you cut your phone into pieces, this is your last resort.

To perform a factory reset, open your settings and tap “Backup & Reset.” Then tap “Factory data reset.”


This covers the majority of problems faced by Moto X users. If you have a problem that isn’t listed here, please let us know about it in the comments, and we’ll see what we can do to help you out!

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  1. I can’t see friends iphone pics when we have group messages. Do you know how to fix please? I see the text but any pics sent from anyone with iphone in our GROUP messaging I cannot see the pics nor videos they sometimes send.

  2. How to fix voice drop during calls ..in moto x play …this phone is just 20 days old…plzz fix my problem ….

    1. Hi Mishra,
      Have you called your service provider to see if it is something on their part? Can you define the call dropping a bit … is this on Cell or WiFi? =-)

  3. When I press the microphone button on my keyboard while texting to do a voice to text, it doesn’t even activate the microphone. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Sal,
      Have you tried going to Settings>My Device>Language and Input, from there you can adjust the keyboard settings and voice input settings. That may help. =-)

  4. Well my problem is not listed so I m writing in comment.
    The problem is that my moto x 1060 model is not searching for network…it says error while searching for networks..and when I select automatically it says..your sim does not allow a connection to this network..everything was fine but now it showing no service of sim
    I have tried factory reset many times but the problem is not solved..need help

    1. Hi Hasnain umar,
      Have you tried using another SIM card to see if the issue goes away? =-) Maybe borrow one from a friend, just to see that it is not your SIM card that is not working. Thanks for commenting.

  5. For a while now, my Moto X has not had any audio, video, or calling capabilities. When I try to make a call or if I receive a call there is only silence until the phone hangs itself up, the ringtones and microphone don’t work, the video recording app won’t open, I can’t watch videos or listen to music online, audio MMS messages don’t play, etc. I’ve take it to a repair store and they reset my phone but that didn’t change anything, essentially, they don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve been at a loss here for some time now.

    1. Hi Eliza,
      How unfortunate to hear about what is going on with your phone. A factory reset would have wiped any app infected with malware that could have been affecting your phone, but if that didn´t work, did you drop your phone and notice these problems after? Maybe it’s a hardware issue that is causing all this. Have you considered taking it for repair? =-)

  6. I am having moto x 1052 the problem is the person who is on the other side not able to listen my voice and his voice is clear to me

  7. phone calls are so feeble i cant hear the other person at all somethings wrong with the microphone 🙁 my moto x play is just 12 days old Help me x(

    1. Hi Leo,
      You can try disabling Voice privacy or boot into safe mode to see if it´s an app that is causing you these problems. Have you tried calling your carrier to see they are not the issue? Hope this helps. =-)

  8. For many Motorola devices (and some other brands) GPS does not work when connected to a 3G network. No problem when connected to 2g, 4g, WiFi, disabled or out of network data. The reason is that Google offers Android with an invalid gps.conf file for devices with Android pure or nearly pure (such as Motorola). For this case follow the steps below:

    You need to replace /system/etc/gps.conf for a valid configuration. Search Google for “Google gps.conf” (without quotes). You will need root.

    You also need to check the APN settings, and add AGPS and suppl if there is.

    For a better performance, change NTP servers to the nearest, search on Google for NTP Server List.

  9. Hi my phone seems to have some sort of glitch without interfering with my touch. Just some glitch like a TV’s background but not exactly like that . It happens sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t .
    Moto X play

    1. Hi Mustafa,
      Have you tried using your phone in safe mode to see if the glitch continues? Did this start to happen shortly after you downloaded or received an update? =-)

  10. My moto x won’t connect to the network I’ve taken it into the store and spoke with technical support. I’ve factory reset my phone, toggled with airplane. The no service triangle is always there. And when I try making calls it says airplane mode is on when it’s not. Any help?

    1. Have you tried to turn off the airplane mode from the settings menu?

      Press Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks
      It should be in there.

