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5 Magical Music Games for Android

Music has become an essential aspect of our lives. I honestly cannot work without listening to some mellow tracks myself. This is the reason music games for Android resonated with me. I pride myself on being a hardcore gamer and simply refuse to play those dancing games for Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect. But, even a mature guy like me had a ton of fun playing these games.

I would have simply included a ton of music trivia games on the list and called it a day. But I was looking for something better and much more game-like in my research. Usually, I come empty handed from my quests to find extraordinary apps and games, but not this time. This time, I came back with 3 of the most beautifully designed games and 2 most addictive ones I have ever played. The closest music game I have played was Rock Band for the PSP and most of these games match that level of polish and addictiveness.

Note: The best music games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked fine on the device, and I had no troubles running them at all. I also tested the games on a Sony Xperia Z1 just to check how they worked on an older version of Android and hardware.

1. Cytus

Cytus really surprised me with its vastness and beauty. The artwork is out of the world and highly engaging. There is a great story that will keep you engaged ‘til the end. In the future feelings are tried to be saved in music. The only sentient beings on the planet are robots, and they need music to feel human again.

The story is bittersweet, but the gameplay makes the game a charm to play. You will need to time your presses when the lines are passing through them to gain points. Gain enough points to pass to the next level. There are nine difficulty levels for you to play on so if the game seems easy, bump up the difficulty. There are around 180 songs in the game with double variations. There are social connectivity options available as well.

Free Version

2. SongPop

Here is the obligatory trivia version of a music game for Android, but surprisingly it works really well. If you fancy yourself a walking encyclopedia of music, this app will make your day. I didn’t play this game extensively because I’m more into instrumentals than vocal songs. One of my friends played the game a lot and recommended it to me on social media.

The app works well on almost every device and allows you to compete with like-minded friends. The game features latest hits and classic rock as well. From country to hip hop and from classical to rap, almost all the genres are covered in the game. One of the best things about the app is that it categorizes songs according to decades. If you are into The Ink Spots, you can simply select that era and take a go.

Free Version

3. Deemo

Deemo is a game made by the same people who delivered the number one game on the list. It’s a wonder that I’d never heard of these guys before, but I’m thankful that I found them. This game follows a simple story of growing a tree with music. The mystical tree will grow as you play your tunes perfectly for it.

There are multiple difficulty levels to help you play the game just the way you like. There are 40 songs available in the free mode of the game that are quite sufficient. But you will need to purchase the full version to enjoy the full experience of Deemo. The simple and intuitive gameplay makes it suitable for the best games for kids as well.

Free Version

4. My Singing Monsters

We have included many games in the best farming games for Android list, but this one is not one of them. While technically it can be a music game for Android, it is also a lot like the farming games I have tested.

The game is about growing your personal monsters and listening to them sing. Everyone loves to see cute monsters sound off in their smartphones, and this game delivers on that premise.

You will get to hatch your own monsters who all have a unique instrument to play. As your monster zoo grows, the musical fidelity also increases with it. This is a magical game that just needs to be experienced to know its full extent.

Free Version

5. Free Version

This is as close to Rock Band or Guitar Hero you will get on this list. The game is fairly simple; tap on the screen when the notes come into line and that’s all there is to it.

The best part of this music game for Android is that it can use existing songs from local storage. For example if you like listening to bands from Germany, who actually sing local songs, this game will allow you to use those songs as well.

This is a neat feature that is sometimes be overlooked in excitement. But, having the option to use local music from your device is what makes this game unique. However, the game struggled to make a game out of some tricky tunes I loaded, either they became insanely hard or quite easy.

Free Version


These were some of the best music games for Android available on the Google Play Store. I’ll be honest with you, there are around 200 music trivia games in the store, but I don’t really want to include identical games on the list. So I skipped most of them.

Not that they were bad games, the reality is far from that but I guess they need a separate list. These games gave me something unique to experience, and that’s the reason they ranked well with me.

Do you miss those rock sessions with Guitar Hero? I sure wish there was some way to use those peripherals with Android.

What music games are you into? Share your rocking stories in the comments below.


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