  11. Suddenly my MotoX does not make a sound when a call or text comes in. I have missed a couple of calls and don’t see texts unless I continually check my phone. Notifications for other functions are good. 2 data ago I had to reset it because it just went black. Resetting worked but I lost notification functioning.

    1. have you looked at the volume settings? What about looking for anything turned off in the settings for the individual apps or in the notification tab of the main settings if your OS version has that.

  12. I just got a Moto X Motorola phone, and nothing has been working correctly. I set it up fine the first time, but it wouldn’t let me long into any of my google accounts. It just kept saying something about how Google Play Services has stopped working, no matter what I did. I tried to factory reset my device, but it’s now stuck in the set-up wizard sync screen, and it won’t do anything. I’ve tried turning it off then back on again, but that doesn’t work. Help?

    1. to me it sounds like a defect in the phone or software. If you just got it, you could return it for a different one.

  13. I update my moto x 1060 verizon . Its update from 4.4.4 to 5.1 but after system software update my sim card is not working .when i insert sim it shows invalid sim and cross show with sim logo i try many sims .plz tell me its solution .

    1. was it an over the air verizon update or was it something else? if so, what was the update?

      If it was a verizon update, it seems to be a common issue and there are a lot of people talking about it, but there aren’t too many answers. It seems like you can’t really go back to Android 4, though.

  14. “you’re breaking up” or “I can hardly hear you” on every call.

    do not hear same when I use earbud mic–all is fine.

    mic seems to be clean

  15. Hi, Item 13, Fuzzy Sounding Microphone, in the “21 Moto X Problems” suggests blowing out the microphones. Where are they? I’ve seen posts elsewhere mentioning pinholes but can’t see any.


  16. Occasionally when making or receiving calls i cannot hear anything from front speaker. Have found that by turning on loud speaker I can hear, turn off and it goes quiet. I have done simple power down and power up which doesn’t work unless I shutdown for multiple hours and then its fixes itself. Disapointing to say the least. Also have sprayed compressed air to clean. What do you know about this problem and it’s fix? I’ve read the forums and other Moto x 2nd gen 5.1 are having the same problems.

    1. It could be, as strange as it may sound, a software glitch. I have seen phones get master reset or have an update and the sound works great. Was there any updates around the time you’re speaker started having issues?

  17. I have a Moto X Play XT1563 and I am not receiving any notification sounds. No sms noise, intermittent phone call ringers, and absolutely no notification noises. I will get a very quick bzzt from the vibration sometimes but that is it. What would be the solution?? Is a factory reset the only thing that will fix it?? I have checked all the sound settings and all the individual sound settings in the apps and still nothing. If I restart the phone it works for maybe ten minutes and then back to the same old thing. Any help would be appreciated!


    1. one thing to try is safe mode. this will eliminate any apps causing the problem. a lot of times it’s an app or software causing the problem. If this is the case, you’ll need to determine the app that’s the problem and delete it.

  18. I’ve had a 1st and 2nd Gen. Moto X and both of them have difficulties with the charging port. I currently have the 1st Gen. now (used), and only one charger cable works right now. Pressure has to be applied at the port in order for the “charging icon” to appear.

    1. Hi, Floyder. Unfortunately this is a relatively common problem for the Moto X. You can have it repaired under warranty, assuming you haven’t done anything to void it. Many users have reported that the problem doesn’t occur again after repair under warranty, suggesting that Motorola is aware of the issue and using better ports or assembly methods when they repair devices.

  19. I have a moto x 1st gen phone.. The audio on the video recording on my default camera will not work. Any audio I try to record on my phone will not work. Help?

    1. Hi Elizabeth. I need you to answer a few questions to help me troubleshoot your problem. Can you be heard when making a phone call? Is it just an issue with the default camera or are you able to be heard when using other camera apps or audio recording apps? Are you just getting silence or is the device playing odd or distorted sounds? Thanks!

  20. Sometimes my phone will not ring when a call comes in, the only way I know there has been a call is the message alert.

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